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Either way, customer satisfaction is our top priority and that is projected in every job we do. About Us We are a full service auto body and paint shop, specializing in custom paint jobs, full restorations and collision repair in Mills River, Hendersonville, and all surrounding areas.

We pride ourselves in being easy to work with, offering fair, affordable prices, and experienced, professional work that will stand the test of time.

Two Minute Tech : Exterior Episodes

Your Message. Auto Restorations Automotive restorations are our business! We kept the original exterior door handles for a vintage look. The door handles will therefore be a fixed item, non-pivoting. Last, we take a look at the inner fender support panel; this panel has to be heavily modified to take the new location of the modified hood side panels.

Since the hood side panels are now a separate entity to the hood, they needed to be built a lot stronger.

Inner fender support panel modification: Chevrolet Pepsi Truck Custom Build Part 7 -

They are now stand alone panels, where as before they took added strength and support from being joined to the upper hood via a hinge. The hood side panels sit in position with the aid of two location pins that are welded onto the inner fender support panel.

Stay tuned for future posts on all the custom modifications in this area. Toe board taken out of the floor and in need of repair.

Restoration of toe board is complete. The original door catch and lock system. We understand you have questions regarding your vehicle. Our top-notch sheet metal fabricators are able to create one-off pieces for your classic, or custom car. From chassis work to sheet metal repair, our technicians have the skill and experience to produce strong and beautiful welds. If you can dream it, they can make it.

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Antiquated factory suspension systems were never designed to handle the horsepower and grip levels produced by modern engines and tire compounds. We work with amazing companies such as The Roadster Shop to supply state of the art chassis to our customers. We offer big brake kits from brands such as Baer, Wilwood, and Brembo.