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With dormitory style sleeping provided, and bring your own food. Simply Ghost Nights provide ghost hunts, ghost hunting events, ghost hunting Sleepovers and ghost hunting suppers for Private Parties, Corporate Events, Hen Nights as well, for a professional and organised overnight ghost hunting events then try a Simply Ghost Night.

With a data base of haunted locations across the U. K to choose from, there is Simply only one ghost hunting choice, allow Simply Ghost Nights to organise your perfect ghost night event. With the majority of our brave ghost hunters returning, we must be doing something right to please our customers who return for a ghost hunting experience with a difference. Latest Events.

Ghost Hunting Across the U. Lastest Blog. Sat 19 May, Simply Ghost Nights were privileged to be the first company to bring Hodroyd Hall to the paranormal world and along with many excited guests many local to the Hall we simply could not wait to get started. Like a scene from The Woman In Black Hodroyd Hall, Wakefield appears to have been been derelict for a generation or two, just slightly better than a gaunt shell of a mansion. Sat 14 Apr, A ghost hunting event at York Dungeons can be a hit or a miss but on this occasion it was a very big fat hit with so much activity that it was hard to keep a track on what was happening.

Fri 13 Apr, With a full house of ghost hunters all eager to participate on a ghost hunt. Sat 7 Apr, The Abandoned Park Hotel in Morecambe is a fantastic location to do a ghost hunt in. This was our second ghost hunt in The Abandoned Park Hotel in Morecambe and what ghost hunting event it was with with table tipping and tapping as well as glass work all been noted. As well as spikes on the K2's and the MEL meters alarming out. Sat 24 Mar, This ghost hunting event at Leeds Town Hall was a brilliant night of activity with the spirits making their presence known to our ghost hunters at Leeds Town Hall on this ghost hunt.

Sat 10 Mar, Catherine's Former Hospital, 10th March With a full house of ghost hunters at St. On this ghost hunting event at St. Catherine's former hospital. With guests getting touched by the hands of spirit, table and glass work this was a most successful ghost hunt at St. Fri 2 Mar, This was a two night sleepover with two ghost hunts at Wasdale Hall and what two nights of ghost hunting we had. However the group tried to debunk it or find a reason for the whistle none could be found at all. This incident is still spoke about by the guests who heard it. Sat 24 Feb, Would our return be as good as our first ghost hunt at The Gressenhall Workhouse Museum Well yes it was a woman's voice and the shuffling of feet was clearly heard in the next room from a group of ghost hunters in the cottages on this ghost hunt at The Gressenhall Workhouse Museum.

Most teams experienced Ouija board communication and table tapping and table tipping too, the spirit box was another successful tool for contacting the spirit world. Sat 10 Feb, Helens and what a return it was on this ghost hunting event at The Mill Street Barracks. With a full blown apparition been seen by a number of guests and guests having their tugged by unseen paranormal hands on this ghost hunt at The Mill Street Barracks, and much more. Sat 3 Feb, This was the first ever ghost hunting event at Clifton Hall in Rotherham to be held there.

What a night of ghost hunting activity our guests experienced from a child's voice been heard, table and glass work and much more paranormal occurrences were noted on this ghost hunt at Clifton Hall. Sat 27 Jan, Catherine's Former Mental Hospital, 27th January This was Simply Ghost Nights first ghost hunting event of and what a night it was, with a full house of ghost hunters all eager and excited to make spirit contact at this former house and asylum in Doncaster. The night began with a short welcome meeting and demonstration of the equipment before we all commenced our voyage into the ghostly depths of St.

Sat 20 Jan, What can we say about our first ever ghost hunt at Tapton Hall, amazing, fantastic the list of superlatives can go on for ever. The amount of knocking and tapping on request that we experienced on our ghost hunt at Tapton Hall and tables actually moving by themselves with no one touching them was quite simply astounding. Team reported successful vigils using glass and table work, spirit box validation via names been repeated that were requested by our guests.

