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Their ears are thick and quite tough, but just behind them is the softest, warmest spot you can imagine. During our winter shoots, I would burrow my frozen fingers in this sweet spot. To some other species like some primates a direct stare is considered a threat—but not to pigs.

Pigs are trusting: Once they got to know us, the pigs would follow us anywhere. It was relatively easy for Bob to load them onto the trailer. They liked Bob. He was kind to them and tended to their every need. The betrayal of this trust was soul-crushing. I understand on a very deep level why Bob could no longer live with that life and chose to uproot it.

Filming is in final production and Argo has begun fundraising efforts in collaboration with Farm Sanctuary. To make a tax-deductible contribution, click the link below:. What a great post. It was learning about the lives and fates of pigs that led me to see the world differently. The Last Pig is a great film, I hope lots of people see it. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Words and Alison Jay's distinctive artwork combine on each page to create an introduction to familiar words that children and their parents will want to return to again and again. In this enchanting counting adventure, follow the dreams of a sleeping girl and meet favourite characters from fairy tales and folk stories as you journey from one to ten and back again.

B is for boy. Featuring a simple format and beautiful paintings, this acclaimed alphabet book is perfect for toddlers. Alison Jay takes us on an exciting adventure through the world of well-loved nursery rhymes. One brave young boy discovers the colours of the rainbow. After finding all the colours, the young boy manages to bring the rainbow back with him to the real world. This visual feast from acclaimed illustrator Alison Jay is the perfect festive gift.

On Christmas Eve, a man buys presents for the woman he loves, beginning with a partridge in a pear tree. The couple travel through town and the gifts pile up, until they get to a Christmas party so magnificent it is a little overwhelming This well-known ballet is retold for younger readers in an edition that is both exciting to read and visually stunning. The newset picture book from Alison Jay is a glorious trip around a classic farmyard. Meet the horse and her foal, the cow and her calves, the cockerel, hens and their chicks in this special visual adventure.

Young readers will love learning the names of farm animals and their young, and in addition they will be able to spot hidden visual links from picutre to picutre, and work out the secret story about the kittens getting lost around the farm. From cats to elephants, little ones will love learning their first animal names with these giant wall cards. They can be used as giant flash cards or mounted on a wall to make an eye catching display.

Twenty-five of Alison Jay's delightful crackle-glazed illustrations make these cards perfect additions to any nursery. Come on a magical festive adventure! A beautiful Christmas story told through Alison Jay's classic illustrations. Two wakeful children creep downstairs on Christmas Eve, meet Father Christmas and are taken on an amazing adventure to his home in the North Pole and back again. Each page also features a different Christmas object, which is named to encourage vocabulary building and every illustration is full of Alison Jay's trademark visual jokes and hidden links.

In each spread Janet Lawler likens kisses to colours of the rainbow, pebbles on the beach, raindrops, flowers, blankets, snowdrops in their number and beauty. The text rhymes beautifully and each spread is illuminated by Alison Jay's heartwarming and light hearted illustrations.

See a Problem?

These colourful flashcards offer more than just an opportunity to teach a child their ABC and expand their vocabulary. By using Alison Jay's artwork, with its hidden details and intricate scenes, the child is able to look beyond the letter and see what else is happening in the picture. With an easy-to-open,durable box, these glossy flashcards offer children the opportunity to learn letters and first words, as well as improving their observation skills. This is the next title in touch and feel series using Alison Jay's trademark crackle-glazed artwork.

It explores the theme of transport through hands-on interaction with a texture on every spread and on the cover. Transport of all kinds zooms to life beneath readers' fingertips in Touch and Feel: Wheels and Wings. Readers can prod a squishy hot-air balloon, feel the rough wood of a rowing boat or the smooth wings of an aeroplane, stroke a galloping horse's mane or a racing car's bonnet and touch a yacht's sail.

This is the next in a series of touch and feel books that present Alison Jay's perenially popular artwork in an exciting new format. Next title in touch and feel series using Alison Jay's trademark crackle-glazed artwork. Explore the theme of weather through hands-on interaction. That this country never existed does not seem to bother them. They believe that, if the children suffer, their city on a hill will shine on. As much as I protest this white supremacist utopian ideal, I benefit from it. I read the news. I go to an occasional protest and send an occasional donation.

