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This entire process takes ten to twenty-eight days of Urantia time. The unconsciousness of the seraphic slumber continues throughout this entire period of reconstruction. When the reassembly of the physical organism is completed, these Material Sons and Daughters stand in their new homes and on their new worlds to all intents and purposes just as they were before submitting to the dematerializing process on Jerusem.

The bodies of Adam and Eve gave forth a shimmering light— the origin of the traditional halo encircling the hoods of holy men. Though wearing very little during the day, at eventide they donned night wraps. The origin of the traditional halo encircling the heads of supposed pious and holy men dates back to the days of Adam and Eve.

Since the light emanations of their bodies were so largely obscured by clothing, only the radiating glow from their heads was discernible. The descendants of Adamson always thus portrayed their concept of individuals believed to be extraordinary in spiritual development. These two heroes of the Caligastia secession were the first to welcome them in their new garden home. Hundreds of believer settlements had faithfully, year after year, kept up the supply of these home-reared pigeons for just such an occasion. The Material Son and Daughter took the oath of allegiance to the Most Highs of Norlatiadek and to Michael of Nebadon and were proclaimed rulers of Urantia by Van, who thereby relinquished the titular authority which for over one hundred and fifty thousand years he had held by virtue of the action of the Melchizedek receivers.

Gabriel proclaimed the second judgment roll call and the resurrection of the sleeping survivors of the second dispensation on Urantia. The dispensation of the Prince has passed, the age of Adam, the third planetary epoch, opens amidst scenes of simple grandeur; and the new rulers of Urantia start their reign under seemingly favorable conditions, notwithstanding the worldwide confusion occasioned by lack of the co-operation of their predecessor in authority on the planet.

And the Garden dwellers were really sincere in all of this. Amadon was absent, being in charge of the guard of honor which had remained behind with Adam and Eve overnight. He was told that he was likewise too modest, too unassuming; that he was not far from a god himself, else how had he lived so long on earth, and how had he brought about such a great event as the advent of Adam? And as the excited Edenites were about to seize him and carry him up to the mount for adoration, Van made his way out through the throng and, being able to communicate with the midwayers, sent their leader in great haste to Adam.

Transported by midwayers, Adam and Eve appeared on the inaugural mount and, after solemn discourse, explained that they would accept all respect, but worship never:. It was early on the morning of this seventh day and from the mount of their so recent reception that Adam held forth in explanation of the orders of divine sonship and made clear to these earth minds that only the Father and those whom he designates may be worshiped.

Adam made it plain that he would accept any honor and receive all respect, but worship never! Always in Eden the seventh day was devoted to the noontide assembly at the temple; long it was the custom to devote this day to self-culture. The forenoon was devoted to physical improvement, the noontime to spiritual worship, the afternoon to mind culture, while the evening was spent in social rejoicing. This was never the law in Eden, but it was the custom as long as the Adamic administration held sway on earth.

On normal worlds, the arrival of Adam would herald an age of invention, progress, and intellectual enlightenment. The post-Adamic era is the great scientific age of most worlds, but not so on Urantia. Though the planet was peopled by races physically fit, the tribes languished in the depths of savagery and moral stagnation. Caligastia frequently visited Eden, but was unable to seduce Adam and Eve by direct appeal. He was still titular Planetary Prince— not being deposed until the times of Michael on Urantia.

They had before them enough of the results of rebellion to produce effective immunity against all such insinuating proposals.

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Even the young offspring of Adam were uninfluenced by the overtures of Daligastia. And of course neither Caligastia nor his associate had power to influence any individual against his will, much less to persuade the children of Adam to do wrong. He was not finally deposed until the times of Christ Michael on Urantia. He was from Dalamatia and blue race ancestors. Serapatatia was a brown-tinted man, a brilliant descendant of the one time chief of the Dalamatia commission on health mated with one of the master female minds of the blue race of those distant days.

