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Read on the Scribd mobile app Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. Start your free 30 days. Page 1 of 1. Close Dialog Are you sure? Also remove everything in this list from your library. Are you sure you want to delete this list? Remove them from Saved? Horny teens are making out in the woods.

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Breasts are freed from their bras before the credits are finished. There are other scenes of girls rubbing suntan lotion on each others breasts and one where two porn stars make out, Jerry Butler and Amber Lynn.

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Then the movie goes downhill. Three geriatric aliens arrive on Earth from their floating disco ball and need blood. So they hire two elderly mechanics to go out and get it for them. Preferably from half naked teens if possible. My guess is that the producers had two locations to shoot at, a hospital and an auto garage , and then built the movie around that. After the gratuitous nudity in the first 15 minutes, the movie dies a quick death.

No scares, barely any blood but plenty of bad acting to torment you. It inexplicably features three ageing and forgotten "stars" in John Carradine, Aldo Ray and Julie Newmar, whose scenes were so obviously filmed separately from the rest of the movie and feel like they have nothing to do with it. They do have something to do with it, though, or at least they're supposed to. They are necessary for the movie's "plot", which it doesn't really need. The movie is basically for all those people who thought the "Friday the 13th" movies didn't have enough sex in them.

It shows a group of campers who can't keep their hands off each other. It's basically softcore porn for most of the run-time, showing sex, sex, sex. There's even a lesbian scene. But the characters are getting abducted by strange characters and are being taken to a hospital where the doctors dress how '80s people imagine aliens might. Apparently they need their blood, and I learnt something about platelets from watching this movie. After all the sex the movie regrettably tries to have a story, and shows a few of the characters tied up by some randy old henchmen, who kill one of the girls in a surprisingly violent scene.

They also seem to threaten the girls with rape, but don't actually go through with it. Not much else to say about the movie. I enjoyed it for its sleaze and ridiculousness, but it got a bit boring at the end. I just remembered it also has some ridiculous laser beam effects. Probably worth a chuckle.

Teens are kidnapped on a beach by mechanics to supply blood for aliens. The film used aging campy actors and adult film stars for the nude scenes.

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Typical 80's stuff. In fact they could have added the Amber Lynn scene from another film as it wasn't well connected. Connie G. Taylor and Heather Bridget Holloman were delightful.

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Low budget production. Outtake reel include senior actors forgetting their lines. BandSAboutMovies 3 August What happens when you mix a teen sex comedy with a gore film? It's kind of like chocolate and peanut butter, one would think, but the results don't always taste as good.

Witness 's Evils of the Night. Three vampire aliens, Dr.

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Kozmar John Carradine, who is of course skinny Dracula , have come to a college town to get the blood of young co-eds, which keeps them young. There's also Neville Brand Al Capone from TV's The Untouchables and Aldo Ray whose career trajectory goes from the highest of heights to the lowest of lows as two old mechanics that are helping the aliens. If you're used to sex in the woods looking fake and feeling gratuitous, then this film will decimate your sensibilities. It feels like porn sex could literally break out at any minute, but the only penetration if when one of the girls gets drilled.

With a drill.

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Get your mind out of the gutter. Along the way, there are lesbian aliens, spaceships, axe murders, the Millenium Falcon on the poster for the movie, rings that shoot lasers, John Carradine in a space suit and more. You can also blame Aquarius Releasing for this one, the fine well, maybe not fine folks who brought Dr. Butcher, M. Look, this movie is terrible. But that doesn't mean it isn't entertaining. The pathos at the end when one of the mechanics laments his dead friend are poignant. You could find a worse movie at 4 AM to watch. It's notable for featuring a bunch of ageing Hollywood figures in some cases in their last performances , an untalented young cast of jocks and bimbos, and a plot which seems to have been concocted of bits and pieces of this and that.

The first half an hour consists of one interminable sex and nude scene after another, with a little cheesy death thrown into the mix; copying the Friday the 13th franchise, it seems. Then there are a handful of bizarro medical experiment scenes in which poor old John Carradine shows off his arthritic hands and Julie Newmar shows off her incredibly long legs.

Most of the later plot involves a couple of murderous garage mechanics, played by a couple more old timers, Aldo Ray and Neville Brand. Expect big hair, random laser effects, endless nudity, and some cheesy gore scenes. Coventry 9 December My mates and I were hoping this notorious mid's horror junk would at least be amusingly awful, like "The Dark Power" or something, but instead this is really just a very retarded amateur film that isn't even funny when you're intoxicated to the nth degree.

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Somewhere in the middle of a forest? Two local dim-witted car mechanics kidnap the love-making kids and sell them to a society of aliens. The aliens, wearing futuristic outfits that appear to be stolen from Gary Glitter's private wardrobe, need human beings to increase their own lifespan with years. The acting performances are terribly uninspired especially John Carradine is pitiable and miscast as the lead alien and the wannabe comical interludes are the complete opposite of funny.

There's one fairly worthwhile sequence — involving an electric drill — but that's hardly enough to save the film. Skip it, regardless of how cool the DVD-cover looks. Frivalous, exploitive, cheesy and extremely bad. Uproariously non-clever imitation of a '50s alien invasion movie Enough already. Three obviously aged aliens played by John Carradine, Tina Louise and Julie Newmar hire a couple of dim witted mechanics Neville Brand and Aldo Ray to kidnap sex-crazed teens for processing into a youth-restoring serum.

Unredeemable and the only thing memorable is the nudity, and that in default. No other actors to speak of in this farce except for porn star Amber Lynn; and she provides the most talent of all. If you like tossing back a few tall cool ones and laughing your ass off with a bunch of friends Helping to collect the unwilling donors for the extraterrestrials are two garage mechanics played by Aldo Ray and Neville Brand who sell their services for gold coins.

Taylor, and gorgeous brunette Nancy, played by Karrie Emerson with a power drill and axe. In the end, the aliens escape unscathed, but Brand and Ray get their just desserts. Tender-Flesh 2 December I don't know if I'd call John Carradine "star power" but he's probably the biggest name in this film, and as such, he's underused as is the norm for his later films.

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