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Cheadle's Journal Of Trip Across Canada : 1862-1863

His research interests include North American forest entomology in the early 20 th century. Simon Laflamme is Director of the Ph. Janice Liedl is a specialist in the history of women in early modern England.

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She is currently working with the records of the Old Bailey London's chief criminal court , early books, archival sources and other civic history sources to document the lives of women in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. With Dr. Annie Roy-Charland is Coordinator of the M. Her research interests are in cognitive health as shown by eye movements in connection with, among other things, reading, facial expressions of emotion, alcohol consumption, and augmentative and alternative communication.

He has written fiction, scholarly essays, and reviews for a variety of publications, including The Globe and Mail, Lemonhound, and Joyland. His current research projects focus on urban spaces in Africa and the city of Greater Sudbury. Her research focuses on rhetorical criticism of healthcare, science, and environmental communication.

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She is currently exploring the rhetorics of local and organic foods in Ontario's public health contexts and conducting a rhetorical analysis of public debate concerning Northern Ontario's "Ring of Fire" mining development. His research interests include postcolonialism, identity, religious violence, and the Dead Sea Scrolls. Shelley Watson is Coordinator of the M. Her research focuses on the families of children with autism and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder FASD as well as the sexual knowledge and attitudes of individuals with disabilities.

Macdonald Prize by the Canadian Historical Association. His current projects include a narrative history of the rebellions of and in Lower and Upper Canada.

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Featured Researchers. The Faculty of Arts has many active scholars in a wide range of disciplines.

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The researchers featured here have recently brought to fruition a major long-term project such as a scholarly book or a creative work poetry, theatre or music. Many are coordinators of graduate programs, chairs of departments, executive members of professional associations, editors or co-editors of peer-reviewed journals, or directors of research centres. Rachid Bagaoui Associate Professor Sociology. Alain Beaulieu Associate Professor Philosophy.

Joel Belliveau Associate Professor History. Monique Benoit Full Professor Sociology. Michelle Coupal Assistant Professor English. Alain Doom Assistant Professor Theatre. Yoko Hirota Full Professor Music. Sadequl Islam Full Professor Economics. In a wonderfully detailed and researched volume, Jack F.

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Dunn has created a study that This modest book aims to preserve the vanishing world of the Cariboo homesteader. It recounts Indigenous matriarchs are changing the culture of the technology industry through virtual reality VR. BC Studies no. Remembering Bob McDonald, former editor of BC Studies, and sending our sincere condolences to his family, friends, and colleagues.

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He will be greatly missed. This is the piece he recently wrote for our 50th anniversary June 20, News. May 15, News. We are pleased to announce that the Keynote Address will be made by Dr. Marianne Ignace and Chief Dr.

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