All down through the ages this line had held authority and wielded a great influence among the western Nodite tribes. Serapatatia became chairman of the Edenic commission on tribal relations, and proposed to Eve plans for immediate racial advancement. One day, during a talk with Eve, it occurred to Serapatatia that it would be very helpful if, while awaiting the recruiting of large numbers of the violet race, something could be done in the meantime immediately to advance the needy waiting tribes.

Serapatatia was honest—wholly sincere. He had no intention of playing into the hands of Caligastia. He never once suspected that he was playing into the hands of Caligastia and Daligastia. Eve had no intention of wrongdoing in connection with her increasingly confidential visits with Serapatatia. Knowing the tendency of woman to look upon immediate results rather than to plan farsightedly for more remote effects, the Melchizedeks, before departing, had especially enjoined Eve as to the peculiar dangers besetting their isolated position on the planet and had in particular warned her never to stray from the side of her mate, that is, to attempt no personal or secret methods of furthering their mutual undertakings.

Eve had most scrupulously carried out these instructions for more than one hundred years, and it did not occur to her that any danger would attach to the increasingly private and confidential visits she was enjoying with a certain Nodite leader named Serapatatia. The whole affair developed so gradually and naturally that she was taken unawares. Cano was a leader of friendly Nodites.

Eve consented to a secret conference with him, at the suggestion of Serapatatia. At last they had developed to the point where Eve consented to have a secret conference with Cano, the most brilliant mind and active leader of the near-by colony of friendly Nodite. Cano was very sympathetic with the Adamic regime; in fact, he was the sincere spiritual leader of those neighboring Nodites who favored friendly relations with the Garden.

The fateful meeting occurred at twilight of an autumn evening, near the home of Adam. Cano thoroughly believed in the Serapatatia project. Eve had never before met the beautiful and enthusiastic Cano—and he was a magnificient specimen of the survival of the superior physique and outstanding intellect of his remote progenitors of the Princess staff. And Cano also thoroughly believed in the righteousness of the Serapatatia project. Outside of the Garden, multiple mating was a common practice.

By flattery and personal persuasion, Eve was unthinkingly led to take the fatal step.

Before she quite realized what was transpiring, the fatal step had been taken. It was done. Eve had consented to participate in the practice of good and evil.. Good is the carrying out of the divine plans; sin is a deliberate transgression of the divine will; evil is the misadaptation of plans and the maladjustment of techniques resulting in universe disharmony and planetary confusion.

The celestial life on the planet was astir. Adam now learned of the Serapatatia plan for accelerating world improvement. Adam recognized that something was wrong, and he asked Eve to come aside with him in the Garden.

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And now, for the first time, Adam heard the entire story of the long-nourished plan for accelerating world improvement by operating simultaneously in two directionss the prosecution of the divine plan concomitantly with the execution of the Serapatatia enterprise. As Adam and Eve communed in the moonlit Garden, they were informed that they had transgressed the Garden covenant and defaulted in a sacred trust.

And that voice was none other than my own announcement to the Edenic pair that they had transgressed the Garden covenant; that they had disobeyed the instructions of the Melchizedeks; that they had defaulted in the execution of their oaths of trust to the sovereign of the universe. I talked to the father and mother of the violet race that night in the Garden as became my duty under the sorrowful circumstances. I listened fully to the recital of all that led up to the default of Mother Eve and gave both of them advice and counsel concerning the immediate situation.

Some of this advice they followed; some they disregarded. In fear that he might be separated from his mate, Adam sought out Laotta and deliberately committed the folly of Eve. But do not misunderstand; Adam was not beguiled; he knew exactly what he was about; he deliberately chose to share the fate of Eve. He loved his mate with a supermortal affection, and the thought of the possibility of a lonely vigil on Urantia without her was more than he could endure.

After thirty days of wandering, Adam returned home and began planning for the future. At the end of that time judgment asserted itself, and Adam returned to his home and began to plan for their future course of action. Seventy days after the default, the Melchizedek receivers returned to Urantia and Adam and Eve knew they had failed. Never will you gain anything by attempting to circumvent the divine plan by short cuts or other human devices. Adam and twelve hundred loyal followers went forth from the Garden in quest of a new home. He held an all-night conference with some twelve hundred loyal followers who pledged themselves to follow their leader, and the next day at noon these pilgrims went forth from Eden in quest of new homes.