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Sat 13 Jan, On the top floor our guests experienced table tipping and some fantastic tapping on the table too. The R. Sat 27 May, With tales of, body snatching and local superstition. Edinburgh vaults has to be one of the most dark, evil, haunted locations we have ever visited. We had as always a sell out event and all our guests were chomping at the bit to get started, but not before Freda the night staff for the vaults took them on a grisly tour which brought them back looking rather nervous.

Sat 20 May, One of our long time team leaders Jez who very rarely sees or hears anything that really impresses him got the shock of his life when he reported seeing the figure of a woman peeking through the serving hatch at him, he thought she looked a little bit unusual by the way she was dressed and immediately started to check all guests were present and correct around the table which they were. Sat 13 May, Once the city's law courts ,as well as York Institute which was an educational establishment focusing on art, literature and science.

There was also once a fire station housed in the building as well, and it then became the city's new library in August until the library moved to new premises. Sat 6 May, This was our second ghost hunting event at the Bradford Police Museum which forms part of the city hall in the centre of Bradford.

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Ghost hunts are really rare at this amazing location and Simply Ghost Nights could not wait to see what would happen. Sat 29 Apr, This was Simply Ghost Nights first ghost hunt at The Hell Fire Caves and what a ghost hunting event at The Hell Fire Caves it was, with guests seeing shadow people moving around and guests feeling unnerved in certain areas, however it wasn't long before things started to take a sinister turn with large bangs being heard, whistles, one group even thought they heard what was described as a scream. Sat 22 Apr, Catherine's Former Hospital, 22nd April As investigations go this one at St.

Catherine's was up there with the amount of activity that was recorded and witnessed by team and guests a like. Sat 15 Apr, Simply Ghost Nights returned to Gainsborough Old Hall for a ghost hunting event at Gainsborough's premier haunted location. A ghost hunt at Gainsborough Old Hall is indeed like stepping back over four hundred years. Sat 1 Apr, For our brave ghost hunters this ghost hunting event at The Ripon Workhouse Museum was certainly no April Fools full of jokes or frivolity.

Sat 18 Mar, On this ghost hunt at The York Dungeons Simply Ghost Nights returned to The York Dungeons for a second time and we were hoping the spirits would as playful as they were on the first ghost hunt at The York dungeons and as active once more as they were on our first visit.

Table Tipping for Beginners

Fri 17 Mar, What can we say about the first ever ghost hunting investigation at The Bradford Police Museum, the spirits were very quick in saying 'evening all' to our ghost hunters. Fri 10 Mar, The main sitting room provided some fantastic table tipping, with the table tipping on to two legs on a few occasions and when sing the glass our guests made contact with a male spirit called Joshua and a female called Lucy.

Sat 25 Feb, All groups recorded table and glass work with Hannah and Martin describing how a male spirit communicated with a group of ghost hunters in the kitchen area, however they could not get a name but the spirit made his presence known by yes and no on the Ouija board. Sat 18 Feb, In the kitchen Jez spoke of how he saw a female servant look at him through the serving hatches in the kitchen, this figure was also witnessed by one of our guests at the very same time as Jez. Fri 17 Feb, With yet another full house of ghost hunters all eager to attempt Spirit communication on a ghost hunting event at The Ripon Workhouse Museum we began the night of paranormal investigations at The Ripon Workhouse Museum in excited anticipation.

Sat 14 Jan, Ghost Hunting St. Catherine's Former Hospital, 14th January On this ghost hunting night at St. Catherine's Former Hospital our brave ghost hunters were in the Dining room that did not disappoint with recorded incidents of table work and glass work and one guest seeing the figure of what can only be described as a nurse through the night vision goggles.

