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Laboratory modelling of self-potential anomalies due to spherical bodies.


Fifty years of stacking. Integrated electrical resistivity tomography ERT and self-potential SP techniques for assessing hydrological processes within glacial lake moraine dams. Inversion of self-potential anomalies caused by 2D inclined sheets using neural networks. Underwater self-potential measurements in the safety assessment of dams. Three-dimensional modelling of streaming potential.

The Self Potential Method Theory and Applications in Environmental Geosciences

Geophysical investigations of the Seferihisar geothermal area, Western Anatolia, Turkey. Geophysical techniques for forensic investigation. Tomography of self-potential anomalies of electrochemical nature. Identification of sources of potential fields with the continuous wavelet transform: Application to self-potential profiles.

Minesite groundwater contamination mapping. Results of 2- and 3-D High-Resolution seismic reflection surveying of surficial sediments. Chapter September Chapter November Chapter March Pages: ISBN print : No part of this publication may be reproduced or distributed in any form or by any means without written permission of the publisher.

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Volume 44, Number 2. Previous Article Next Article. Other February 01, The self-potential method in geothermal exploration R. Corwin R. Google Scholar. Hoover D.

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Geophysics 44 2 : Abstract Laboratory measurements and field data indicate that self-potential anomalies comparable to those observed in many areas of geothermal activity may be generated by thermoelectric or electrokinetic coupling processes. This content is PDF only. Please click on the PDF icon to access. First Page Preview. Close Modal. GeoRef Subject. You do not currently have access to this article. Other definitions: Wikipedia Reegle.

The SP method may be applied to characterizing shallow conductive bodies or subsurface fluid flow. The given value was not understood. This is due to a few factors: 1 thermoelectric coupling is generated when a temperature gradient exists across a rock body or geological contact due to thermal fluid or thermal diffusion into the surrounding rock , and 2 the electrokinetic coupling which results from the flow of fluid through a porous medium such as a thermal fluid-filled fault causing an electric potential gradient.

Steep self-potential anomaly gradients may be indicative of these structures. A Self-Potential survey is a passive, non-invasive geophysical technique. The small holes which are dug for the electrodes should be filled in once the measurement is complete. Naturally occurring electrical currents exist in the subsurface.

This exploration technique may be approved on federally managed lands by conducting a categorical exclusion CX analysis.

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Determination of fluid flow patterns: electrochemical coupling processes due to variations in ionic concentrations, and electrokinetic coupling processes due to fluid flow in the subsurface. Location of near-surface thermal anomalies: thermoelectric coupling processes due to variations in temperature in the subsurface. Beowawe Hot Springs Area. Blue Mountain Geothermal Area. Phase I Report U. Cove Fort Geothermal Area.

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Dixie Hot Springs Area. Haleakala Volcano Area.