Adam had no liking for war and accordingly elected to leave the first garden to the Nodites unopposed. And for the first time Adam and Eve were informed of what was to become of their children. While the transports stood by, those children who had arrived at the age of choice twenty years were give the option of remaining on Urantia with their parents or of becoming wards of the Most Highs on Norlatiadekc, Two thirds chose to go to Edentia; about one third elected to remain with their parents. All children of prechoice age were taken to Edentiaa No one could have beheld the sorrowful parting of this Material Son and Daughter and their children without realizing that the way of the transgressor is hard.

These offspring of Adam and Eve are now on Edentia; we do not know what disposition is to be made of them. Gabriel appeared to pronounce judgment. That spiritual search requires interaction and integration of our reasoning and caring abilities, and the proper balance between all three elements of our nature.

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I know this is an older article but I wanted to make you aware of a few mistakes. In Genesis 2 it says man became a living being when God created him, not that he transformed some pre-existing hominid. It also says that God put Adam to sleep and took out a rib to make a woman. They might not have been ready for a scientific explanation but surely such a story does not support the veracity of the Bible if trying to harmonize it with subsequent scientific knowledge.

Martin Luther on the Creation of Adam and Eve (Genesis 1:26)

The tree and snake story also may be symbolic but it also seems to be more like a parable than the recording of factual events. What did Adam and Eve really do to sin against God if the story is only a parable about it, and why would God be so cryptic about it and inspire a story that would appear to be no better than many other ancient stories about why the world is the way it is. To me the whole Genesis creation account is easier to interpret as meaning to claim supernatural actions rather than trying to fit scientific knowledge into silent gaps in the text. Again, if you want to harmonize evolution with Genesis you have to admit the Adam and Eve story is just a story and not remotely the way humans came into existence.

Either that or you do what you did and say God decided to tell a bedtime story for theological purposes. To me this type of harmonization is not consistent. And what the heck do you think is the meaning of the angel with the flaming sword preventing Adam and Eve from getting back into the Garden and eating from the tree of life. I think that traditionally the understanding has been that human death is the result of sin.

Some claim that the passage in Genesis means that Cain went to the land of Nod and found a wife. And Cain knew his wife; and she conceived, and bore Enoch: and he built a city, and he called the name of the city, after the name of his son, Enoch. However, this passage does not say that Cain went to the land of Nod and found a wife. John Calvin, commenting on these verses, states:. Cain was married before he went to the land of Nod.

The Fall of Man

Cain kills Abel. Click here for the story. Illustration copyrighted. First of all, in the days before civil government was instituted to punish murderers Genesis , someone would want to harm Cain for killing Abel only if they were closely related to Abel! Strangers could hardly have cared.

So the people Cain was afraid of could not have been another race of people. By the time Abel was killed, there could well have been a considerable number of descendants of Adam and Eve, involving several generations. The article at the link also addresses more related to this topic. Anthony, interesting article, thanks for the link. The author suggests incest was acceptable early on but was later forbidden by God due to the accumulation of genetic mistakes — not because it was immoral. However, several verses in the Bible say that incest is immoral Leviticus This strikes me as another example of divine moral absolutism not being so absolute after all.

All people are related in one way or another through ancestral lineage. The Bible is clear that we are of one blood and kind. We are all descendants of Adam. The evolutionists, on the other hand, have no idea where male and female came from or for that matter where sexual dimorphism originated. Some evolutionists are not even sure how the split is beneficial to evolution. There are two scenarios which can be conceived on the evolutionary framework about the origins of male and female. First, all humans are descendants of a creature which split into male and female at some point or second, humans were kicked up by evolutionary means in different parts of the world which experienced a split between male and female along the way.