Fri 16 Dec, What a night of activity with ghostly footsteps heard in the morgue area and the motion sensors also were triggered in the morgue corridor as well. Our ghost hunters as well experienced table tapping, glass work, MEL meters spiking and alarming out and many ghost hunters on this ghost hunt at Ripon Workhouse Museum also noted drops in temperatures and feelings of being watched too. Sat 10 Dec, Martin and Hannah mentioned a vigil on the upper floor when using an Ouija board the group made contact with a former Police officer called Fred who via the glass described his life on the police horses and what his job entailed.

Fred still had an affinity with building and said that he visited regularly as well. Fri 2 Dec, Knottingley Town Hall proved once more a very active location on this ghost hunt, with guests experiencing table, glass and some ghost hunters feeling like they'd being touched by ghostly hands. Fri 11 Nov, Helens, Near Liverpool, 11th November The Simply Ghost Nights team and guests eagerly assembled in anticipation of the vigils that awaited us on a ghost hunt at The Mill Street Barracks that were to take place during the night ahead. Sat 5 Nov, Stanley Palace is one of our favourite locations to hold a ghost hunting event and both the team and our packed house of guests were chewing at the bit to get started on a ghost hunt at Stanley Palace.

We split into three groups and set off to our designated vigil areas. Fri 4 Nov, With a full house of ghost hunters all set for for a ghost hunting event at Penrhyn Old Hall near LLandudno, it was time to see which of the former inhabitants of Penrhyn Old Hall would interact with us. So we split into our groups and went our own separate ways. Sat 29 Oct, During the English Civil War the hall served as a stronghold for Royalists. When in the Royalists took the town of Bradford, which at that time had strong Parliamentarian connections. It was in this year that the Earl of Newcastle, Royalist Commander was staying at the hall and was said to have been visited by the spirit of a woman, which had awakened him by pulling at the bedclothes.

Sat 22 Oct, A ghost hunting event at Ripon Workhouse Museum is just like stepping back in time and relive the darkened atmosphere of the doom and gloom of the poor unfortunate former residents of the Ripon Workhouse Museum on a ghost hunt at Ripon Workhouse Museum. Sat 15 Oct, After our health and safety and welcome talks we could see we had a house full of very excited guests waiting to get started on a ghost hunting event at Croxteth hall, so we immediately split up into four groups and spread out around this vast location to take part in a ghost hunt at Croxteth Hall.

Sat 8 Oct, A ghost hunting event at Ryecroft Hall in Manchester is a pleasure in itself, with fantastic features such as a magnificent staircase where the ghostly figures of soldiers have been seen. The paneled ceilings and the fantastic ballroom are only a few places to ghost hunt in at Ryecroft Hall. Fri 7 Oct, On a ghost hunting event The Old Funeral Parlour In Hull is one of those haunted locations that never disappoints and on this occasion it produced some of the most mind blowing, unforgettable and compelling evidence of the existence of spirits and an unseen world that we have ever witnessed to date on a ghost hunt.

Sat 1 Oct, This was Simply Ghost Nights first ever visit to Gressenhall Workhouse Museum and what a first ever investigation it was and the spirits certainly knew how to interact with our guests, on this ghost hunting event at Gressenhall Workhouse Museum. Fri 23 Sep, Once more the spirits of The Ripon Workhouse Museum did not fail to impress on this ghost hunting event at this former Workhouse.

With table work and fluctuations and spikes on the ghost hunting equipment the spirits certainly did not shy away from communicating on this ghost hunt at The Ripon workhouse Museum. Fri 16 Sep, With a full two nights of a ghost hunting weekend at St. Braivel's our lucky guests were treated to a whole host of paranormal activity on this ghost hunt at St. Braivels Castle. From Ouija board experiments and K2 spikes and much more. Sat 10 Sep, Simply Ghost Nights returned to Stanley Palace on the 10th September and what a return it was on this ghost hunting event. The spirits came out in force to communicate with our brave ghost hunters on a ghost hunt at Stanley Palace.

