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Enter "Big Data. Digital Citizenship Amid the soul-searching surrounding IT's evolving role on campus, an inspiring keynote reminded conference attendees of why they work in education in the first place--and the critical role of educators in a wired world. Michael Wesch, associate professor of cultural anthropology at Kansas State University , told a packed house that the world is heading toward "ubiquitous computing, ubiquitous communication, ubiquitous information at unlimited speed about everything, everywhere, from anywhere on all kinds of devices.

During his much-anticipated presentation, Wesch shared his personal experiences studying the impact of the introduction of writing to a remote, indigenous culture in the rain forest of Papua New Guinea. That single event changed the culture dramatically and, coincidentally, led Wesch to his current field of study. No less a cultural change is hitting our students today, Wesch suggested.

Our students are being bombarded with images and information--not a new insight, he acknowledged, but one to which we are responding inadequately.

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The common wisdom that we need to teach critical thinking is just the beginning of a solution, he said. And just as importantly, added Wesch, students need to know how to contribute to the online conversation as digital citizens of a digital democracy. To make their voices heard in this new world, students need to learn how to edit video, collaborate with others, and produce their own compelling content. As an example of the power of the medium, Wesch showed mashup videos produced on a shoestring such as a spoof of a Dove commercial that have actually persuaded multinational corporations to end environmentally damaging practices.

It became a YouTube sensation: To date, the video has been viewed nearly 9 million times and translated into more than 10 languages. Within this new universe of learning and communication, traditional classroom learning is outdated and unhelpful, Wesch claimed. The idea that the only source of relevant knowledge is the professor at the front of the room runs counter to everything today's students know of a wired society.

For Wesch, teaching and learning should involve searching for answers to problems for which no one--neither the teacher nor the students--knows the answer. We see new possibility for community, new types of connections. And we also see people using these technologies to isolate themselves more and more.

These tools can help to create a richer, more engaged democracy. But they can also become the ultimate tools of distraction We, as educators, have a double responsibility at this moment, not only to make of this what we want it to be, but to create students who can make something better of all this. The iPad was easily the most prominent computing device in the hands of attendees this year.

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The Second Coming of Online Education The burgeoning demand for online education has outstripped higher education's ability to support it. This was the message from Kenneth C. According to Green, we're now about 10 years into a kind of second coming of online education, following the dotcom surge of the previous decade, which was driven more by "aspiration than expertise.

Green said that there appears to be a lot of "ad hockery" in higher ed IT that produces hollow programs he called "Potemkin campuses. Are you also adding folks to do academic advising? Support for students? It's a Potemkin village. We're building the facade by offering the course, [but without] the infrastructure to support our students and faculty.

And that's a recipe for disaster for everybody. Teaching: Climbing Into the Cloud In a workshop session titled "21st Century Education in the Cloud," education consultant John Kuglin argued that all educators, but especially those in post-secondary roles, must learn how to make the most of cloud-based resources in their teaching practices. In response to a question about security concerns, Kuglin answered, "I understand that it's an issue, but we cannot continue to hide behind the safety issue, not if we want to offer competitive educational services.

The old paradigm was university computer, university employee, university network. Boom, boom, boom--we're secure. Being of the plus-sized set herself, Ellis is intimately acquainted with the helpless feeling shopping for fashionable clothes can cause. Using her life savings, she opens a store dedicated to dressing those women who are bigger than a size two or may have longer arms or who just need a good alteration Ellis personally sews her customer's clothes, as well.

This is her focus, and what she has determined she will commit to instead of a man who can drag her down and break her heart again. She wasn't expecting to bump into her first serious crush and first love. Mike Edwards is a detective on the small city of Durant's police force. He wasn't always. He grew up in Buffalo, but eager to get out, he landed in New York as a cop. Mike loved being a cop, but after so many years, he became hardened to the everyday tragedy he saw and decided he needed a change.

