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It is not known whether or not they may have some sort of sense of taste. The killer whale diet consists of fish, squid, seals, sea lions, penguins, dolphins, porpoises and large whales like the blue whale. Some killer whales have been known to slide on to beaches in order to capture a good meal.

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Resident pods pods that primarily reside in one area prefer fish whereas transient pods pods that travel over a relatively wide area appear to target other marine mammals as prey. This coordination is apparently developed and learned within pods. How do killer whales have their young? Killer whale males reach breeding age when they are around 22 feet 6. Killer whales breed all year around and calves are born about 8 feet 2.

Female killer whales usually give birth every 3 to 10 years. How long do killer whales live? How do they die? Killer whales have no natural predators they are the top predators of the oceans and can live to about years old. Killer whales have been hunted by humans but not with enthusiasm as it takes 21 killer whales to produce the same amount of oil as 1 sperm whale. Skip to content. Postcard From L. By Chris Erskine. City Beat Keep L. By Nita Lelyveld.

Orca Currents, short high-interest novels with contemporary themes

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Orca Currents

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