With ghostly shadows, Ouija board interaction, and fluctuations in the electrical equipment, the spirits certainly knew how to respond to our guests. Fri 9 Sep, Ghost hunting events at Penrhyn Old Hall can safely be described as active, with plenty of ghostly occurrences on our previous ghost hunts at Penrhyn Old Hall from, table work, glass divination and interaction via the electrical equipment. Penrhyn Old hall is a ghost hunters paradise.

Sat 3 Sep, Catherine's Former Hospital, 3rd September On the 3rd of September Simply Ghost Nights and a full house of ghost hunters attempted to communicate with the resident spirits of St,. Catherine's former hospital on a ghost hunting adventure. A ghost hunt at St. Catherine's is not for the faint hearted with so many ghostly occurrences recorded in the past. Sat 13 Aug, What happened when we visited The Spiritus House for a ghost hunting adventure at Eveshams most haunted venue. This location is not the biggest but a ghost hunt at The Spiritus House is a must do for any ghost hunter.

Sat 23 Jul, Sat 9 Jul, With a full house of ghost hunters all eager to pursuit ghostly interaction at Doncaster Air Museum on a ghost hunting event. On a previous ghost hunt at Doncaster Air Museum the S. N team and guests have seen a full blown apparition walking around the site. Sat 2 Jul, Simply Ghost Nights returned to one of our favourite locations this former barracks is usually a hive of paranormal activity and the spirits certainly know how to communicate with our guests.

Would the ghostly inhabitants communicate with our ghost hunters on this ghost hunting event. Sat 25 Jun, Catherine's Hall, Former Asylum, 25th June What lurks below the fabric of an old asylum, will the spirit residents communicate on a ghost hunting event at st. Catherine's Hall? Carry on reading to find out what happened on a ghost hunt at St. Catherine's Hall Doncaster. Fri 24 Jun, Simply Ghost Nights returned to the Ripon Workhouse Museum for a ghostly investigation at this former workhouse and asylum, read about our paranormal investigation at this fantastic location.

Fri 17 Jun, Simply Ghost Nights made the journey to the impressive Revesby Abbey for our first investigation at this location. With a full house of ghost hunters set to join us at this fantastic location our one question was would the spirits duly oblige in communicating with our guests. Sat 11 Jun, Sat 4 Jun, On our previous investigations the spirits of The Former Funeral parlour have not let us down, would they this time we would soon find out.

Fri 27 May, Sat 21 May, Ghost hunting events at Stanley Palace are held in this fine example of Tudor workmanship with wooden beams as hold as the building, ghost hunting at Stanley Palace is like stepping back in time. Sat 14 May, Ghost Hunting At St. Catherine's Hall, Doncaster, 14th May Read about Simply Ghost Nights ghost hunting event at this former Certified Institute for Mental Deficiencies, school, hospital wards for infectious diseases, psychiatric wards.

Sat 7 May, Ghost hunting event at Ryecroft Hall near Manchester on the 7th May Ryecroft Hall is a brilliant location to ghost hunt at and the can be one of the most active on a ghost hunt as well. Sat 30 Apr, Ripon Workhouse is one of the most haunted venues that we hold ghost hunting events at. With this in our minds it was with great anticipation that the night started with a brief chat and discussion about how the night would run and the equipment that our guests could use on an investigation.

After the chat with our guests it was time for the investigation to start. Sat 23 Apr, Johns Mansion, 23rd April St Johns Mansion is a Jacobean mansion, which showcases the social history collections. The team were itching to get started as they have had many personal experiences at this location in the past. Sat 16 Apr, The Simply Ghost Nights team and guests eagerly assembled in anticipation of the vigils that were to take place during the night ahead. Sat 9 Apr, Armley Mills has a creepy and deathly past with grisly deaths and poor working conditions to boot.

Sat 2 Apr, Catherine's Hall, Doncaster, 2nd April Simpy Ghost Nights returned to St. Catherine's former hospital for a ghost hunt in Doncaster on a ghost hunting event on the 2nd April, the hospital as a colorful past to say the least. The hospital consisted of two children's wards, where infectious diseases were treated, a psychiatric unit, female chest unit and sanatorium, and male sanatorium, which was located slightly away from the other wards.

