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Eight years later, when I watched our poodle-shitzu cross Mr Bo Jangles lose traction on the polished floorboards and go into initial understeer before recovering into a perfect four-wheel drift, how could I help but remember the road to Dinner Plain? The truth is I started out with mixed feelings about the WRX. Collecting my Italian thoroughbred from the mechanic at last, I was eager to test its expensively new-found performance. A friend was to follow me in the Wrex because I had to get it home, too.

A privilege of the motoring journalist's life is access to a steady stream of brand new cars to drive for a week. I had just collected the Subaru and noticed only that it was a ugly and b seemed to accelerate quite hard in the lower gears. At the wheel of the Alfa I was ready with full throttle through first and second gears at every opportunity. Behind me the white Subaru with its gawky grille and oversized fog lights never shrank in the mirror; it was the faster car and effortlessly so. But no Subaru was beautiful, was it?

The Impreza WRX had no pedigree. It had a cost-cut feel. Some years later I read that power windows were fitted only because they saved weight, the WRX's mission in life being to win the World Rally Championship. The seats were trimmed in the same sort of material that haunts army disposals stores. Largely ignorant of Subaru's changing brand values, I was ill-disposed towards the marque. The first Subaru I ever drove was a truly nasty dark-brown two-door model — ugly, claustrophobic, noisy, slow and bearing no kind of comparison with anything made in Europe at the time except perhaps the lamentable Fiat Don't write an angry letter.

This is only a book. Subaru was branded in my head as inferior, a kind of pretend car. Conventional automotive wisdom used to be that the Japanese industry never invented anything, but copied very well. The Subaru imitated nothing but should have, except that Europe had never combined all these ingredients for anyone else to copy. By you could get a horizontally opposed engine with four-wheel drive and a wagon body.

The turbocharger came later. The WRX wrapped technological uniqueness — brilliance — into a disarmingly plain shape. Oh yes, you could also get it as an even more repellent looking little wagon. Somehow I held onto that negative feeling for four years, that fast though the Wrex palpably was, it was vaguely nasty. By that stage I was over my Alfa Romeo obsession. I was, as it were, between lovers. Rear-wheel drive was one of its advantages, but I was finding new appeal in the idea of an all-wheel drive, turbocharged four-cylinder sedan. The horizontally opposed or 'flat' four-cylinder Subaru WRX engine may owe its inspiration to Volkswagen and Porsche, but the application is arguably more logical.

It is difficult to grasp how compact and light this 2. Then try picking up the engine from any other modern car! Both its light weight and compact size work in Subaru's favour. Whatever weight there is stays low in the front of the car with a horizontal bias, significantly reducing the centre of gravity. Subaru uses a north—south layout, so that the driveshaft extends in a straight line from the front of the engine through to the rear wheels.

Horizontal opposition of the cylinders has led to the term 'boxer', because this is precisely what the pistons do; punch out from the centre of a block that is immensely strong and rigid. The engine takes up so much less space than a conventional in-line four that it does not overhang the front wheels, which makes for more balanced handling with less inclination to understeer. And the short, forged crankshaft does not require huge balancing webs.

So it is not only remarkably rigid but spins much more freely. There is no denying that this is a more expensive style of engineering, but it is now an inherent part of the Subaru brand, as is all-wheel drive.

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And should you upgrade the engine to a later model STi unit, you can transport the old block home in the boot. And so I approached the WRX with more respect. There was a chance, I thought at the time, just a chance, that I might change my mind on acquaintance with this latest model. Inside, first impressions were of the white instrument faces, the gorgeous Nardi steering wheel a driver's airbag not yet included , the grip of a rally bucket seat, the heart attack-red bonnet scoop. Then the invitation of steely bitumen on the way to some love shack.

Was I in love yet? No, just getting undressed. Nail the throttle and listen to the guttural flat four spool into tune, then almost at the speed of thought you're through first into second, the rate of acceleration slowing only slightly as you clasp third. With almost the urge of a house-priced Porsche ? How long has this been going on?

I had spent so many thousands making my XR8 go faster and handle better but I felt sure that this diminutive Japanese tin box would leave it behind on both counts, on any road, wet or dry, but especially wet. Thus you begin to reconsider the essence of automotive design.

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I remembered the '94 model. Army disposal trim, little wheels, no lowdown torque, plain steering wheel and Nardi a mere name in your dreams. Charisma lay only in the go not the show, which was not enough for me with my fussiness. I was deep in my Alfa phase. Why had no-one except insurance companies made a law against the WRX?

Who could need more? Why would you want to 'chip' one or get an exhaust or do anything to it? Then again, why wouldn't you, speed being an endlessly intoxicating drug?

They say if you lay all the world's economists end to end they will never reach a conclusion. It's sometimes the same with motoring writers. But that year saw unanimity. All four judges rated the Subaru Impreza WRX not simply the best in its class the cheapest class but the best Bang for your Bucks car across the whole field. But how did we arrive at our findings?

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Where did we drive the cars? I won't disclose the location of our road loop because I still remember the people coming out of their houses with angry looks on their faces, but we did use an almost traffic-free public road replete with sensational corners. And then we used the Phillip Island racetrack. And it cost almost three times as much. The seats would be good for a rally but not for the daily grind. The ride would be hard. I would never be able to exploit the car's performance.