The former implies incest while the latter does not. However, by no means am I an advocate of evolution. It is a conceptual framework that has failed the scientific test. So many anomalies have mounted up that it is astounding that the hypothesis is still standing. Numbers — God is not human, that he should lie, not a human being, that he should change his mind.

If you understand what you are reading Cain and Abel were conceived and born as twins are. Only Abel was Adams son and Cain was Satan son. They were the first set of twins born having two different fathers. For this reason God loved Able and not Cain. Ask for wisdom and knowledge of what you are reading and if you truly are trying it will be opened up for you. Can you expand your thoughts RL? In what way is Cain offspring of the devil and how was this accomplished? Nor did God punish Cain for his sacrifices to God and He did not even point out why they were so bad.

He merely approved of what was right. God punished Cain after he had killed his brother. And Abel also brought an offering—fat portions from some of the firstborn of his flock. He gave God his first and best. Instead, his heart hardens and we see the result. But if you refuse to do what is right, then watch out! Sin is crouching at the door, eager to control you. But you must subdue it and be its master. He also warned Cain that his wrong attitude was going to allow sin entrance and invite trouble. He even instructs Cain as how to deal with the problem.

That is Grace before Judgement. Cain and Abel being twins with different fathers. They were the first of these. The reason for Adam and Eve not being the first people was to establish the geanology for our savior to be conceived and born from the people who believe and was without sin. Mother was a virgin and of the geanology as well as Joseph being of the geanology according to all that is written. Everything leading up to the birth and life and crucifixion of Jesus Christ of Nazareth is all there.

And you can verify by the prophecies that were fulfilled and that are being fulfilled to this day leading up to the return of Jesus Christ. Which is coming sooner than some may believe. You did well on the creation, but look further into the Christians and why satan is who they are worshipping. You speak the truth, they are blind, The Almighty Creator will continue to open you eyes, only if you desire the truth.

Humble yourself and ask Him, why and what does He want you to do. Listen, and He will answer you. Thank you James for presenting a well reasoned discussion. This view was promoted most famously by the agnostic Stephen J Gould not a known close relation who now knows better. Please check your facts more closely. This truth has been pointed out by YECs and Hebrew scholars for decades and it is very disappointing you are still repeating this lie.

It is thus translated in modern versions. This point provides not the slightest support for you abberant and exotic view of scripture. As I can see and what God told me the first people was created on the sixth day. God said let us make man in our own image and likeness. And he made the trees the animals the water he made trees bearing seed he made the herbs he made everything they needed to survive and he told them to be fruitful and multiply and fill the Earth.. Now sometime after the 7th Day because God rested on the 7th Day so sometime after the scripture does not say was it the 8th day or 10 years later but a mist went up and water the ground and then he formed Adam I believe that part.

Then he planted a garden and he put the man in it. Then after the third son was born then they had more sons and daughters. So yes male and female was created on the sixth day Adam and Eve came after the 7th Day. The Bible is the Word of God, every bit of it! Either you agree with the Bible completely, or you disagree with it. The bible says Adam was the firsts man. Then God said, Let us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness.

And the Lord God formed man out of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being Genesis , And so it is written, the first man Adam became a living being 1 Corinthians And He did punish everyone, because everyone dies. Psalm — God is righteous in all His ways and in all He does. But Genesis does say he created mankind in His own image, on the 6th day, male and female, AND sent them off to fill the earth, even before he created Adam whom He kept in the garden.

Gotta love the Bible, huh? Ck the family line…. Satan does not have a body. He cannot have sex. He cannot eat.

Similar authors to follow

He cannot go to the bathroom. He cannot sire children. Satan convinced Eve to eat some fruit—not have sex. Satan was a fallen angel with evil powers. Satan and Eve had sex in that garden. The fruit or apple story l believe was told because at the time the story was written …. The Hebrew manuscripts are very clear on this matter. The sixth day creation has no such article. Cain could not have gone to Nod to take a wife if there were no other people there.