Sat 26 Mar, Simply Ghost Nights ventured to the ghostly world of Bolling Hall for a ghost hunting event on the 26th March, with a full house of ghost hunters all excited about what the night held for them on a ghost hunt at Bolling Hall. Fri 11 Mar, This was our second return to Wasdale Hall on a ghost hunting event on Lake Wastwater for a full weekend of Ghost Hunting and it was one of excitement and anticipation with a full house of ghost hunters all eager to begin their ghost hunting experience, this Tudor built Mansion sits right on the edge of a lake and is surrounded by nothing but mountains making it feel as dark and creepy to begin with.

Sat 5 Mar, Simply Ghost Nights made the journey to Hull to the Annison's Funeral Parlour for our ghost hunting event in which we had investigated on numerous occasions and ghost hunts at the Funeral Parlour which was also the headquarters of the Police Horse division in the early 20th Century are usually active, would the spirits be playful this time on a ghost hunt at The Annisons Funeral Parlour.

Sat 27 Feb, Simply Ghost Nights travelled to Manchester to Ryecroft Hall for a night of ghost hunting and hopefully spirit interaction. Ryecroft Hall is usually quite active on investigations would it be as good as previous ghost hunting events. Sat 20 Feb, On the 20th February Simply Ghost Nights returned to one of their favourite locations, in the past The Ripon Workhouse ghostly residents have communicated amazingly with our ghost hunters, would the spirits be so obliging this time.

Sat 13 Feb, This was Simply Ghost Nights first adventure into the ghostly world of The Hull Chocolate Factory, this large building which been converted into numerous sound recording studios and a variety of other rooms. As our first time ghost hunt at The Chocolate Factory we were a little apprehensive that would the spirits communicate with our guests. We wouldn't have long to find out. Fri 29 Jan, Catherine's Former Hospital, 29th January Simply Ghost Nights were holding a ghost hunting event at St.

Catherine's Former hospital on the 29th January Ghost hunting events at St. Catherine's are for brave ghost hunters with creepy cellars, the servants quarters and the former hospital wards to investigate on a ghost hunt at St. Sat 23 Jan, Simply Ghost Nights were once again privileged to be holding a public paranormal investigation at Bolling Hall in Bradford, which is one of the most beautiful buildings to investigate in Britain. It is also the home of the very first ever recorded ghost sighting in Sat 16 Jan, Simply Ghost Nights were delighted to be returning to one of the U.

K's favourite ghost hunting locations, The Galleries of Justice in Nottingham with it's foreboding exterior and it's impressive Court Room and below all of these underground the network of male and female cells, the oubliette, the condemned man cells and the dreaded cave. Sat 9 Jan, This was our first investigation of and the team were rearing to go after having three weeks off.


The spirits of The emergency services museum in Sheffield were also in good spirits it would seem as they were more than happy to oblige! Mon 21 Dec, Sat 19 Dec, Catherines Former Hospital, Doncaster, 19th December Jez Simply Ghost Nights experienced investigator spoke of a brilliant vigil in the red room where the table moved between the participants and Jez been the ultimate professional ensured all fingers on the table were on lightly.

Sat 12 Dec, Final exams, and preparing for course selection for next year. Most courses at NCHS include final exams. The details associated with final exams are different depending on the course. Some final exams are comprehensive, assessing learning that was expected from the beginning of the semester to the end. Some final exams are actually projects or presentations, which are designed for students to demonstrate their learning.

If a student has three rigorous final exams on the same day, the student may ask one of the teachers to move a final exam to another day. Preparing and taking final exams can also be a valuable experience in preparation for college, where most courses include final exams. Preparing for course selection is also an important time for 11 th , 10 th , 9 th , and 8 th grade students. Some courses are mandatory for graduation, but many of our courses are elective. There are many resources available at NCHS to help students and families with course selection.

