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Sciences Po professor Richard Balme, a member of the selection committee, said of Brittany Ebeling, " She was well prepared, strongly motivated and able to reach out to many dimensions with her project. She convincingly argued the relevance of studying the city of Paris' politics and policies through a global and innovative perspective. Modes of urban life which have reinforced inequality are, I believe, untenable, and I am deeply grateful to be given an opportunity to study and work toward a more equitable alternative " Brittany said. Specialised in international economics with a concentration in French and a supplementary major in peace studies, Brittany Ebeling will pursue a degree in our Master's degree Governing the Large Metropolis on September The aim of this article is to shed some light on what makes data valuable and analyze the business models that are based on urban data and on open data.

The article is structured as follows. The topic of the day was "Fit out the districts of station: looks crossed on the metropolises of Paris, London and New York".


This research, based on an inquiry and qualitative interviews, aim for analyse the french people in London : Why did they come in London? What are their links with France? Their networks? Their values? What is their professional and residential trajectory? What choices did they make for their children?

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The goal of the investigation is to show how the french people in London combine several types of mobility London, the work, the holidays and the dig gin g dynamics in London. High-level academic training in social sciences concerning the urban governance and the territorial public action is crossed in our trainings with a learning of the most innovative professional know-how.

Indeed, the real-life situations make integral parts of our program : a compulsory internship, a collective project for the public or private sector, the professional workshops and the study trips. Integrators, strategists, designers or administrators, our graduates intend themselves as well for the private sector as the public or associative. The article was made by about twenty researchers and has for subject: "The symbolic universes between the present and the future of Europe. First results of the map of European societies' cultural milieu.

Plos one is a scientific journal, published daily by Public Library of Science and spread exclusively on-line. It is one of first scientific newspapers to the world in terms of volume of publication. Discover the article.

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A round table will be held in the inauguration with Mayor Giorgio Gori and Marco Cremaschi, scientific advisor of the Urban planning around the question: " What Bergamo can learn of Lampedusa? For more informationa about the exhibition. You have only one month left to apply for the dual degree Urban policy. Go for it! Find out more about the admission procedure. Discover their program day per day :.

The study trip started at 3 pm with the visit of the Ayala museum.

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They had the pleisure to discover the Filipino culture through the dance and the food. The main goal of the joint urban laboratory is to familiarize both the French and Filipino students with the challenges of city governance in a context of rapid urban sprawl, densification and increasingly visible threats brought by climate change related events and proliferation of systemic risks. The group went to the Quezon City hall where he met with the vice-mayor Josefina G. Then, they visited Pasig City, a city which pratices a green building strategy. Ils vivent entre eux, en pratiquant une parfaite endogamie 14!.

Religion et politique : au centre de la vie sociale. Les affrontements sont parfois violents entre ces groupes politiques ; la Seconde Guerre mondiale les accentuera encore. La mobilisation allait aggraver la situation pour de nombreuses familles. Le premier convoi, celui du Rossia , part le 6 septembre Il parle d'importantes concentrations urbaines : " par. Se maintiennent en revanche des mouvements culturels et sportifs toujours actifs, tel le club de football l'AG.

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