His choice of relocation was his college town. It was quiet, more wholesome, and the perfect place to find himself. What he wasn't expecting to find was a sassy-mouthed, curvy woman who drove him nuts but that he couldn't get enough of. Defending the beautiful Ellis from a verbal attack from a freakishly skinny older woman isn't usual for Mike, but there was something about her he couldn't ignore. To his surprise he recognizes Ellis from somewhere and Ellis confirms this, but to his utter irritation the infuriating woman wont let him in on the knowledge.

Soon enough, Mike seems to run into her several times around town, even while investigating on a case. Ellis isn't giving anything away, though. If Mike cant remember how humiliating their last encounter was, she isn't going to be the one to remind him. Instead of forgetting about her, Mike becomes more intrigued and more attracted to her.

He wants her, but Ellis is a settling down type and Mike isn't sure he's ready for that. Their chemistry is astonishing in its pull, though, and a friend lets slip how Ellis knows him when in mixed company. Mike cant believe its been four years since he saw Ellis and he cant believe how he treated the one woman he cant seem to stop thinking about. When Ellis is the target of the robber case Mike is investigating, they become closer still.

Its impossible to not to. And when their passions carry them away, both take a risk. Mike with Ellis possibly wanting more than he can give, and Ellis with falling to hard and making herself vulnerable to heartbreak and betrayal. Mike doesn't have a good history with a strong make influence and love. Ellis has been badly hurt and cautious to open herself up to someone she could love so much.

This couple has a long bumpy ride ahead that is by no means filled with just hearts and flowers. They will have to ride out the craziness of two loving but overbearing families with the return of an absent dad, a jealous sister, a possessive ex, and most of all the battle within themselves for love, trust, and self-worth. Mike was a dream. Granted, his past history with women made him a bit of a dawg, but its also understandable.

A fit, gorgeous man in his twenties is gonna like women and lots of them because they like him. Now in his early thirties, he's grownup a bit and looking for something a little more substantial. Maybe not permanent, but not one-night stand either. I loved Mike. He was strong, protective, sweet, and not easily distracted from his pursuit of Ellis, especially. I appreciated his defense of Ellis and the way he saw her from the start. Ellis was amazing. I've read books like this before where the heroine is obsessed with changing and becoming thinner to please someone, but this wasn't that book.

Ellis had accepted her body and image, embraced it even and was dedicated in helping her customers accepting themselves, as well. She made jokes of her curvy figure, but not in a way where she felt sorry for herself or expected sympathy or even in a way she was putting herself down. It was just simple fact, stated with an acceptance and confidence that made her even more beautiful to read about.

I felt for her after learning of the way she had been treated by others. Especially by those who are supposed to love her, but she rose up stronger than you would think. She was a pleasure to read about, and an i spiring heroine. I loved Walter. He was probably my third favorite character in the book.

His social awkwardness was endearing and sweet because you could see so clearly how he felt about his family. I hope to see more of him in future from glimpses i to Mike and Ellis. A fantastic read with definite reread status. I cant wait for the small novella we get in October and will be impatiently waiting for boom two. Aug 22, Davina rated it really liked it Shelves: contemporary-romance , romantic-comedy. She's also a curvy woman who owns the shape of her body with aplomb. Mike Edwards is a handsome cop recently back from the mean streets of New York City, now policing the small town of Durant.

Mike and Ellis have an incredibly entertaining meet-cute to start off the book. Despite a mutual attraction, Ellis considers Mike off limits and not good for her. Years ago, Mike dated her older sister Dina. Thing is, Mike doesn't remember Ellis's connection to Dina and can't quite place her in his past, but he does know he's interested in learning more about Ellis. When he finally has all the puzzle pieces of their past, it's a lovely moment that opens the door to their bumpy trip to love. I found the author's reveal and the manner in which the characters, especially Mike, handled the revelation pleasantly sweet in a way that felt authentic.

Sugar Jamison's Dangerous Curves Ahead is a fun, appealing book. There are a lot of comedic moments with engaging, memorable characters. That said, it's not always about laughs. Dramatic moments of revelations and realizations give the story layers. Ellis is a very charming character who I would totally want as a friend in real life, but she's not without her demons. When the book starts, Ellis is six months out of a relationship that has left her with heavy-duty emotional scars, primarily trust and esteem issues.

