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Skip to main content. Turn off Animations. Turn on Animations. Tips Positive Things to Say to Myself. Call Call Chat Text Text email app. It looks like your browser does not have JavaScript enabled. Please turn on JavaScript and try again. I love myself. The world has a need for me. I am unique.

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I can and I will do things to promote healing in my life. I can handle this one step at a time. The sun is shining; I am ready to take on another day. My problem has a solution; I will work on a plan.

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I am a survivor. I will inhale confidence and exhale doubt. I may be one in 7 billion but I am also one in 7 billion! I am smart.

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I believe I can change the world or at least my corner of it. I am important. Today, I will celebrate me.

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I matter. I can find peace through prayer and meditation. I am strong. My confidence is beautiful. My smile can make someone feel better. I choose to focus on what I can control. Everything will work out in the end. I am happy with who I am. Every day, in every way, I am becoming better and better. I am a good person. I keep going because I believe in myself. I choose to see the good in the people I interact with today. It is always too early to give up on my goals.

I can reach out for help if I need it. I am special; I will not change myself for anyone. I choose hope.

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  • The answer is right before me, even if I do not see it right now. I am thankful for… I choose to take good care of myself.

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    I accept myself. I can make a difference. My past does not define my future, I do. My life is filled with possibility. I refuse to be pushed by my problems; I will be led by my dreams. I am awake and ready to be awesome. I will focus on my talents; I have things to share with the world. I choose to have the strength to move on to healthier relationships. I deserve good things in life.

    I release myself from my anger. I love who I am. I will allow peace to fill my soul. Today is a new day; I will see what adventure it holds. I choose to be proud of myself. I will do my absolute best in all things. I will speak kindly to others and to myself. I choose to be brave and tell others if I need their support.

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    I have the power to control my reactions to the challenges I will face. I am becoming healthier each and every day. I choose to see each obstacle as an opportunity to grow. The first phrase you offer "I can't do it myself. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

    I get confused with the following. Any explanation would be greatly appreciated. I can't do it myself. I can't do it by myself. Myself is used to emphasise the speaker in your first example. By myself means alone, without help. Check here for details and examples. Jon Hanna Jon Hanna Kudos for the answer!

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