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Connect with ABC News. Got a news tip? Editorial Policies Read about our editorial guiding principles and the enforceable standard our journalists follow. Site Map. Media Video Audio Photos. When he insulted her, she told him to go to his room. Catherine attended Laura Palmer's funeral the next day and later in the evening, she listened to Josie speak with Sheriff Truman about her's and Benjamin Horne's plans against her.

When Josie found only one mill ledger, Catherine smiled and hid a fake one under a drawer's false bottom. When Pete came in asking if she had seen his tackle box, she said that she knew Pete and Josie had been in the safe where the ledger had previously been with the fake one. Catherine met with Ben at the Timber Falls Motel the next day and discussed Josie finding the fake ledger.

They continued to discuss their plan to destroy the mill until they heard a gunshot outside. When Ben went to take a bath, he dropped a poker chip. Catherine picked it up and finds that it said " One Eyed Jack's. The next day, Catherine went with Pete to a party held for Ben's Icelandic potential business partners. She was told by Pete to "go easy on the sauce" but she immediately drank an entire glass. She then approached Ben, who was entertaining a group of Icelanders, and poured her drink on his shoe to get his attention.

In his office, she presented to him the poker chip he dropped and smacked him. He brought her in for a kiss and they agreed to give Josie one last chance to sell the mill. They went back out to the guests, where Leland Palmer was in the middle of having a breakdown, tearfully dancing alone. Ben commanded her to join him. When Leland began just crying, Catherine imitated him in the form of dance, causing everyone to join in. The next day, she met with a life insurance agent, Herbert Neff , regarding a policy regarding her brother's death.

She noticed that the only beneficiary was Josie, which the agent noted as unusual and urged her to sign it, though Catherine said she wished to go over changes in the policy with her lawyer. She went to find the mill's ledger, but it was gone from where she had hidden it. Later, Catherine frantically searched for the ledger at the mill as Pete entered.

She suspected he had taken it for Josie, but he denied this. She reflected on their relationship, asking him to tap into the feelings he still had for her as she declared her need for his help. He embraced her in tears and she reluctantly hugged him back. She and Pete searched their library for the ledger. She received a phone call from someone who says the ledger was at the mill. She armed herself with a revolver and left for the mill.


Upon arrival, she fiound Shelly Johnson tied up near a bomb, which went off, sparking a fire. She cut Shelly free with a hatchet as part of the roof fell in and took her by the hand.

Andrew Steel and the mystery of the vanishing consent campaign

Catherine was assumed dead in the fire, [13] and she believed that her survival was because of a guardian angel, and she found herself in the woods, with no recollection of how she escaped. Days later, she began to don the disguise of a Japanese businessman named Mr. Tojamura and booked a room at the Great Northern Hotel.

Leland Palmer then interruped by starting to sing " Getting to Know You. He asked her if she liked musicals, but she said no. The next morning, Deputy Andy Brennan brought her to a one-armed man , who said, "No. Still under the guise of Mr. Tojamura, she went to the Blue Pine Lodge and gave a big kiss to Pete. She then revealed her identity to him. Dark Intro Dark Mood Woods. Palmer arrive with a message for Major Briggs. Episode Cooper wakes up at the Great Northern, wants to brush his teeth. Dark Mood Woods Studio Version. Drug Deal Blues.

Episode Mike complains to Donna about Nadine. Episode Plays falteringly on the radio before Leo awakens and attacks Shelly. Episode Annie talks with Shelly in the RR about how weird it is to be back in the real world. Dugpas Half Speed Orchestra 4. Episode Ben and Cooper receive ransom instructions from Jean. Episode Very briefly when Earle injects Briggs with drug. Episode Briefly as Cooper stares at the chess board and before Truman asks how chess figures in. Episode Leo in woods, stumbles upon Earle's cabin. Unused in the series. Pilot: Sung at the Roadhouse by Julee Cruise.

Freshly Squeezed. Episode Audrey and JJW apologize to each other, he asks her to go on a picnic. Episode Audrey brings food to JJW in goofy sweater , they flirt. Full length version was finally released from the TP Archive. Freshly Squeezed Bass Clarinet. Episode Donna visits James in jail, acts like she wants him.

Episode Nadine breaks her malt glass at the RR. Freshly Squeezed Clarinet. Episode Audrey meets Cooper at breakfast, he has her write her name. Episode Cooper hangs upside down in his room at the Great Northern. Episode Catherine reveals herself as Tajamura to a jailed Ben re-edited. Full track lost and unreleased. Freshly Squeezed Flute. Episode Stop Ghostwood fashion show, Ben talks to Catherine about redemption and giving.

Freshly Squeezed Mid-Tempo Version.

The Shawshank Redemption - Escape Andy Dufrense

Freshly Squeezed Solo Bass Clarinet. Episode Cole reinstates Cooper, returns badge and new gun. Episode Lana hits on Dick in the storage room. Freshly Squeezed Solo Clarinet. Episode Audrey threatens Battis to get perfume counter job. Episode Audrey ties cherry stem with tongue.

