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She's making a go of turning an old mansion where a gypsy fortune teller committed suicide into an inn and now her first guest was murdered by his robot invention, no less, and a Horror film star shows as her second guest with a sharp-penned gossip columnist in tow exercising her wit in articles at Amalie's expense. Only, Amalie turns the tables and shows that no publicity is bad publicity.

Opposite Amalie is enigmatic Matthias Jones who is investigating the murder and has ties to the mob. He is definitely more than he seems and I loved how the author slowly peeled back his secrets and the truth of the investigation that goes beyond solving a murder. He was so enamored with Amalie from the start and had no trouble seeing her as an equal in their pursuit of the truth. He's a tough guy and smart, but I loved how he had dreams of building up his own business and hoping for something with Amalie.

I really did feel like I was dropped back into an old hard-boiled detective flick and I was having a blast with the glitzy night clubs, the swanky people, the backroom gambling, government agents, action scenes, twists and reveals. I could have stayed in the Burning Cove world much longer. And, I will when I go back for the first two books. Incidentally, that cover is exquisite.

I don't normally mention covers, but I have to give a shout out to the team that put this one together. In summary, I think the series has a new fan after just one book.

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Those who enjoy romantic suspense set in the past are the target audience and I can definitely recommend this one. My thanks to Berkley for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review. May 09, Barb in Maryland rated it really liked it Shelves: romance-goodies , historical-fiction , mystery-thriller-goodies. This was so much fun. We have another gal looking to start a new chapter in her life, a rumored haunted house, a murderous robot and cutting edge espionage equipment. Oh yeah, and a good romance too. I will say that one of the baddies took me by surprise.

I was so caught up in the double-crosses and triple crosses that I wasn't really keeping track of all the clues. It also looks like we may have a direct sequel coming up as This was so much fun. It also looks like we may have a direct sequel coming up as several important threads were left dangling at the end. Long time readers will probably be amused with the hero's family history.

I know I was. Very cleverly done. I am looking forward to my next visit to Burning Cove.

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Apr 26, Kimberly rated it liked it Shelves: historical , mystery-suspense-thriller , review , romance , read But when their first guest — Dr. Norman Pickwell — is murdered by his robot creation, the rumors start flying that perhaps the inn is cursed. Matthias is on the hunt for a prototype of a cipher machine Pickwell is rumored to have had. Close quarters means the sizzling attraction between them is nearly impossible to resist. But if Matthias and Amalie want a chance to find out if that attraction could lead anywhere, they have to survive the dangerous figures closing in on them… High glamour meets dark and dangerous secrets in Tightrope.

I love the world of Burning Cove that Amanda Quick has created so I was eager to dive into this book. Amalie and Matthias are both likeable protagonists. However, I never felt like I got to see too far beneath the surface, which was a pity. Their romance felt like a bit of an afterthought, though the bones of a good love story were there. The mystery and suspense elements are where the energy is at in Tightrope. Murder and a missing cipher machine are only the beginning of the action.

Tightrope is the third book in the Burning Cove series, but it can be read as a standalone. Even though I was a bit let down by the romance part of this romantic suspense, the mystery elements and rich atmosphere were highly entertaining. FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review. Jun 08, Kate Douglas rated it it was amazing. The reason is simple—I am never, ever disappointed in anything this talented author writes. The way our heroine Amalie Vaughn, ex-trapeze artist extraordinaire reaches the final dramatic Amanda Quick, Jayne Ann Krentz, and Jayne Castle aka all one and the same, have been auto-buys for me for years. The way our heroine Amalie Vaughn, ex-trapeze artist extraordinaire reaches the final dramatic scenes in her story, along with Matthias Jones, who is a truly wonderful hero, was totally entertaining, in a lot of ways unexpected because I honestly thought I had it all figured out, but I was wrong!

I just checked Amazon, and it appears that a new Jayne Ann Krentz series will debut on January 7, OH MY! I loved this book. I should be sleeping, but instead, I stayed up reading. That seems like one of the greatest compliments an author can get--your book made me gave up basic human needs. Amalie is a carnie turned straight in dark, atmospheric days of the s. Well, leaving the circus doesn't mean she's without monkey-business. She finds herself in the midst of intrigue and many other forms of emotional intrigue. But, why say that when it is better than that.

Quick is a strong writer. The character bound off the page and the scenes feel immediate. This book is a classic page-turner. Quick's particular strength is being able to sit comfortably across three genres historic fiction, romance, and mystery. Often, writers suffer plotting problems with the romance either feel blah or the mystery being idiotic.

