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An idiot cycles through London

The president will spend Thursday night at U. He said Trump appreciates free speech, which is seen as one of the shared values that bind Britain and the United States. Trump and his wife Melania plan to spend the weekend privately in Scotland, where the president owns two golf courses, before traveling to Helsinki, Finland, for a July 16 summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin. London and Washington say the state visit is still due to happen at some point.

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There's a British campaign to make Green Day's 'American Idiot' the No. 1 song when Trump arrives

July 10, pm. Updated: July 11, am.


Getty Images. Get daily local headlines and alerts. It's a Brexit thing.

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  5. In Poland they call it Polska B, that eastern part that is poorer and more backward. In the U. But 30 years after the Round Table talks that ended 45 years of communism in Poland, London may have something to learn about the art of negotiation, compromise and, frankly, democracy. Maybe people like me, foreigners explaining to other foreigners how a country most readers of what we write have never visited and never will work, are probably inherently unable to grasp what Brexit is about, why people vote for Donald Trump or Jaroslaw Kaczynski, leader of PiS, in Poland.

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    We small gallant band of truth-seekers live in a world of questions and answers, press conferences and little badges pinned to our chests, where rational choices that are relatively transparent are made every day. Our lives are perhaps a little less guided by the whims of the gods, or so we kid ourselves. Our journalism, both we who write it and those who read it - is predicated on events, things happening, not really on processes or the gaps between events. People doing stuff and others commenting on it. In a sense we then not only record news, we create a prism through which reality can be squeezed on demand.

    At my comprehensive state school in southern England I grew up with many people for whom expressing themselves was often very little to do with words.

    London! - THIS GUY IS AN IDIOT!