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Competent leaders use influence to affect change and motivate people. Amy Cuddy explains that "the best way to gain influence is to combine warmth and strength. Sharpens your self-awareness. Today's leaders need to recognize their limits, strengths, and weaknesses.

Thacker explains that balanced processing helps a leader become more self-aware through "cognitive, emotional, and behavioral skill. When we can deepen our sense of self by being more aware, we make room for greater clarity of what we can bring to a team, problem, or even a relationship. Strengthens your resolve in times of doubt. With a sharpened sense of self-awareness, trustworthy leaders can more easily navigate the situations that cause doubt. Doubt isn't completely unavoidable. Authentic leaders can rely on their consistent character to boost their resolve during difficult times.

Broadens your mind. Thacker writes that authentic leaders are truth-seekers. The pursuit of the truth comes with a broadened understanding of people and the context that influences them. Seeking the truth deepens your understanding of what is and what isn't reality. Increases your "appropriateness transparency. It shouldn't be used to destroy a person's confidence or diminish their potential. Aligns your behaviors with your values.

Trustworthy leaders constantly seek insights into their own self-awareness, this includes knowing their personal values.

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Knowing your values helps you be more consistent in the way you lead. Consistency breeds trust. Increases your comfort in recognizing your weaknesses. Psychologist Todd Kashdan wrote in The Upside of Your Dark Side , "As people become better able to satisfy their desire for comfort, they narrow their range of experiences and fall out of practice navigating life's hardships. It takes a truth-seeking leader to embrace getting comfortable with weaknesses.


It's the only way forward to address and minimize their influence on performance. Keeps your ego in check. In Ryan Holiday's upcoming book, Ego is the Enemy , he writes about how to keep success from going to your head. Misdirected ambition, pride, or even believing your own hype can trick you into behaving in ways that alienate others and undermines valuable relationships. As a trustworthy leader, use the dark side of these realities of life to keep your ego in check. While it takes constant, conscious choices to be trustworthy, the 10 benefits illustrate its usefulness.

The ACES program will deliver the installation of solar photovoltaic PV systems and energy efficiency measures and an education program to improve energy management behaviour in over state schools. Our world is changing rapidly and we need a workforce that can respond to the emerging needs of our students and community. We know that we not only need to meet the demand for teachers, but we need to make sure our workforce is agile, skilled and supported so that we have teachers in high-priority subject areas and locations where they are needed the most. It is our response to factors driving teacher supply and demand in Queensland state schools: increasing student numbers, curriculum changes, teacher qualification reforms, and teachers being employed in other sectors or industries.

We will support, develop and retain our current teachers, partner with higher education institutes to skill and prepare graduates to recruit to our state school classrooms, and we will inspire people to become our teachers of the future.

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We know beginning teachers can benefit enormously from engaging with an experienced educator on a regular basis. That is why 2, beginning teachers participated in mentoring activities in We extended the Mentoring Beginning Teachers program and invested in training an additional mentors. We continue to work to improve wellbeing support for beginning and early career teachers and those undergoing career transition. We want to make sure that we have a career path which helps our best teachers stay in the classroom, improving the lives of Queensland students. We progressed the Highly Accomplished and Lead Teachers initiative that will be fully available statewide in We are continuing to promote the teaching profession and the department as an employer of choice to attract high-performing employees.

The partnership delivered new fibre optic installations to over schools and upgraded broadband to 1, schools, including Aurukun, Kowanyama and Pormpuraaw schools, with new fibre optic services provisioned benefitting the whole community. We are leading the country in Cyber Safety, according to the eSafety Commissioner. Through our ongoing commitment to cyber safety awareness in schools, our team of specialists continues to work with industry to make sure we can act swiftly in response to online content affecting the health and wellbeing of our students and staff.

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We presented cyber safety sessions to state schools covering a wide range of online topics and promoting safe and positive use of social media and continued developing resources to support students, teachers and parents. We are committed to ensuring our information and communication technology ICT services are aligned, efficient and effective. We're making sure all divisions within the department have an ICT roadmap allowing for greater integrated third-party solutions. We are committed to maintaining suitable and relevant security practices through implementing preventative tools.

To improve the accessibility of research both inside and outside the department and streamline the research application process, the Queensland Education Research Inventory was launched in January The department is committed to ensuring we deliver a quality education that empowers Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learners to make a great start, achieve their full learning potential and shaping their own futures.

In , the department consulted widely with key stakeholders on the draft Advancing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education action plan. In total, more than individuals and 71 organisations were engaged during the consultation process. The department remains committed to and values continued engagement with the Ministerial Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education and Training Advisory Committee, which provides independent expert and cultural advice on early childhood, school education and training matters impacting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

The Education Accreditation of Non-State Schools Act modernises and streamlines non-state school accreditation and eligibility for government funding. The Education Overseas Students Act , helps ensure a contemporary, nationally consistent regulatory approach to providers of courses to overseas students and international secondary student exchange programs. This continues our efforts to protect the safety and welfare of all students.

The University Legislation Amendment Act reformed governance for James Cook University and made other amendments for the seven public universities in Queensland. This included amendments to remove certain limitations on the delegation of powers and functions by university governing bodies and improving the integrity of the membership of university governing bodies.

Our functions and powers are derived from administering various Acts of Queensland Parliament in accordance with A dministrative Arrangements Order No.

Department of Education

This is available online at Government responsibilities. Pursuant to sections 15 and 28 of the Financial and Performance Management Standard FPMS , the department has established an audit and risk management committee to manage strategic and operational risks. In addition, monitoring the implementation progress of agreed actions against all Queensland Audit Office QAO audit recommendations is performed. In early , the department introduced a new Customer Complaints Management Framework, policy and procedure to meet its requirements under section A of the Public Service Act The department manages customer complaints in an accountable, transparent, timely and fair manner.

We are committed to promoting better practice across the department and are focused on continuous improvement across our schools, regions and divisions. Internal Audit provides risk-based audit and advisory services across the department including centralised and regional functions, information systems, frontline service delivery areas, as well as providing advice on departmental programs and projects. Internal Audit complies with its charter developed in accordance with the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing and the Financial Accountability Act to ensure the effective, efficient and economical operation of the branch.

Internal Audit develops an annual plan using various inputs including departmental priorities, strategic and operational risks and stakeholder consultation. During , Internal Audit completed:.