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Front page of Verbands-Bote. Like this: Like Loading Innenarchitektur permalink. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public. Name required. For further information, see Nietzsche's Library : Research Material. Reinhart von Seydlitz Seydlitz arrived in Genoa in April and decided to visit Nietzsche in Nice.

However, despite being aware of his friend's plans, Nietzsche left Nice in April for Turin just before Seydlitz's arrival. They never met. Weimar, ca. My dear Fritz of my heart,. Surely a letter has been lost by you or me because a huge gap in our correspondence has arisen.

I think I must have last written to you in June, but I do not know exactly, nevertheless it seems to me ages ago, and, in any case, it has been even longer since we have heard from you. Of course, good mama must also remain there, even if I have to accept that she would be more comfortable and carefree there than here. But notions about comfortable living are so different; to me, e.

Next week, a dear Danish friend is coming to [visit] us, at which time I hope he will bring me some Danish newspapers 5 and translate for me what they say about you. Personally, I would have wished a different apostle for you than Mr. Brandes , he has peeked into 6 too many pots and eaten off too many plates, but one cannot choose one's admirers and it's quite certain that he will make you fashionable, because that's what he understands.

But I cannot suppress a well-intentioned piece of advice: better not meet with him personally, write your congenial feelings, but do not look at him closely. Two friends of ours, Mr. Johannsen and Mr. Haug, know him personally and are not exactly enthusiastic, but everyone agrees that he has an excellent sense for the most interesting phenomena of all time and makes himself interesting through them. It does my heart unlimited good that now there can no longer be any talk of deadly silence and that through Brandes the genuine good admirers who are congenial to you may now hear from you.

My dear Fritz of my heart, now it is your dear birthday 7 once again and one thinks of how many years we have already been together and, unfortunately, have now wandered through life so far from each other. How much joy and sorrow has already gone by for us: is it actually worthwhile to live?

For people who are just as sensitive as we are, life has more sorrow than joy, and it has to go altogether wildly well in order for us to forget the sorrow entirely. But some things one never really overcomes, e. May this reunion be granted to us in the not too distant future. I can no longer wish for you to come over here now, since the weather conditions here this year seem quite unfavorable to me. As much fluctuation and low barometric pressure as there has been in any of the past few years.

Of course all over the world it does not seem that the weather is so special. Mom writes you were snowed-in; well, you need not fear that here. Dear Fritz of my heart, may life's new year bring you so much joy that you have no time for painful feelings and may your health be strengthened! I always think that you will or should become healthier from year to year.

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As an old man you will surely still be just as lively and cheerful. Now you know we would very much like to provide for your old age and so we want to sign over to you a beautiful piece of land, which will perhaps one day be worth a pretty penny. We will send you a purchase contract with the next mailing which will tell you all the details; I will send it to our dear mama because she always knows where you are.

I consider as purchase money the marks that good mama paid for my furniture back then, the m[arks]. There are eight lots. But you must not forget to appoint us, i.

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Since I will be writing to you so soon, I will now stop today for we have so much to do with the land register and the execution of the deeds of sale. So farewell you dear heart! Bern[hard] wholeheartedly wishes you happiness and all the best! Affectionately Your old Lama 9. Nietzsche received this letter after writing to Elisabeth on September 14, For his response, see his draft of a mid-November letter to Elisabeth. During this time period, the last known letter from Elisabeth was sent on , while Nietzsche's last known letter to her was sent on See note 3.


Nietzsche's letter to Franz Overbeck. Nietzsche uses "geleckt" licked instead of Elisabeth's "geguckt" peeked [into]. Her disparaging remarks about Brandes caused Nietzsche to break off relations with her once again. October Nietzsche never purchased a plot of land at the failed colony "Nueva Germania. By: Hubert von Herkomer. British Museum, London. Turin, December 17, Letter to Helen Zimmern 1.

You would do me a great service if you wished to translate for one of the big review-journals the enclosed essay 2 by Mr. Peter Gast under the title "Nietzsche contra Wagner. Just now, published by me, something extremely radical, Twilight of the Idols. Or: How One Philosophizes with a Hammer. Hopefully my letter finds you in a courageous and warlike mood? I'm honored to have such a "disciple.

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  8. Taine has written an invaluable letter 7 to me about the Twilight of the Idols , full of admiration for "toutes mes audaces et finesses. Taine's advice, I am negotiating with Mr.

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    Helen Zimmern : English writer, and translator. They first met in Bayreuth in , and became better acquainted in Sils-Maria. See her comments in Anon. Reprinted as Anon. Miss Helen Zimmern is known in England and America as the author of a book on Schopenhauer , a study of Italy , and a paraphrase of a Persian work called Epic of Kings. She is less famous as a friend of Nietzsche, whom she first met in Bayreuth in , when he used to walk with her after lunch, having put in the morning at his desk.

    But it seemed to give him such a relief to talk to a human being! The man seemed to me so lonely, so unspeakably lonely! But when the ice was once broken you could easily see that you had to do with a man who was thoroughly conscious of his merit. Once he even told me that his ideas were so important that one day university chairs would be founded in order to give lectures on and explanations of them. New thought easily seems crazy to those who are thoroughly imbued with the old.

    I myself never noticed any trace of insanity, even of eccentricity. I deny, and most emphatically so, that there was a trace of insanity in the man I then knew.

    den vereinigten staaten Ebook

    I should, on the contrary, rather say that he gave me the impression of being an extraordinarily sane man. She told of an elderly Russian, believed to be a former lady-in-waiting of the Tsaritza, who was suffering from a nervous breakdown and had to leave the Alps in winter time for the warmer Italian climate. She refused, however, to quit her room, and though a carriage came every day for her she could not be prevailed upon to get in it. Finally Nietzsche heard of the incident, and asked if they would put her in his hands.

    A few days later when the carriage appeared Friedrich Nietzsche walked calmly to its door with the nervous old lady following him like a lamb. No one ever discovered how he prevailed on her to go. See Anonymous, "Nietzsche-Wagner. November , 52 Ecce Homo and Der Antichrist. Rowbotham, "The Wagner Bubble. October , Jean Bourdeau : French writer. Bourdeau contributed twenty articles to the Revue des deux mondes , seven from to Some Nietzsche scholars have noted that Nietzsche's "promotion" of Bourdeau to "editor-in-chief" was a sign of his impending madness.

    However, the point is vitiated by failing to mention that Hippolyte Taine himself, in his letter to Nietzsche, mistakenly identified Bourdeau as an editor of both journals: "J. Ferdinand Avenarius. Turin, December 22, Letter to Ferdinand Avenarius. It just occurred to me that it would be in your and perhaps also in my interest if you were to publish the essay 2 of Mr. There is every reason to believe that he would be tremendously read and heard.

    You cannot believe what signs of homage now come to me from everywhere: a few months later, with the publication of Ecce Homo , of which 2 proof sheets are printed, 3 I reckon my followers [will be] in the millions. In the process, your "Kunstwart" will not be deemed to be bad if it has said the first word on this subject. The Antichrist. Ferdinand Avenarius , founding editor of Der Kunstwart. Ecce Homo was not published until Avenarius later recounted how he took this as another sign of Nietzsche's impending lunacy. Ferdinand Avenarius, "Ein Brief Nietzsches. Januar , In: Der Kunstwart , Jg.

    Happy New Year. Please send me the Wagner booklet: 2 I want to see if I can do something with it.

    den vereinigten staaten Ebook

    The essay 3 by Peter Gast is not suitable in tone and concept for the English public. They would not print it for me. Kind regards. How are you?