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So pump those titles out. Tip: Write sequels. If book 1 does well, do a sequel. None of them were planned. I waited to see if the first book was going to sell well. It saps my creativity. So I wait for sales on book 1. If it does well, then I know that a percentage of its buyers will buy book 2, and so on.

As in, hold yourself to a daily word count. This will ensure that your output is consistent. Consistency is key to being prolific. Why is this so effective? Because getting started is often the hard part. Sites like Fiverr make it hella easy to find things like affordable proofreaders, copy editors, ebook cover artists, etc. Hire help. This way, you can outsource these functions and get started on your next book.

Businesses spend money to make money. So plan to spend a few bucks. It makes it too easy to talk yourself into giving up.

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Most of your sales will come from just a few of your books. What this means is a couple of things:. If everybody knew the formula, trust me, the Big 5 or 6 New York City publishing houses would never publish another dud.

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Just keep writing and let the chips fall where they may. This year was the first year I published a paperback book. Most of my sales still come from ebooks, but paperback is still popular with readers. In fact, stats show that sales of paperback books is growing, not shrinking, as you might think wit the advent of e-readers like the Kindle.

And, since sites like Draft2Digital make it easy to format and publish paperbacks, I got on the paperback bandwagon. He explained, saying:. Putting out your own audiobook used to be an expensive gamble and it took a long time. Amazon changed all that when they bought Audible and incorporated a new business model into their existing system. Now you can do a royalty share arrangement between you, the narrator that you pick, and Amazon. At the end of , I tried Amazon Ads for the first time. In December of , I published my 50th romance novella.

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  8. So if readers discover me via one of my Amazon book ads, a percentage will check out other titles. This way, your money works really well for you, instead of having just one title — and nothing else for readers to purchase if they like your book. I took a break from publishing romance for almost two years; taking almost all of and all of off.

    Recommended by Kindlepreneur Dave Chesson, this is one of the top 2 ebook aggregators. This is a simple platform created by teen genius Sahil Lavingia to connect creators and buyers. You can integrate your ebook sales into your website or social media account. Pricing: Costs are either 8. If you have a tribe and a following, then you might consider these publishing-only crowdfunding sites:. They both act as traditional publishers with a full team of publicists, sales people, designers, and editors, but you need to be actively involved in raising money beforehand — you have to prove that there is demand for your book.

    Verdict: Something to consider if you have an existing tribe who already wants your book. I think some aspects of marketing are under your control as an author, but it is certainly the greatest challenge now in an increasingly crowded arena. Nice article. It will definitely help me in publishing my own ebook. Hope your ideas will boost my business. Publishing e-books is something that has been my dream for years. I keep on searching the blogs, or any online materials relevant to it. I found your piece of writing very very instrumental.

    Thanks a pile. If all of these websites, or few of these are used instead of selling e-book in only one, will it cost me more in the long run? I am thinking of writing a book. But always wondering about the publishers and making money via that book. I never sought out a publisher. But that's because I was integrating my publishing endeavors into my business' marketing and a traditional publishing deal would not be in alignment with my goals.

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    Many authors try to get a traditional publishing deal, then go the self-publishing route if they can't find a suitable deal. If that's something you want to try, realize that it could take years to secure a traditional book publishing deal. So give it time before you give up on that. Realize, too, that self-publishing is like a business, meaning that you'll have expenses and will be responsible for all sales and marketing.

    I would say that you should really assess what you want to accomplish with either route before diving into one or the other. No, I don't get a commission from the IRS! Although my insistence that you check out your income and sales tax situation might make you think so. It's just such a major issue that many authors ignore until it's too late and they're facing an audit and penalties. To comment on this article, you must sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account.

    Hello Gupi! So glad you found the article helpful.

    Best Websites to Make Money Self Publishing Books in 2018

    Thank you so much for reading and good luck with your self publishing adventures! Thank you for sharing this very detailed article. I found it useful. I always dream of publishing my own books one day. Hi Mary! It is very hard to sell self published books. I know from personal experience. Luckily, I have other book writing goals than just sales. Thanks for reading and commenting! This is very enlightening. It must be hard to sell books given all the choices people have. You are making me think seriously now. Hi Lawrence! True, a writing career takes time Glad you have a "day job" while you're building your writing empire.

    But if you "go Hollywood," let us know.

    How I Made $1, Last Month Self-Publishing on Amazon

    Like Bill, I've realized that this writing thing is something most of us will build up slowly. I've got the advantage that I've still got a job that I enjoy just want to spend less time at! Having said that if I was to get a call from Hollywood saying they want to make a movie of my book then who am I to stop them! Yep, when it comes to self publishing or publishing in general , we're all like Aristotle, realizing that the more we know, the less we really know.

    This industry and subject is vast and ever changing. So we all do our best to keep up. Because people keep buying them in search of THE answer to whatever it is that's plaguing them. If this book doesn't have it, maybe the next one will. Also, people behave as if buying the self help book is the same as implementing the wisdom in it. People often don't apply what they've learned. But if writing these ain't your thing, best not to do it. BTW, I'm waiting for that million dollar royalty dump into my bank account, too.

    I'd love to learn about...

    Have a great day! I think that everyone who's gone down this path realizes pretty early on that there's so much to this whole subject that they'll never know all the 'ins and outs' of self publishing. As for me, It would be nice to see millions arrive in my account but reality is a bit different to the 'wish list'. Having said that, I have noticed that those who seem to do the best in writing write the 'self help' books from what I've seen which isn't really me or my style, still, you never!

    Hi Teaches! I sure do hope people take time to thoughtfully consider their decisions when it comes to self publishing. Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely weekend! Thanks for sharing the truth about self-publishing. I'm sure your post will help people make a decision. Homeplace Series, you nailed it! Yes, everything is always possible Thank you for your kind comments! Have a great July 4th! Billybuc, you and I are no longer starry eyed when it comes to self publishing!

    The 7 Most Popular Platforms To Self-Publish Your Ebook & Make Money

    Kind of sad to not have that unbridled newbie optimism. But I feel wiser and more confident all the time. Thanks for chiming in this holiday weekend! Enjoy your 4th! I would like to echo billybuc, above. We've been there, done that. You have great advice Each and every aspect, in order to achieve the success you seek. Another great article, Heidi This should be read by every writer with stars in their eyes before they begin. This is in no way an easy gig Thanks, AliciaC, for the kind words!

    You're so right Hope you're enjoying the holiday weekend. Hi FlourishAnyway! Thanks for the kind comments. Having gone through the choices myself, I'm just speaking from experience. Have a terrific July 4th! This is very useful, as always, Heidi. There's a lot to think about when self publishing, but you're an excellent guide!