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The trailhead for the new Mile 7 loop is on Lt. Anyone who walked the 2,foot Judith and David Rimple Loop on Monday would have seen towering trees, wetlands protected by wooden bridges and perhaps a scampering squirrel or other wildlife. Alice and Jay Niskey were crowned king and queen. Music was provides by Tom and Kat and refreshments were served.

Munley Law is celebrating its 60th year in business this year. Events will be held July 8 and 15 at St. Francis Kitchen, Scranton. From left, are Daniel W. Munley, Robert W. Munley Sr. The flea market consisted of collectibles, flea market items, crafts, direct sales vendors, and food vendors. Proceeds benefit Alumni Association student programs. At State College Alliance Church. At this seminar, the court members attended several sessions, learning about different aspects of the dairy industry, and how better to promote it.

They learned several new crafts, snacks and activities they can use while doing promotional events throughout all of Luzerne County. They watched a fun skit showing all of the things farmers do to keep their cows happy and healthy. This money was used by the regional food banks to buy milk for local food distributions. Big Brothers Big Sisters of The Bridge recently recognized several members of its advisory board for their longtime service to the program.

Michalisin Jr. Absent at the time of the photo were Guerline L. Laurore, five years; Bill Yeager, 15 years. Colleen Duffy, Ed. Kimberly Kowalski, of Scranton, received the Dr. Louis Maganzin Award for excelling as a student teacher in secondary education. Kowalski is an English and secondary education major with a minor in religious studies.

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She has assisted in organizing fundraising and service projects for the Dr. Jeffrey Okla Elliot Memorial Scholarship and was inducted into the Kappa Delta Pi international honor society for education last spring. Her student teaching field supervisor and cooperating teachers lauded her excellent content knowledge, and creative and effective instruction that they described as highly interactive and differentiated to address a variety of learning styles. They called her a distinguished teacher who exudes integrity and professionalism.

Noreen Mulherin, RSM Award, for students who have demonstrated excellence in the field of early childhood and elementary education. She was also lead mentor to first-year students in the Misericordia University Alternative Learning Program through the Bridge Program. According to her supervisors, as a student teacher, Matta was able to identify the strengths and needs of her students to provide adapted and individualized instruction.

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She incorporated goal setting, effective technology enhanced instruction, and frequent formal and informal assessments to address the diverse needs of her learners. Kayla Radle, of Exeter, was presented with the Sister Chrysostom Dougherty, RSM Award for demonstrating excellence in student teaching in the field of special education. A member of the Education Club and Dance Team officer, Radle volunteers at a local school district, where she assists art and music programs. In addition, she is a member of the Kappa Delta Pi international honor society for education.

She also monitored for student mastery and adjusted her instructional plans in order to ensure success for all learners. Rachel Polacheck, of Exeter, received the Dr. Joseph Rogan Award in recognition of excellence in middle level education based on her student teaching performance.

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She was a member of the Misericordia University Education Club, served as president of the Dance Team, and tutored students in physics and astronomy. In a parallel plot, a serial killer is roaming the streets stalking and torturing unsuspecting women. The suspense of who will be his next victim builds intensely throughout the book.

The reader is not quite sure at first as to how this subplot is related to the story as a whole, but the reason slowly reveals itself—and the way it is woven into the core of the story is masterful. In a dramatic twist, Mike gets personally involved in the energy of tattoos with ashes of the dead.

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A further twist leaves him with an uncanny ability to envision the victims as they appear after they are killed—bruised and bloody and very much alive and ready to exact revenge. Mike soon finds himself plotting to avenge the deaths of several victims known to him by tracking the killer. There is only one small flaw within the story of the book. A subplot about Deb and Mike breaking into a local museum as a form of excitement for the two of them appears to be irrelevant, lessening the impact of an otherwise streamlined story.

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Although A Good and Useful Hurt is a unique thriller with characters quirky enough to be interesting, there is an intangible magical ingredient that is missing that would make this book completely compelling. She has been a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for over 25 years and a life coach specializing in sexuality, addiction and childhood trauma. The information you enter will appear in your e-mail message and is not retained by Phys.

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