I personally connected with the doubts and pain her prior relationship caused her to have about herself. I identified with some of how she dealt with her demons—I can be a smartmouth too—and could even overcome my occasional frustration when her trust issues caused her to handle a situation against her best interest. All that said, Ellis is a fabulous heroine because even in her worst emotional state, she's not a weak character.

She's smart, witty, fun, and a lot stronger than she realizes. I like Mike a lot and he is a charming complementary partner for Ellis, though he's far from Mr. He's got a playboy past, but he's returned to town older and wiser. While he's reluctant to start a serious relationship for his own reasons, he can't resist his growing feelings for Ellis. He makes some missteps along the way because of his own demons, but he's never a bad guy.

Occasionally blind to situations and emotionally wary of what commitment entails, he nonetheless is a hero you find yourself rooting for. This first book in the Perfect Fit series, which includes characters introduced to star in the later novels, reads like a thoroughly entertaining romantic comedy. I easily visualized many of the interactions between the characters, and it never felt over the top. I am looking forward to the other books in this series, for their own merit, and hopefully to see how Mike and Ellis are doing in their happily ever after.

Sep 21, Marlene rated it really liked it. Dangerous Curves Ahead is about a woman finding her bliss in the work sense and her HEA in the romantic sense by being true to herself. But she loves her store way more than she ever loved being a lawyer. Well, they both look good, but neither of them probably is good. Her ex shows up and wants her back. Oh hells no. And the hunk her sister dated in college is back in town. Especially since he wants to get to know this mystery woman a whole lot better. As intimately as possible.

Escape Rating B: Dangerous Curves Ahead is a fun romance starring an absolutely snarktastic heroine with a light dusting of suspense to liven things up. It was pretty obvious who was behind the crime, but it does give Mike a chance to get overprotective and to play handyman. Another major issue in the story were the opposing family dynamics.

That part is seriously messed up. Mike and Ellis take a while to reach each other, and there is one big misunderstandammit, involving, of course, previously mentioned sister Dina, along the way.

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He sees a beautiful, sexy woman who might need to get her baggage together about how she feels about herself, her family, her trust issues, and her arsehole ex. I enjoyed the way they moved forward after that misunderstandammit in a direction that was slightly different from what either of them originally thought. They built a new future together.

Sep 04, Kimberly rated it really liked it Shelves: netgalley. Review featured on www. I did have some problems with it see below but mostly I devoured it no pun intended. Ellis is a plus size girl who has changed her whole life lately and the last thing she expects is Mike to come back into her life. They had only met a couple times before but a crush is a crush after all.

I loved Ellis. She is so snarky and snippy and has a quick sense of humor. She is the kind that can laugh at herself and can make others laugh Review featured on www. She is the kind that can laugh at herself and can make others laugh with her. The problem is she is tired of being laughed AT. Mike is a sweet guy and I really enjoyed him most of the time. Yes I said most.

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The couple yo-yos too much.. While I understand the reason for the not-togethers it went on too many times. She has a lot of confidence in herself most of the time so I would have thought she would use more confident words like plus size or rubenesque, etc. But I can get past that. And non-story related the story has tons and I mean tons of errors. I am not sure if the author did not have a editor if not I will volunteer since I have done it for many books but sometimes there were so many little errors I had to re-read the sentence to understand it. I think every plus-size girl in the world should pick it up.

I think every skinny girl should too… Why? Because it shows how big girls really feel. I know this series will be a BIG hit. Get it? Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. Sep 22, Kimberly rated it liked it Shelves: read , contemporary , romance. A fun and sassy novel. I liked that Ms. Jamison showed Ellis's confidence as well as her extreme insecurities - Ellis rang true to me.

Less realistic were Mike whose voice sounded like a woman writing a man rather than a male character, if that makes sense and the story's almost cartoon-like villains. The breakup-makeup scenes between Ellis and Mike got to be a bit too much, but I do want to stress that I liked the book overall. Ellis's father completely stole the show for me.