Last week I attended a tribute to Le Guin in Portland, an evening of love and laughter in an elegant theater from the s. Margaret Atwood attended via prerecorded video. And where would I go if I walked away? Justice, of course, is not a place.

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I find myself tossing and turning. Someone, I keep thinking, will show me the way out.

Lavanya Sunkara

Meanwhile, I guiltily sleep. Our teacher, Ursula Le Guin, led the way, naming the trees, shrubs, ferns, and groundcovers. It was the summer of , and I was lucky to have landed a spot in her writing workshop at Flight of the Mind, a week-long retreat for women writers. In class, we were discussing the first chapters of our novels. I was in awe of Le Guin, whose work I had been reading since adolescence. On the first day of class, which met in the cottage where she was staying, I had gone into the bathroom and opened the medicine cabinet.

As the week went on, I listened closely to her critiques of first chapters. But she liked my chapter; she liked it a lot.

The SheepOver: Sweet Pea & Friends, Book 1 Book Review

On the hike, I angled discreetly among the dozen or so students for a spot close to Le Guin so I could hear every word. She looked up and saw, where I saw only towering trunks, hemlock and Douglas fir. She looked down and saw, amid the blur of small green leaves, Oregon grape and salal. I returned to Seattle and resolved to know this place where I had spent many of my growing-up years. I read up on native plants and troweled them into my garden — the clover-like Oxalis oregana ; kinnikinnick, with its tiny, tough leaves; the delicate-branched Pacific dogwood and vine maple.

I also kept working on my novel. The chapter she read became a middle chapter of Half-Moon Scar , published five years later. We never communicated again; I have read in many tributes that she was a generous correspondent.

Shadow Horse

But she touched my life and my writing, not only that week on the McKenzie River, but through her body of work. One summer I read all of her Hainish cycle novels in order, appreciating the interlocking universe they created. I am re-reading The Dispossessed now, and what strikes me is how elegantly Le Guin weaves a classic quest tale with a novel of ideas — about power, sexism, political systems, and ethics.

I want to walk with her and others like her, naming the leaves and stars. We toasted. In the distance, several golden lights floated in the sky. What were they? Within a few minutes, dozens of lanterns were rising in every direction. Arline and I made the same wish as we clanked our glasses: for a better year. We will always remember as the year of the cancer. Arline found the lump in her leg in January, was diagnosed in March, had five weeks of radiation, and endured two surgeries in May and June that removed parts of her quadriceps muscle and rectus tendon. The rest of the year she did physical therapy exercises every day to regain function in her leg.

Some people see cancer as a gift that reminds us of all that is precious. Cancer spiked our lives with moments of terror and sorrow so acute they left us sobbing and breathless. If I could return such a gift, I would. But as I thought back on the year, I realized how many moments of joy and pleasure we had during an otherwise challenging time.

On the day Arline returned home after the first surgery, a flock of grandchildren fluttered around, laughing and joking and asking questions about the brace on her leg.

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We managed to make our annual camping trip with friends in August, and Arline hiked with her walking poles at Sunrise on Mount Rainier. Everywhere we went, Arline was embraced by long-unseen relatives and friends who reminded her of what her home country had given her, even as her adopted country feels as much, if not more, like home now. What I want to remember about , then, is that, while cancer shredded the fabric of our lives, our community of friends and family and the solace of oceans, trees, and mountains knitted it back together.

What gets unraveled gets continuously re-raveled. Regardless of the sorrows that may await us, we will laugh again. Allison Green Writer. Skip to content. A Tribute Posted on June 10, by allisongreenwriter. My butter-and-sugar fix. Mount St. Helens Visitor Center.

Memorial headstone for Harry Truman. The mountain, thirty-nine years later. Posted in Mount St. Helens , Travel Tagged Mount St. Helens 2 Comments. Apocalypse Posted on December 27, by allisongreenwriter. Toasted Posted on August 16, by allisongreenwriter. Posted in Uncategorized Leave a comment. Posted in Uncategorized 2 Comments.