Adams first wife…. Yeah somebodys got some explaining to do. If Adam and Eve were only persons on the earth and had two sons Abel Cain, after Abel died where did Cain get a wife to marry? It does not say in the Bible that They were the only people on the earth at that time. But true according to my own understanding. But if you narrate us the creation of those people, we consider it with this story of Adam. Progressives would really like to disavow the Bible to forward their own agenda.

However, the Bible is the true Word of God in every respect. Some interpret certain passages one way while others may take a different view. That does not change the truth. Remember, Adam, and probably Eve as well, lived hundreds of years and had many children after Cain and Able.

With a near perfect gene structure marriage between brother and sister, cousins, etc. With each passing generation mutant genes accumulate at an astonishing rate. According to the Word of God, Adam was the first living breathing being on the planet. The creation account gives us the lay out of how the Earth was created. You have to read carefully and with consideration. Now, after Adonai created all things that he intended to create He rested from His work on the 7th day, so that all that He created could produce, as He had made it to do.

27. Adam and Eve

Now, right after that the Bible gives an account of the history of the Earth. Read carefully and with consideration. Adonai made Adam before He made anything living on the planet. When He formed a person from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and he became a living being…. Adam was made after Adonai had divided the water from the land and after He had created an atmosphere to sustain life and set gravity to a set point.

Then Adonai made all plant life for Adam to eat, and then He saw that Adam was alone and made all other living creatures on their specific days. Eve was not made yet. All of humankind was made on the 6th day, Adam was made on the 3rd day after Adonai made dry land appear but before He created all plant life. Eve is actually the mother of all currently living, because after Adam ate the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil sin entered into all the Earth. Before the fall of Adam, life on the planet was as it should be…there was no sin and everything and everyone was at peace.

See a Problem?

But after the fall of Adam, sin entered in and the planet was thrown into chaos. Humankind realized they were naked as well and now they were driven by their own lusts of the flesh. Humankind was very wicked and all the imaginings of their hearts were always of evil only. Adonai regretted making humankind on the earth: it grieved His heart. The end of all living beings had come, because the earth was filled with violence.

Noah was the only one that walked with God. Only the line of Adam and Eve were spared from the flood. Noah and his family. Now, since Jesus died for us on the cross we now can have the Holy Spirit just as Adam did in the beginning. I just read carefully and with consideration as to what was actually written. That is not one of the Hebrew words that relates to God. People sometimes come up with words that attempt to diminish the true God of the Bible. There is the Creator God, God with us, etc. Why be hateful? It is in the Complete Jewish Bible that I was using as reference. And Adonai is the Hebrew for God.

I need you to point to the exact scripture where that word is used to indicate God. That is not a hateful response but one that was posted to correct bad information. If you like I can give you at least six other words in the Bible that are used as a title for God. Like I said it is in the complete Jewish bible that I was using as a reference. I have read the Bible from beginning to end and do not recall seeing that Name.

Perhaps I missed it and you can enlighten me. Just saying….. Because He is our master, our ruler, the one in complete control. I never said that His name was Lord…or Adonai. And Adonai is Lord in Hebrew. The word El is a root word sometimes referring to God and has different meanings. However when it is used in the Jewish read Hebrew Bible it is almost always qualified by additional words that further define the meaning that distinguishes the one True God from false gods.

A more common title of God in the Hebrew Bible is Elohim. Another proper name of God in Judaism is Yhwh. The prohibition on misuse of the name of God is the primary subject of the command not to take the name of the Lord in vain. What is your problem? I however am not. I was only wanting to share what the Lord had showed me while I was reading the creation account. Be blessed. As the Word says, the fear of God is the beginning of knowledge.

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Somehow or another there were other people out there.. Not that it is super relevant to us getting to heaven today.. Anybody looking for a lot of scientific facts for their faith may be missing Tue point exactly…one person even told me that the views mentioned above about other humans reconciled her to the faith because it filled a gaping hole in her Theology.. Did he now? I had to correct myself.. Why would other family members move away?..

According to the Bible Adam lived more than years. If Cain, who also lived more than years, left and went to other cities it is easy to see that other offspring of Adam and Eve had children and moved to other areas as well.