Feel free to contact your guidance counselor with any question regarding course selection. Our guidance counselors are familiar with all of our courses and the course selection process. Enjoy the fun challenges during the month of December, thank you for supporting NCHS, and thank you for contributing to the success of our school. Best wishes for a safe and enjoyable holiday break.

Welcome to NCHS! The school year is off to a great start, with lots of valuable learning experiences taking place. It is my goal that all of our students have valuable learning experiences.

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This typically involves challenges and hard work. Nobody ever says that being successful is easy. The teachers at NCHS have high expectations for our students, but also provide support and assistance for those who need it. Our teachers are willing to support and assist students, and we have built further assistance for those who need extra support before and after school. I strongly encourage students to get involved in at least one extra-curricular program while at NCHS. Graduating students consistently report that one of their best experiences while at NCHS was being involved in an extra-curricular program.

In addition to the growth that takes place, college admissions offices are always impressed with high school students who are involved in positive activities outside of the school day. Let's Get Acquainted! New Teacher Orientation. Teacher Institute Day. Staff Development Day.

Our Mission is to educate students to be self-directed learners, collaborative workers, complex thinkers, quality producers and community contributors. Skip to Main Content. District Home. Select a School Select a School. Sign In. Search Our Site. Search Input.

Spotlight News. Quick Links. Comments Principal's Newsletter. There is no need for parent permission or administrator approval. If a student requests to be absent for a final exam, the student must complete the final exam absence document available in the main office or on the NCHS website and obtain a parent permission signature and approval from Assistant Principal, Mrs.

If a student requests to be absent for all three days of final exams, the parent must contact Assistant Principal, Jackie Thornton for approval. This should take place at least one week before final exams. If approved, the teachers will decide when and how the student will complete final responsibilities for the class. Bill Wiesbrook, Principal. The 2nd semester is off to a great start! Wiesbrook, Principal. Principal Bill Wiesbrook.

The school year is off to a great start! Best wishes for a great school year. Strategic Blueprint. FOCUS is the strategic plan for comprehensive improvement between and , designed in response to community feedback, best practice, and a vision for the future.

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District administrators provided an update on Blueprint Commitments to the Board of Education at the July 27, meeting. Upcoming Events. August 6, Let's Get Acquainted! A few days post-hangover later, Fels said, he, Rensink, and a few others began talking about what is actually going on with the Ouija. The team thought the board could offer a really unique way to examine non-conscious knowledge, to determine whether ideomotor action could also express what the non-conscious knows.

Their initial experiments involved a Ouija-playing robot: Participants were told that they were playing with a person in another room via teleconferencing; the robot, they were told, mimicked the movements of the other person. Were the Olympic Games held in Sydney? What the team found surprised them: When participants were asked, verbally, to guess the answers to the best of their ability, they were right only around 50 percent of the time, a typical result for guessing. But when they answered using the board, believing that the answers were coming from someplace else, they answered correctly upwards of 65 percent of the time.

The robot, unfortunately, proved too delicate for further experiments, but the researchers were sufficiently intrigued to pursue further Ouija research. They divined another experiment: This time, rather than a robot, the participant actually played with a real human. At some point, the participant was blindfolded—and the other player, really a confederate, quietly took their hands off the planchette.

It worked. That was a good sign that we really got this kind of condition that people were convinced that somebody else was there. Those types of questions include how much and what the non-conscious mind knows, how fast it can learn, how it remembers, even how it amuses itself, if it does. If it impacted the non-conscious earlier, Rensink hypothesizes, indications of the illness could show up in Ouija manipulation, possibly even before being detected in conscious thought.

For the moment, the researchers are working on locking down their findings in a second study and firming up protocol around using the Ouija as a tool. Just not the unknown that everyone wanted to believe it was. Subscribe or Give a Gift. Sign up. SmartNews History. History Archaeology. World History. Featured: George Washington's Family Tree.

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