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Married couples have sex, on average, once a week--and for about ten minutes. Sex has become so trivialized, coarsened, and vulgarized that married couples no longer feel its pull. Readers will learn what's sexy again, how to bring back romance, and to understand that in addition to love, we need lust to repair our unfulfilling sex lives and broken relationships. Show More Show Less. Add to Cart.

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Any Condition Any Condition. See all 7. No ratings or reviews yet. Be the first to write a review. Best Selling in Nonfiction See all. The Book of Enoch by Enoch , Paperback Unfreedom of The Press by Mark R. The appointed guardian, guide, and governor of the home had effectively gone AWOL. Men had left the home and the women followed. The stage had been set for sweeping changes. Parents handed their children off to the state to educate. The old order had been displaced.

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Greg Harris notes three elements that were necessary to spawn the Youth Culture. First, there were long hours of age-segregated interaction where students pooled their ignorance and set their own standards in every area of life. Second, there was an indulgent media that refused to issue a call to a higher standard.

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The media simply gave them what they already wanted. Third, there were unprincipled men who were willing to merchandize and commercialize products only a fool would buy. There were many contributing factors which totally transformed family life in America, and one of the main elements was birth of the Youth Culture. Divorce, illegitimacy, sexual sin of all kinds, delinquency, drug addiction, and a host of other sins exploded and soon became the norm in the world.

There was a time, in the not too distant past, when these things were the exception, not the rule. Of course these sins were not new, but the mushrooming volume was entirely new. So the question comes, what brought about the rapid changes in our civilization?

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Rebellion, moral relativism immorality , hedonism, narcissism, and the abandonment of restraint are the foundation stones of the Rock Culture which has forever changed the moral landscape of our nation. The Rock Culture is far more than music: it is a worldview, a way of seeing, a way of being, a philosophy of life. It was the Rock Culture which gave birth to the Sexual Revolution of the sixties.

Consequently, the mores of our society were drastically changed. Man came to be viewed primarily as a glandular being. Sex was considered amoral — not to be judged by principles of morality. In the Hippy movement we saw children from the best families model themselves after the dregs of society in speech, dress, and behavior. What happened in the world at large forty years ago is now happening in the church in particular.

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We are now in the midst of the Sensual Revolution in American Christianity. Is it possible that those who attempt to reconcile Christianity with the lewd, crude, partially nude, defiant head bangers have adopted the same worldview and values or lack thereof that gave birth to the modern Youth Culture?

Things have changed. No longer is the goal to reconcile the world to God. The religious marketers have attempted to reconcile God to the world.

Just about anything is justified if it attracts a crowd. The problem is not so much that people come as they are; the problem is when they leave like they came! You cannot co-opt an immoral culture without being corrupted. I often team up with Kathryn to highlight messages of healing and harmony.

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  • Kathryn made it possible for me to speak with and interview the parents of Trayvon Marton. She produced specials on the Sandy Hook shootings and the Boston Marathon bombings. Kathryn exemplifies the universal values we are promulgating and, as a Jewish producer, she is uniquely qualified to use the medium of television to transmit them to others.

    I believe that a great sex life is vital to a great marriage.