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If you are dealing with an array, then you need flatten it by getting the value inside of the array. This means if you have [[4]] then instead of returning [4] you need to return 4.

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If you get [[[4]]] then the same, you want the 4. You can access it with arr[index1][index2] to go a level deeper.


You will definitely need recursion or another way to go beyond two level arrays to make the code flexible and not hard-coded to the answers needed. Have fun! Run Code. See Wiki Challenge Solution Template for reference. Maybe someone else has an idea? I think this may be a bug? We had the exact same idea, it looks like, but even though it displays the correct answer it fails all of the tests. Can be done without recursion, although not sure about the efficiency since I essentially check the whole array for array elements with every iteration.

Using ES6 notation might help with readability of the first one. Log in. Causing somebody to act. See all examples of steamroller. Translator tool.

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Sign up now Log in. From one day to the next: the language of change. June 26, Cambridge Dictionary. Meaning of steamroller in English. I hate being steamrollered into doing something I don't want to.

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Both vehicles and their crews get into a long argument over whose fault it was until a policeman arrives to sort out the situation. Everyone soon gets to work clearing up the mess.

World War II in HD Colour: The Soviet Steamroller (Part 8/13)

The next day, the workmen put up a fence between the road and the railway. They then leave, taking George with them. Sir Handel claims credit and becomes even more conceited, much to the despair of the other engines. Later, however, some boys arrive and immediately start lauding Sir Handel about his race with George. Sir Handel has never spoken about steamrollers since.

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Pull them up, turn them into roads.