Quick's book is perfection in terms of balance. Jun 03, Chris Conley added it. These books are so entertaining. I love the way she makes the stories seem timely even though they are set before WWII. Love them! May 10, Carolyn rated it really liked it Shelves: quick-amanda. All in all, a good book in a fun series!

View all 5 comments. Apr 15, P R rated it it was amazing. I have to say I love Amanda Quick books. She was the first romance writer I ever read, so I have a soft spot for her writing. This book lived up to my expectations. No spoilers. There were a couple of story lines that started out independently and ended up all coming together at the end.

I expected that they would be interwoven, but could not figure out how that would work. I love all of the characters who inhabit Burning Cove, no matter what era. This is a fast-paced novel and a good story li I have to say I love Amanda Quick books. This is a fast-paced novel and a good story line.

I highly recommend it.

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A big thank you to First to Read for providing me with an advance copy. View 1 comment.

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I think this is my favorite in this series so far! I was engaged with it from start to finish. There wasn't a part in the book that lagged or drug. I was turning the pages waiting to find out whodunit. I am not a historical reader. But Amanda Quick keeps pulling me over again and again.

I don't know that I want this series to ever end. Her ability to put me right in the story has be salivating for more! I read this book at just the right time. With its little bit of "cheesiness" and a little bit I think this is my favorite in this series so far! With its little bit of "cheesiness" and a little bit over the top characters, twists, turns, and events, I was glued to the pages word after word.

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Okay sure. Some of the things were easy to see coming. But I think that is the point. Even though you saw little things coming, you don't necessarily see the big picture until they happen. I kind of want to live in Burning Cove. The great thing about this series is that you really can read each book separately. Although the characters crossover, they each stand on their own individually. I enjoyed Ms. Quick's interpretation of Matthias Jones "talent" of being a human lie-detector. She had a previous character in her Arcane Society novel, White Lies, also with this "talent" but she took a different approach with how Matthias handled and understood his talent.

Amalie is a determined young woman who meets life head-on and I enjoyed her and Matthias dialogue as they got to know each other. I enjoyed seeing more of Luther and Raina in this book and how their relationship is slowly developing. A swiftly paced plot with a few deft twists that kept me turning the pages until the spine tingling confrontation. I am eagerly looking forward to the next book in this series.

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Mar 27, Jackie rated it liked it Shelves: giveaways. Got this in a Goodreads giveaway. Decent book I hated the beginning it was a bit all over the place. I found I could never bounce into the book after that sloppy opening. May 15, Rose Blue rated it it was amazing. Fresh Fiction has exclusive rights to the review. May 23, Amy rated it it was amazing Shelves: popfiction. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and really did not want it to end. I'm super glad that [even though she has come forward [significantly] in history] Quick seems to have gone back to what she knows - writing about the Jones family!

May 21, Suzanne Under the Covers Book blog rated it really liked it Shelves: coming-soon-may , netgalley-arc , author-amanda-quick , genre-historical-mystery , eras. However, it seems her bad luck has followed her when her one and only guest is killed in a spectacular fashion. Investigating the case is Matthias Jones. However, Matthias isn't a detective, in fact rumour has it his past leans more towards the criminal. However, their attraction is immediate and as the mystery deepens the danger pushe 3. However, their attraction is immediate and as the mystery deepens the danger pushes them closer and closer together.

This cover. I already knew I was going to read this book as I've enjoyed the previous books in the series, but seeing that beautiful cover really cinched it. However, we all know a beautiful covers doesn't necessarily make a great book. It was a fun historical mystery romp with murderous machines, old Hollywood glamour and a little romance. This book can be read as a standalone, it just means that you won't know the background of some of the background characters. However, to understand the mystery and the romance, you can dive straight into this book.

The mystery was a lot of fun. An inventor is showcasing a mechanical man, which then proceeds to murder him on stage during the demonstration. However, the inventor is caught up in more than just making robots. He has in his possession an enigma machine. A machine that goes missing after his death. A machine the murderer will go to any lengths to get back. It was a really great mystery and I enjoyed investigating alongside Amalie and Matthias, it was a tense ride. It wasn't just murder that brought tension to the book, Amalie and Matthias had great chemistry and sexual tension.

From the moment they met you could feel their attraction and it only grew as the book went on. This was a really great read. It combined mystery and romance very well leaving the reader satisfied on both fronts. If you want to read something light and fun with a spot of murder I recommend giving this book a try. Mar 11, Ken rated it it was ok Shelves: giveaways. Burning Cove and the Hidden Beach Inn sounds like a lovely place. Picturing place is a very important part of a narrative to me.

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