Episode Audrey threatens a tied-up Battis half-speed and mixed with half-speed Sneaky Audrey. Episode Cole kisses Shelly a 2nd time. Freshly Squeezed Solo Flute. Episode Hardy tells Cooper his suspension remains in place; Cooper thanks him and leaves.

Can someone explain the Josie plot line from the second season to me? : twinpeaks

Episode Audrey kisses Cooper in front of Denise. Great Northern Big Band. Great Northern Piano Tune 1. Episode Ben meets with Tojamura in the Great Northern dining room. Episode Mike and Nadine check in to the Great Northern. Episode Wine tasting scene 2. Episode Pete talks to Tojamura, Pete asks if he she likes musicals. Episode Catherine reveals herself as Tojamura to Pete slowed down. Note: The version heard in episode 23 is actually an extended version that runs about a minute longer.

It was released from the TP Archive as well. Great Northern Piano Tune 3. Episode Norma and Hank have dinner with Ernie and Vivian. Great Northern Piano Tune 4. Episode Annie orders a drink, talks to Cooper.

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Episode Wine tasting scene 1 sped-up and looped. Note: Released version features a "Disturbing noise" sound effect heard in episode Clean version unreleased. Episode Norma meets with Hank before his hearing. Episode Josie on phone with Ben who says they need Catherine at the mill, Hank is there with her re-edit. Episode Bobby remembers Hank shooting Leo re-edit. Episode Donna drops to her knees with James after her confrontation with Harold.

Episode Mayor Milford weeps over the dead body of his brother Dougie, accuses Lana of murder. Episode Josie comes clean to Truman about her past. Episode Mix contisting of:. Episode Harold shows Donna his orchids, they kiss. Episode Very briefly before Harold's Theme Harpsichord. Episode A betrayed Harold sprays his flowers then screams. Hayward Boogie. Episode 8: Gersten plays piano end credits. High School Swing. Episode Nadine asks Donna if Mike is available in the school hallway.

Episode Nadine pursues Mike in the gym. Episode Nadine makes a move on Mike in the RR. Episode Cooper asks Annie to go on a nature walk. Hook Rug Dance. Episode Ben and Jerry remember Louise Dombrowski. Episode Nadine walks in on Ed and Norma in bed. Pilot: Bobby plays it on the RR jukebox. Episode James plays it on the jukebox at Wallies. Into The Night. Invitation To Love Theme.

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  • MultiModal & Meta.
  • Episode Shelly shuts off the TV. Invitation To Love Theme Bumper. James And Evelyn.

    Episode James and Evelyn get it on on her car in the driveway, Malcolm watches from afar. James And Evelyn Trail Mix. James Hurley Americana. Josie And Truman. Episode Truman mourns Josie, reflection of glass. Just You Instrumental Baritone Guitar. Just You Instrumental. La Speranza. Episode 1: Major Briggs talks to Bobby at the dinner table, strikes Bobby when he puts a cigarette in mouth. Episode The men fawn over Lana. Episode Catherine listens in on Josie and Truman over the intercom.

    Episode Catherine hides the second ledger in her secret drawer. Episode Norma tells Shelly that Hank got his parole. Episode Maddy hangs up the phone after telling Donna she found a tape, zoom in on picture of Laura. Episode Catherine meets with Mr. Neff about the life insurance forms. Episode Hank, on phone, tells Catherine what she is looking for is at the mill, she gets her gun. Episode Leland recognizes the sketch of Bob from his childhood. Episode Leland tells Cooper and company that he knows Bob, flicks a match into ashtray mixed with a few sounds of Audrey's Dance Solo Synth.

    Episode Ben asks Cooper to take the ransom money for Audrey half-speed and mixed with a slightly slowed Freshly Squeezed Solo Clarinet. Episode Roger Hardy arrives and informs Cooper of his suspension. Episode Doc Hayward gives Ben a check-up, he tells him to stay away from Eileen. Episode Donna looks at her birth certificate and old photos in the attic.

    Episode Leo looks at the Queen-Shelly card. Episode Cooper vaguely talks about "the pain of a broken heart" during shooting practice. Episode Cooper finds Audrey in his bed as the episode ends. Episode Donna confronts Evelyn at Wallies, is threatened by Malcolm. Episode Cooper talks to an angry, drunk Truman at the Bookhouse. Episode Hawk tells Cooper about the legend of the White Lodge half-speed. Episode Plays over the picnic video footage of Laura and Donna. Episode James first sees Maddy in the RR. Episode Judge Sternwood addresses Leland.

    Episode Pete rushes into the burning warehouse in search of Catherine. Episode Catherine tells Truman about the events of that same night and how a guardian angel saved her life. Piano A TK1. Piano A TK2. Piano A TK3. Episode Leland confesses to killing Jacques. Piano A TK4. Piano B TK1. Piano B TK2. Episode Last dissonant chord only! Episode After receiving it from the younger Mrs.

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    Episode One bass sound! Episode Leland dances in the Great Northern lobby. Leo Attacks Bobby. Leo Returns. Episode Briefly as the pine weasel bites Dick at the fashion show.