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People: Yolanda Font. People: Mar Reguera. People: Arantxa del Sol. People: Vicky Martin Berrocal. People: Maribel Verdu. People: Marta Robles. People: Judith Colell. People: Neus Asensi. Audi Urban Cinema In Berlin. People: Maja Maneiro, Jacob Weigert. He was a good football supporter, loyal to the core. Football is important in Manchester. It permeates layers of the social fabric so that even the people who don't go to games—and more people watch live football in Manchester than any other two-club city in the world—still have strong opinions.

My mother, an Old Trafford girl, doesn't go to games. Yet despite pronouncing United as "yoo-night-ted," she knows which players are out injured. Chris had a deep passion for his club. He wants United to lose every week. I was fine with that because I want City to lose every week. Like when I had to sit in Manchester City's main stand because my job as a journalist required that. I knew that if just one City fan spotted me, then there was potential for a problem, but I also knew that Chris and his mates sat nearby and could be of assistance.

Chris would come to say "hello" before derby games, and the chat was kept cordial. But when Manchester City beat United in , Chris came to the press box during the game and took a photo of me working, which he then posted to social media to gloat because I clearly did not look happy.

I didn't like that. Other journalists were asking who he was while I only wanted to write and meet my deadlines, but I suppose he was only enjoying the moment. It wasn't as if he could wander over to the United section and take photos of depressed faces. Chris' brother Karl, my brother-in-law, is a Blue too.

He's raising his two sons—my nephews—as Blues. It hurts. I've tried to reason with my sister, a Red from a huge family untouched and undiluted by Blues, but she maintains that the kids have the right to support the team they wish and that it is more likely to be City given their dad bought them season tickets and had taken them to their first away game by the time they were three.

I've shaken my head, but how could I complain? All I did was support my local team, and I've experienced many, many highs following United, including league titles and European Cups. City, we sneered, were not doing their part in making Manchester a great-enough football city because they were so bad. We had flags celebrating their number of years without a trophy, songs about them being a byword for crapness.

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We wondered why City would need to have a trophy room in their new stadium since they never won any trophies. Be careful what you wish for, even in jest. That hurt. That was the last time that football put me in a spin. You tend to grow out of it as you mature, for while football is the most important of the unimportant things in life, it's still only a game. City continued to grow.

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Their average crowds rose above 50, in , putting them among the 10 biggest-supported clubs in the world. They were still miles behind United, but they couldn't be ignored. When they signed Pep Guardiola as their manager, they became a major power in world football, a force capable of attracting the best.

Guardiola hasn't worked out for them as well as they hoped, but they also believe that he'll come good and win more league titles and the Champions League. I'm a Red, but I loved Guardiola as a player for Barcelona: what he stood for, his intelligence on and off the field and the way he identified with his people, the Catalans. The presenter looked at me, baffled.

I had to cover Guardiola closely as a player, then as a coach for Barca's B team, then their first team. Some of the greatest football performances I've seen in my life were for a team managed by that man. Barcelona Real Madrid in was probably the best. I felt nothing in the heart, no attachment to a team that wasn't my own. But I was full of the greatest respect for their brilliance.

I started the first back in August, talking about how the interest in Manchester football had been higher than I'd ever known, with the best newspapers in the world sending their correspondents to the city, not only to write about football but the city of Manchester itself, the rainy birthplace of the industrial revolution, the suffragettes, the world's first computer and a musical history that allowed the city to punch well above its cultural demographic, achievements Longfella celebrated in his tribute poem "This Is the Place," which has gone around the world since Monday. Guardiola and Mourinho, football's two most famous coaches, gave them the hook, the journalistic angle, yet the season didn't go as expected for United or City.

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The title race between the two never materialised. All those polls where Reds and Blues said they'd finish first and second look way off. United finished 24 points behind the champions, Chelsea. That's a vast margin. City were 15 points behind Conte's team. United were sixth for most of the season, a position nowhere near good enough given their status, outlay and talent.

Their style of football hasn't impressed, either—at least since January, ironically when the song about Jose playing the way United should took off. There have been moments, there are for every club in any football season. April's home win against Chelsea showed Mourinho can still be a tactical master, while the away win at Celta Vigo, who beat Barcelona and Real Madrid this season, demonstrated United's athletic and technical superiority in a big European match.

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Guardiola has found it surprisingly tough this season, as City finished third and trophyless. He told friends that three of his worst games as a coach have been this campaign, yet he remains fascinated by the facets and nuances of English football, the fans who've given him the first song of his career. A fascination will not be enough.

He needs results, the type which Monaco got when they knocked City out of the Champions League. But the man from rural Catalonia is enjoying life in Manchester.

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As are his family. They've made concrete plans to stay in the city and have fully integrated into Mancunian life. On Monday, his wife, Cristina, and two of their daughters attended the Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena, where a coward blew himself up as young, innocent people left after seeing their hero.

On Tuesday, Guardiola tweeted : "Shocked. Can't believe what happened last night. My deepest condolences to the families and friends of the victims. I love Manchester. Mourinho added his own words. A religious, compassionate man who told me this season: "I go to the church, but I never ask for football. It's always the same: my family, health, the world, poor people. I don't think it's fair to go there and to ask him: 'Give me a hand with my next game.

After the massacre in Manchester, he said: "We cannot take out of our minds and hearts the victims and their families, but I know the people of Manchester will pull together as one. Yaya Toure and the Wayne Rooney Foundation have also pledged large sums separately. Shortly after United won in Stockholm, City's official account tweeted ACityUnited in red and blue above the badges of both clubs.

It was liked , times within 12 hours, over three times the number any tweet sent by Manchester United's much larger Twitter account to celebrate the success.