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Just writing down your bills or balancing your bank account does not constitute a budget.

It Is A Myth That An NGO Is Only For Making Easy Money Says Shekhar Mahajan

A proper budget is a detailed plan for the future. Budgeting takes practice. But when you completely commit to doing a budget every month, it eventually becomes easy and routine. Check out this post to help you organize all your financial info in one place to make money management a snap!

The Myth of Millennials and Easy Entrepreneurship

Cars are expensive! Car payments are always one of the biggest items that keep people in perpetual debt.


This myth is an absolute lie! Reality: I can tell you from personal experience that you can pay cash for your cars! Angie and I have paid cash for three cars so far, and our kids have paid cash for their own cars as well. Like most people, we ended up using the credit card for non-emergency spending. It ended up being the credit card balance that would never go away until we finally committed to going naked with credit.

The Federal Reserve, Interest Rates, and the 'Easy Money' Myth

Once we finally got a clue, getting rid of that last card felt weird. We got over that real quick though. One of the big reasons people fail at getting out of debt is because they hang on to credit cards like a security blanket. A fully funded cash emergency fund is so much better! This one is hotly debated amongst personal finance nerds and non-finance folks alike. Many people believe if you use debt strategically and responsibly, it helps you build a solid financial life.

You will always pay more for things when you use debt to buy them. Debt wastes your hard-earned money, keeping you enslaved and in bondage to your financial situation instead of financially free to do as you please.

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Investing in the stock market is risky. Besides, those people on Wall Street are greedy, they will find a way to get everything we have if we let them.


Every investment has its risks. There is no such thing as a no-risk investment. I get it. Most people are living paycheck to paycheck and feel like investing is totally out of reach. To get there, it may mean you have to start doing a written budget and managing your money more efficiently.

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Or you may need to make a little extra money somehow and use it specifically toward investing. Here are a couple of great tools you can use to manage your money like a pro. This is one of the most common money myths we all hear about. You can do anything you need to do financially without using a credit score. Here are a few articles to show you how. Too many people believe the myth that debt is just a part of life.

They buy into the lie that the average Joe making an average income or less will never be able to live debt free. With the right plan, some intestinal fortitude, and time, anyone can become debt free. Debt freedom is not just for people with a high income or some special knowledge. Anyone can achieve it if they really want it.

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  8. Read my blog series detailing every step you need to get out of debt for good. It's easy to believe the myth that debt freedom might be for some people, but not for you. Most of the time, this money lie is tied to feelings of self-worth. Other times, there may be issues with financial self control. Even past failures at getting out of debt can weigh on you, holding you back from your financial goals. No matter what lies in your past, no matter how many times you've tried and failed , you are worthy of living a rich life!

    It may take a change in mindset and habits that you haven't quite been able to achieve yet. But keep after your goal. Continue educating yourself and building new habits with money. Eventually, it will click and you will get the job done! To print it on the assumption that it will unearth easy access to goods and services is to presume that producers would readily exchange real resources for paper that would command quite a bit less in return. So while investment is the driver of economic activity, the underlying truth of it is that resources are being moved by the investment process to ever higher uses.

    What this hopefully tells monetary authorities is that devalued money would only work insofar as it would make the trade and investment that power all economic growth much less likely. Money is just a measure. Nothing else. Efforts to tinker with its quantity can't alter reality much as the nominally free-market wish it were otherwise. The entertainers understood this. Russians saved hundreds of billions of rubles during the Cold War simply because they were only exchangeable for the shoddy products that were a creation of communism.

    Top 10 Money Myths That Keep You in Financial Bondage

    Stated simply, during the most contentious periods of the Cold War, the U. As the rial and bolivar collapse in Iran and Venezuela, the dollar is rapidly becoming the currency of choice in each country. Producers of any good or service want to get goods and services of equal value in return. That's why the dollar is presently liquefying exchange in countries where most would expect the symbol of Yankee imperialism to be looked on with disdain.

    Not so.

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    The profit motive is rather blind to global politics. So could central bank critics. In commercial terms, borrowers seek dollars in order to exchange them for capital goods like trucks, tractors, computers, WiFi access, and most crucial of all, human capital.