The rewards returned by the environment can be varied, delayed or affected by unknown variables, introducing noise to the feedback loop. This leads us to a more complete expression of the Q function, which takes into account not only the immediate rewards produced by an action, but also the delayed rewards that may be returned several time steps deeper in the sequence. Like human beings, the Q function is recursive. Just as calling the wetware method human contains within it another method human , of which we are all the fruit, calling the Q function on a given state-action pair requires us to call a nested Q function to predict the value of the next state, which in turn depends on the Q function of the state after that, and so forth.

To do that, we can spin up lots of different Marios in parallel and run them through the space of all possible game states.

And as in life itself, one successful action may make it more likely that successful action is possible in a larger decision flow, propelling the winning Marios onward. You might also imagine, if each Mario is an agent, that in front of him is a heat map tracking the rewards he can associate with state-action pairs. Imagine each state-action pair as have its own screen overlayed with heat from yellow to red.

The many screens are assembled in a grid, like you might see in front of a Wall St. Since some state-action pairs lead to significantly more reward than others, and different kinds of actions such as jumping, squatting or running can be taken, the probability distribution of reward over actions is not a bell curve but instead complex, which is why Markov and Monte Carlo techniques are used to explore it, much as Stan Ulam explored winning Solitaire hands. That is, while it is difficult to describe the reward distribution in a formula, it can be sampled.

Because the algorithm starts ignorant and many of the paths through the game-state space are unexplored, the heat maps will reflect their lack of experience; i. The Marios are essentially reward-seeking missiles guided by those heatmaps, and the more times they run through the game, the more accurate their heatmap of potential future reward becomes. Very long distances start to act like very short distances, and long periods are accelerated to become short periods. For example, radio waves enabled people to speak to others over long distances, as though they were in the same room.

The same could be said of other wave lengths and more recently the video conference calls enabled by fiber optic cables. While distance has not been erased, it matters less for some activities. Any number of technologies are time savers. Household appliances are a good example of technologies that have made long tasks into short ones. But the same goes for computation. The rate of computational , or the velocity at which silicon can process information, has steadily increased. And that speed can be increased still further by parallelizing your compute; i. Parallelizing hardware is a way of parallelizing time.

AI think tank OpenAI trained an algorithm to play the popular multi-player video game Data 2 for 10 months, and every day the algorithm played the equivalent of years worth of games. At the end of those 10 months, the algorithm known as OpenAI Five beat the world-champion human team. That victory was the result of parallelizing and accelerating time, so that the algorithm could leverage more experience than any single human could hope to collect, in order to win.

Each simulation the algorithm runs as it learns could be considered an individual of the species. The subversion and noise introduced into our collective models is a topic for another post, and probably for another website entirely. This puts a finer point on why the contest between algorithms and individual humans, even when the humans are world champions, is unfair.


We are pitting a civilization that has accumulated the wisdom of 10, lives against a single sack of flesh. Talk to ML Expert Solutions. Subscribe to our bi-weekly AI newsletter:. Directory Artificial Intelligence Wiki. ML vs. A Beginner's Guide to Deep Reinforcement Learning When it is not in our power to determine what is true, we ought to act in accordance with what is most probable. Agent: An agent takes actions; for example, a drone making a delivery, or Super Mario navigating a video game.

The algorithm is the agent. In life, the agent is you. An action is almost self-explanatory, but it should be noted that agents choose among a list of possible actions. In video games, the list might include running right or left, jumping high or low, crouching or standing still.

In the stock markets, the list might include buying, selling or holding any one of an array of securities and their derivatives. When handling aerial drones, alternatives would include many different velocities and accelerations in 3D space. It is designed to make future rewards worth less than immediate rewards; i. A discount factor of 1 would make future rewards worth just as much as immediate rewards.

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Environment: The world through which the agent moves. If you are the agent, the environment could be the laws of physics and the rules of society that process your actions and determine the consequences of them. State S : A state is a concrete and immediate situation in which the agent finds itself; i. It can the current situation returned by the environment, or any future situation. Were you ever in the wrong place at the wrong time? For example, in a video game, when Mario touches a coin, he wins points. Rewards can be immediate or delayed.

It maps states to actions, the actions that promise the highest reward. Value V : The expected long-term return with discount, as opposed to the short-term reward R. We discount rewards, or lower their estimated value, the further into the future they occur. See discount factor. Q-value or action-value Q : Q-value is similar to Value, except that it takes an extra parameter, the current action a.

Q maps state-action pairs to rewards. Note the difference between Q and policy. Trajectory: A sequence of states and actions that influence those states. In the real world, the goal might be for a robot to travel from point A to point B, and every inch the robot is able to move closer to point B could be counted like points. Labels, putting names to faces… These algorithms learn the correlations between data instances and their labels; that is, they require a labelled dataset. Reinforcement learning: Eat that thing because it tastes good and will keep you alive longer.

Actions based on short- and long-term rewards, such as the amount of calories you ingest, or the length of time you survive. Reinforcement learning can be thought of as supervised learning in an environment of sparse feedback. Domain Selection for Reinforcement Learning One way to imagine an autonomous reinforcement learning agent would be as a blind person attempting to navigate the world with only their ears and a white cane.

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