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If she offers you a cup of tea, play along and ask for sugar and milk.

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Get involved, but be sure to let her lead the play. Another great pretend-play scenario is a visit to the doctor, where your tot can see a variety of toy patients, looking in ears, checking throats, taking temperatures and listening to heart beats. A supply of bandaids, bandages, slings and other props will be well used here. Fill a basin with a few centimetres of water, then add rocks, shells, plastic fish, starfish and even seaweed, if you can.

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Let your littlie explore the 'rock pool' and talk about the beach and the kind of animals and plants that live in the water. Simple to set up, heaps of fun to do! Use a piece of chalk to draw a series of circles inside one another on a wall, going from large to small like on a dart board. Inside each circle, write numbers from five to 25, going up in increments of five with the largest number points in the centre.

Next, get your child to stand a couple of metres away from the largest circle and throw water balloons at it, aiming to get as close to the centre as possible to score maximum points. Fill your bath with water as normal, then add 15 to 20 small water balloons that have been half-filled with water.

Your tyke will have fun squishing them and slipping them from hand to hand. For minimally messy indoor water play, spread large towels on the kitchen floor, then place a large plastic tub on top, half filled with water. Add bath toys, measuring cups and spoons, water bottles with holes punched in the bottom and the like, and let your littlie splash about. Water and bubbles are a toddler's idea of heaven! Let your child wash a baby doll or some plastic animals in the bathroom sink or a bucket outside. If she's curious when she sees you doing the dishes, even this dull chore can be turned into fun.

Grab a small, sturdy chair or stool for her to stand on, pop an apron on her and let her wash some plastic cups or plates in the sink while you stand side-by-side with her. This is a lovely outdoor activity that makes a regular stroll much more interesting, plus offers up the chance to explore the shapes and textures of all kinds of different objects. Take a sheet of paper and draw some simple things you'd find in nature on it, such as a flower, rock, stick, feather and leaf, then draw a box next to each one.

Go for a walk and as your tot finds each treasure, get her to tick the appropriate box. Take the time to examine each object and discuss how it feels heavy or light, rough or smooth, cold or warm , what colours your child can see in it, its shape and its size. Use food colouring to colour uncooked rice for some sensory play.

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Just add a few drops to about four cups of uncooked rice and stir. For a rainbow effect, you can make batches in different colours.

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Allow the rice to dry, then pour into a large, deep tray aluminum lasagna trays work well. Give your child some small cups and a sieve and let her touch, fill, sift and pour to her heart's content. You don't need to live near the beach to make sandcastles. Simply mix eight cups of plain flour with one cup of oil to make a soft 'sand' for your child to dig and make castles with. Use a large plastic tray as your 'beach' and small plastic or paper cups for making the castles.

Tell your kids to find a bunch of randomness—something red, something small and square, a piece of string, money, and three puzzle pieces. Or, if you have the time and energy, go hide a bunch of stuff, give them a list, and then let them have at it. Pro tip: scavenger hunts are more fun in the dark with a flashlight! They can also make costumes and a set design and, of course, record it. Your kids are in for a good time. This list is amazing and will sure to keep your kids laughing and playing and out of your hair on a cold day.

This is a big one for our very active 5-year-old. Or we drag out his bike, scooter, or really any other active sports gear we can dig up. Make a fort, climb in and read a book with a flashlight, and drink hot cocoa.

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Or snow cones? How about homemade, authentic hot chocolate by melting chocolate bars on the stove? You can. And your kids will love it. Tell your kids to park their butts right there, grab a handful, and get building. Maybe they have 10 minutes to create a house, or a car, or a castle.

They are made to make jewelry, but my kids Rory included use them for all sorts of things. They become dog leashes, crowns, trains, etc.

A Smart Girl's Guide: Sports & Fitness

Really, really fun! Another ridiculously simple way for your kids to entertain themselves. My kids have so much fun tracing pictures out of books, especially comic books and reference books. They find it so satisfying! Cupcake Wars for Kids. Let's have a little book chat! Here are the 14 books I read in May.


It's been fun keeping track of my reading with these monthly posts. And five Great ideas, and so simple. I love your ideas for buttons. I have to agree with the Magna Tiles, there is seldom a day without them being used. Now, for the boredom busters! Go have some fun. Hours of fun here! Buttons I have a big jar of buttons. This is ridiculously simple, but I swear, it works.

20 boredom busters for your toddler

Magna Tiles I try to stay away from broad generalizations, but I really do think every house with kids should have Magna Tiles. Kids Cook Only 3 ingredients for everything in this book. My kids have used this one over and over again.

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Great even for young kids. Pretend Soup : This is a great one for preschool and up. Beads My girls got a piece jar of beads as a gift a few years ago and it has been the hit toy! Latest Posts Let's have a little book chat! Comments Great ideas, and so simple. Some the Wiser is an Amazon Affiliate.