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Chris Salvato will help you move towards a more impressive you.

If you do have a medical problem, it can lead to a bunch of horrible symptoms including headaches and burst capillaries in the eyes, among other things. A quick visit to the doctor, where you get cleared for handstand training can save you a lot of time, frustration and headaches literally! And, in some rare cases, it may also uncover something that needs medical attention. The first thing you need to do is remember to breathe.

We evolved to perform the Valsalva maneuver instinctively because it locks the truck in place, stabilizes the Lumbar spine and provides stability to the shoulder girdle.

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This is great in most situations, but it works against you when you are learning to handstand. In short, you need to force yourself to breathe steadily! When you are first getting over the Exploding Head Syndrome, you can use a technique to make sure you are breathing.

You can count out loud. You can recite your alphabet. These techniques force you to pay attention to your breathing.

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As your handstands improve, you will be able to breathe normally, but you need to get over this initial hump first. If you are taking the Day Handstand Challenge or using my book , the technique for overcoming Exploding Head Syndrome slips right into your daily 5-minute routine Not taking the challenge? Working on your handstand? You may want to sign up to get all of my free handstand material. Build a handstand commitment to eliminate Exploding Head Syndrome.

Start by going into your best belly-to-wall handstand hold, and get to the point where you start to feel the pressure building up, where you start to feel uncomfortable. Then, walk your hands a step or two away from the wall, bringing your hips down and reducing the pressure. In the next session, try to get a little closer. The next time, get closer.

And the time after that? Yup, get closer. Eventually, the discomfort will subside, and you will be able to tolerate being inverted. This technique gradually introduces your blood vessels to the stress of increased blood flow to the head. You feel that holding wall planks instead of wall handstands is too elementary for someone of your strength… but you need to get past that.

Just like your normal handstand training, you need to work on this very frequently.

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That is the only way it can adjust to the increased pressure. This method works in a vast majority of cases, and normally takes between days until most of the pain disappears.

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Sometimes it takes a bit longer 6 weeks or more if you are an outlier or have a medical complication…. A few weeks is nothing, in the scheme of things. So just go out and do it. If you are taking the Day Handstand Challenge , or using my book , then you need to just remember this technique as you go through Challenges 1 and 2.

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