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By Pirkko Markula. It explores theoretical and practical examples of how the physically active body can be examined as a material, social, political, and cultural entity using a Deleuzian perspective. By John Sugden , Alan Tomlinson. Sport is a cultural institution that stands at the interface between political and civil society.

In divided communities, sport has been an agent of separation, sectarian hatred and violence, but also a highly effective tool for conflict resolution, reconciliation and peace-building. In this…. By Lovely Dasgupta. Following the recent doping scandals that have brought the highest echelons of international sport into disrepute, this book examines the elitism at the core of the World Anti-Doping Agency and considers how the current World Anti-Doping Code might be restructured.

Analyzing the correlation between…. Edited by Brian Hemmings , Nick J. Watson , Andrew Parker. The majority of sport psychology research to date has been underpinned and driven by a secular perspective. Korea has become a powerful force in global sport, with South Korea finishing fifth in the medals table at London and hosting the Winter Olympics in This book brings together scholars from disciplines including sport history, sociology, journalism, economics, sport development, and sport…. Edited by Daniel Turner , Sandro Carnicelli. Lifestyle Sports and Public Policy is the first book to develop a comprehensive understanding of the interplay between lifestyle sports and the public policy environment which frames and regulates them.

Drawing on a wide range of lifestyle sports from across the globe, including parkour,…. By Stacey Pope. Women fans have entered the traditionally male domain of the sports stadium in growing numbers in recent years. Watching professional sport is important for women for so many reasons, but their expectations and experiences have been largely ignored by academics.

This book tackles these shortcomings…. Edited by Eric Anderson , Ann Travers. While efforts to include gay and lesbian athletes in competitive sport have received significant attention, it is only recently that we have begun examining the experiences of transgender athletes in competitive sport. This book represents the first comprehensive study of the challenges that…. Edited by Angela M.

Benson , Nicholas Wise. Sport volunteering is becoming an increasingly popular motive for international travel. Many tourism organisations now advertise sport volunteering projects, with colleges and universities also offering students the opportunity to participate in similar projects abroad. This is the first book to…. By Rory Shand. Sporting mega events are playing an increasingly important role in the governance of community regeneration and development across the globe.

This book examines the ways in which sporting organisations engage with local communities through projects that target youth, health or social issues and act…. Edited by Michael L. The institutional relationship between sport and the military appears to be intensifying. In the US for example, which faced global criticism for its foreign policy during the "war on terror," militaristic images are commonplace at sporting events.

The growing global phenomenon of conflating sport…. By Kim Toffoletti. Women worldwide are making their presence felt as sport fans in rapidly increasing numbers. This book makes a distinctive and innovative contribution to the study of sport fandom by exploring the growing visibility and interest in women who follow sport. Football is undoubtedly the sport with the largest following in the world, attracting billions of fans across the globe.

These fans play an integral part in determining the identity of the football club they support. Many studies have focused on the intense rivalry between clubs, their fans and the…. By Laura Azzarito. By Ian Lawrence. Providing contemporary insight into the…. Despite the growing literature on spirituality and its positive impact on well-being in health psychology, education, occupational psychology and leisure studies, it has been less examined in sport studies.

Within the overlapping fields of the sociology of sport, physical education and health education, the use of critical theories and the critical research paradigm has grown in scope. Yet what social impact has this research had? This book considers the capacity of critical research and associated…. The Scandinavian and Nordic countries have some of the highest participation rates in sport and physical activity in the world and are therefore important case studies across a range of subjects, from sport policy to physical activity and health.

This is the first book to bring together studies…. The practice of capoeira, the Brazilian dance-fight-game, has grown rapidly in recent years. It has become a popular leisure activity in many cultures, as well as a career for Brazilians in countries across the world including the US, the UK, Canada and Australia. This original ethnographic study…. By Seamus Kelly. Considering the celebrity-like status of the professional football manager, surprisingly little is known about their role. Drawing on original….

Edited by Daniel Kilvington , John Price. Despite campaigns to educate and increase awareness, discrimination continues to be a deep-rooted problem in sport. This book provides an international, interdisciplinary and critical discussion of various forms of discrimination in sport today, with contributions from world-leading academics and…. Edited by Tom Gibbons , Dominic Malcolm. This comprehensive study explores the complex set of relationships between sport and what it means to be English in the twenty-first century. The bond between sport and…. Edited by Dominic Malcolm , Philippa Velija.

Figurational sociology offers an important set of conceptual and methodological tools for helping us to understand sport, leisure and health and their relationship to wider society. This book brings together an international team of scholars working within the figurational tradition to explain…. By Raul Sanchez Garcia. This is the first long-term analysis of the development of Japanese martial arts, connecting ancient martial traditions with the martial arts practised today. The Historical Sociology of Japanese Martial Arts captures the complexity of the emergence and development of martial traditions within the….

Gender equality is one of the founding democratic principles of the EU. However, recent studies of the Federation of Olympic Sports in Europe have shown that women occupy only fourteen percent of decision-making positions in sport organizations. This book presents a comprehensive and comparative…. Edited by Andrew C. The sensory revolution in the social sciences is transforming the ways in which the senses and the sensorium are studied and understood in relation to bodies in action. This is the first book to investigate the impact, and challenges, of this revolution for those interested in physical culture.

By Dimitris Liokaftos. Bodybuilding has become an increasingly dominant part of popular gym culture within the last century. Developing muscles is now seen as essential for both general health and high performance sport. Edited by Richard Medcalf , Chris Mackintosh. Contributors reflect upon how the rhetoric….

Edited by Gyozo Molnar , Sara N. Amin , Yoko Kanemasu. Although socio-cultural issues in relation to women within the fields of sport and exercise have been extensively researched, this research has tended to concentrate on the Western world. By Alberto Testa , Anna Sergi. Whilst corruption and organized crime have been widely researched, they have not yet been specifically linked to sport. Corruption, Mafia Power and Italian Soccer offers an original insight into this new research area.

Adopting a psycho-social approach based mainly on Pierre Bourdieu's praxeology,…. By Gregory Borne. Surfing and Sustainability presents a new way of understanding the impact of surfing on the environment, society and the economy, providing important insights into the field of sustainability and arguing that the activity of surfing offers a unique opportunity to explore the ambiguity of….

By Dominic Malcolm. The relationship between sport, medicine and health in our society is becoming increasingly complex. By Ryan Gauthier. The Olympic Games is unquestionably the largest and most important sporting event in the world. Yet who exactly is accountable for its successes and failures? This non-governmental organisation wields…. By Lu Zhouxiang.

Chinese martial arts is considered by many to symbolise the strength of the Chinese and their pride in their history, and has long been regarded as an important element of Chinese culture and national identity. Politics and Identity in Chinese Martial Arts comprehensively examines the development…. Edited by lisahunter. International Review for the Sociology of Sport , 46 4 , — Johns , D. Fasting and feasting: paradoxes of the sport ethic.

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