I loved that Ms. Jamison didn't make his Asperger's a gimmick. She gave a lot of depth to Ellis's family and did a great job of showing complex family dynamics. I really wish Ellis's store were real. Jamison had me drooling over her creations. As an aside and completely unrelated to my rating of the book , I'm really bummed this had a cartoon cover. It seems like the big NY publishers go with cartoon covers instead of models when they put a plus size heroine on the cover There are plenty of gorgeous plus size models out there who could have been the image of Ellis, but oh well.

May 30, Ronique rated it really liked it Shelves: fiction , romance , generallyawesomeineveryway. This was so refreshing to pick up. To be honest, I did not expect much from it. It's a romance novel about a plus sized woman who is just out of a failed relationship. I've read stories like this before and, generally, I am so overwhelmed by the heroine having to change and make her life "better" by becoming thinner, that I lose interest in the character and the plot.

Not here. Ellison awesome name is a confident woman who has ended her career in law to become the owner of a womans apparel shop This was so refreshing to pick up. Ellison awesome name is a confident woman who has ended her career in law to become the owner of a womans apparel shop that caters to women who have body shapes that just don't fit into standard sizing. She is struggling to keep afloat and is trying to work out how she can continue to operate her shop while keeping a roof over her head and food on the table when she runs into an old acquaintance who had a major effect on her, Mike.

Mike however, has no idea who she is or where Ellison knows him from I wasn't entirely sure what to expect with this book, but I was pleasantly surprised! It was a very enjoyable and realistic BBW romance!

The characterization in this story was spot on, with flawed characters that were actually believable. I especially loved Ellis' dad! Ellis' nicknames for folks got a bit irritating at times. Michael was a bit overprotective at times as well, which became annoying. The plot was overall a good one, but the situation with the ex got resolved much too quickly for my I wasn't entirely sure what to expect with this book, but I was pleasantly surprised!

The plot was overall a good one, but the situation with the ex got resolved much too quickly for my tastes. There was a lot of build up for it, but the resolution was a bit of a let down. To me, this was an enjoyable piece of chick lit that was slightly humorous and very entertaining. I would definitely recommend it to others! Dec 29, Amanda S. I enjoyed this book so much, though not as good as the previous one I've read.

Ellis's constant nagging about her weight is definitely bothering me, but at the same time it's understandable since I think I'll be just like her when I got a hunk of man as a boyfriend. What I don't really enjoy is Mike's hot and cold, push and pull attitude toward Ellis. Gos, I hate those. It create an unnecessary problem and that's. But overall I enjoyed this book so much! Sugar Jamison really c I enjoyed this book so much, though not as good as the previous one I've read. Sugar Jamison really capture the essence of being plus-sized, and that means a lot to me. Sep 09, Angelika rated it really liked it Shelves: It was such a fun read!

I can relate to Ellis. She may otherwise be the 'perfectly shaped' girl but she owns up to it and is happy with herself. You go girl! But after finding her ex boyfriend with someone else and then the nerve of him to blame her and then wants her back. Well she did the right thing when it came to him but when she runs into Mike, her high school crush, the banter between the two is so much fun. The only thing that gets between the two is that they both have trust issues. I loved this book and found I can relate to Ellis. I loved this book and found another fun author.

Shelves: earc , 1st-in-series , future-tbt , series-to-finish , books-i-own-earc. Have you ever started a book purely for its entertainment value, and came out learning a few life lessons by the end of the book? Well, if you read this book you might. I'll be honest and admit I never start a romance novel thinking I'll learn something new. Usually, it's because the cover has a hot guy on the cover or it sounds like it'll have some hot sex in it I'm being honest here, guys!

Not what I'd consider a fun read. I stick to fiction for a reason. I want to be entertained, I want to be taken on an adventure. I want to be someone else for a little while. I want to learn new sex tips just kidding guys, fiction is probably the wrong place to turn for those. There's so much conflict in this story. There's Elise's ex-boyfriend trying to re-enter the picture, his creepy aunt dogging her every step, the mysterious robberies popping up in shops around hers, and the yummy old crush that doesn't seem to remember her existence.

With all that is going on in under pages, you'd expect the book to be a cluttered mess, but it's not. It's a fabulous train wreck that makes a girl wish she had a bowl of movie theater popcorn. Elise: This girl would be my best friend if she were a real person. She's sarcastic, funny, and borderline rude, but I wouldn't change a thing about her. Except maybe the way she continues to put herself down. She uses weight issues as a wall so she doesn't become emotionally involved. It makes her an interesting character, but pisses off the people who care about her.

Well, we all have our problems. I personally hate a perfect character. Mike: This guy is the classic player. He's never had a steady relationship, but he has had a steady of one night stands. One thing is for sure, thought, he's definitely looking for more than one night with Elise. But how to go about making her want the same? This book was one of the best I've read in awhile. I love a humorous book that leaves me laughing, even after I've finished the book. The only complaint I have is the author's awkwardness with saying the word "penis" during sex.

I believe she calls it his "manhood" and other substitutes for the word. If you've written a contemporary book and your characters can drop an "F" bomb or when a character can say the word "penis", you can write the word "dick" or at the very least, "penis" in a sex scene. All-in-all I loved this book. I predict I'll be purchasing a copy and re-reading this book soon. If you're into contemporary romance, pick up a copy! You will not be disappointed.

Aug 29, Judy rated it it was amazing Shelves: genre-rom-com , theme-police-criminal , reviewed-in This is the first book in the Perfect Fit series by Sugar Jamison. I received the book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. I am the first to admit that I do judge a book, at least initially, by its cover. Unless it is an author I know, I am more likely to look at the cover than the genre when browsing for a book. This one intrigued me with a plus sized heroine on the the front, an almost unheard of scenario. Combined with a title like Dangerous Curves, I was quickly clicking on it and reading the blurb.

The books opens with Ellison, or Ellis as she is typically called, standing in line at the Hot Lava Java just wanting to get a black and white cookie. But instead she gets accosted by her mother's long time friend who also happens to be the aunt of her ex-boyfriend Jack. Agatha Toonmey runs a weight-loss clinic, is rail thin and basically tells Ellis that she needs to lose weight to win back her nephew. Ellis starts out trying to sidetrack her with humor, but when Mrs. Toomey tells Ellis that if the women who read her blog would put down the junk food and do some exercises, they could lose weight and that Ellis was just contributing to the problem by selling them clothes that fit.

The entire conversation, Ellis has been amusing someone in line behind, if his snorts and laughter are anything to go by. At this comment though, just when Ellis is just about to rip Mrs. Toomey apart, he jumps to her defense and tells Mrs. Toomey off and then flirts with Ellis. When Ellis turns around, she is shocked to see an old crush who once upon a time dated her older and much slimmer sister Dina.

The best part is that Michael doesn't recognize Ellis. The more he flirts and tries to figure out who she is, the more snarky and sarcastic Ellis gets. Mike wonders what it says about him that he likes her mouthy ways while Ellis is just determined to keep him at a distance. This was a wonderful book. Ellis and Mike make a great couple, when they finally become one. I really liked that Ellis was trying to really own her own body and be happy in it while Mike was happy with it just the way it was.

Of course there were obstacles and roadblocks and the occasional misunderstanding on the way to their HEA. But overall, Ellis and Mike talked them out as they came. Communication was a very important theme in this book. We saw a lot more of Ellis' family than we did Mike's, but both had their share of issues, as any real family does. I fell in love with Ellis's dad Walter and though I wouldn't trade my dad for him, it would be a close call. As far as I am concerned, Walter stole every scene he was in.

If you have been following my reviews, you know by now, I don't normally like books that I am going to cry in. And I cried a lot. A LOT. They weren't all sad tears though. There were happy tears, frustrated tears and even I just can't handle this much emotion tears. By the time I finished the book, I felt wrung out and wasted - taken from one end of the emotional spectrum to the other. So much more than I was expecting from a romance novel with a cartoon-ish cover. Will I read the next book in the series?

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Damn straight. This is a world full of characters that I can't wait to find out more about. I am going with 5 stars on Goodreads. Feb 05, Daniela rated it it was ok. The most refreshing thing about this book, was that the main character, a woman, wasn't your typical stick figure, blonde, gorgeous girl, who got all the men, all the time. No, Ellis, was a full figured woman, with dark hair, who was taller than most and had the sarcasm to match it. She's very content and happy in her body, with only minimal self conscience issues about it.

She's strong. Determined and hysterical. Ellis just moved back to her hometown, after quitting her job of being an attorney The most refreshing thing about this book, was that the main character, a woman, wasn't your typical stick figure, blonde, gorgeous girl, who got all the men, all the time. Ellis just moved back to her hometown, after quitting her job of being an attorney, in new york city and breaking up with her boyfriend of a year and a half Jack.

She moves back home to open up a clothes shop, for not only full figured women, but for women all over who always feel left out. The taller ones. The shorter ones. Everything is going along great, until one day, she comes face to face with her past. A past from 4 years ago. A past called Mike. A past whom dated her younger, skinner, gorgeous sister Dina. A past whom she had a huge crush on. A past who she thought she was over. He steps in to help Ellis, and from that moment one, he's taken on a roller coaster ride, he never knew would happen.

He knows that he knows her from somewhere, but he can't put his finger on. And, Ellis is NOT giving up the information of how, who, where and when he knows her from. Causing Mike to become both perplexed and intrigued. They find themselves going back and forth on their attraction. Their trust issues. Love issues. And also Ellis's weight. Ellis's parents are a hoot in this book. They were my favorite part of the book. Here's the biggest problem for me.

This book would have been about pages, if it didn't have the numerous fights of going back and forth about how they felt for one another. These two broke up, got back together, and tried to stay away from one another way TOO much. That's what half the story was about. Ellis got annoying at one point and Mike did also. Instead of being a strong, hot cop, he turned into a pushover who didn't want to admit his feelings.

In the end, everything ties up nicely, but if it was pages, I'd probably would have liked it even more! Mar 12, S. Wideman rated it liked it. On one hand, this was one of the better BBW romance novels I've read. On the other, it was exactly like every other BBW romance novel I've read. I liked most of the side characters and the fact that Mike wasn't tempted to cheat on Ellis despite her fear he would, which, given his past, I understood. I loved the character of Walter and how supportive Ellis' friends were.

There were parts of the plot that I enjoyed. The overall tone of the book was fun. However, it did have it's problems. I got annoyed with how many times Ellis put herself down. I have yet to read a BBW romance novel that doesn't have the overweight heroine bitching about her weight, whining about how no hot man will love her because she's not a size two, or hating herself for burying her troubles at the bottom of Ben and Jerry's.

Especially when they are billed as "Strong and Independent" like Ellis was. For once, I'd love to read a BBW romance novel where the heroine loves her body, fat rolls and all. I'm not a skinny girl, and I am losing weight for health reasons, but I love my body. Even fat. Hell, I named my fat rolls. So, when I read these books and all I see are "Woe is me, I'm not a size two" I want to scream, "Own your muffin top with pride!

Ellis goes on and on about her past romances and Mike's dubious past as her sister's ex, and Mike goes on and on about how he feels about Ellis and his whole "I don't want to settle down, but now I do" problem. I hated Dina but I could understand her role and really hated Jack and his aunt. In fact, Jack the Ex and his Aunt were so transparent, I called their role in the plot by chapter two and celebrated with a brownie when I was right.

Dina came a bit out of no where, and when I thought her plot point was ended and able to move on the next level, she digressed and went back to being a skinny evil bitch. Seriously, that was her role.

Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster - Caution Dangerous Curves

It annoyed me, but the ending with her character and some explanation into her psyche helped soothe me a bit since, at least, she was in character for who her character was. The basic plot was okay. The epilogue could have been left out. Other then that, I enjoyed it. I would keep an eye for Sugar Jamison's other books. May 07, Sharon Redfern rated it really liked it. Ellis Garret is not your usual romance heroine in some ways, primarily her body type-curvy.

Mike Edwards knows that he has met her but never slept with her because she looks like a white picket fence type Ellis Garret is not your usual romance heroine in some ways, primarily her body type-curvy. Mike Edwards knows that he has met her but never slept with her because she looks like a white picket fence type of girl.

Ellis has a complicated history with her family and romance.