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Un trafic mortel. Qui sont les passeurs? Facebook, Viber, Skype ou WhatsApp sont devenus des indispensables du contrebandier qui veut faire passer des migrants. In the U. For FIFA officials, it felt like a case of sour grapes. The case had actually begun as an FBI probe into an illegal gambling ring the bureau believed was run by people with ties to Russian organized crime outfits. You start by addressing the main conspiracy theory around this, which is that this was a case of sour grapes from the United States losing out on hosting the World Cup.

But the origin was a more traditional FBI investigation into Russian organized crime, right? And there are sort of these weird connections to everything going on in the political sphere in our country, which I think is interesting because when I was reporting the book out, it was mostly before the election. The theory was that the U. What happened was that the investigation began in July or August , four or five months before the vote happened.

They were interested in what Mueller called transnational crime. So this agent looked for cases that he thought would score points with Mueller. Steele had already been hired by the English bid for the World Cup at that point. They were stymied, trying to figure out how to make it a case against Russia. Meanwhile, the vote happens and Russia wins its bid for the World Cup. The story would be different if this particular agent was on a different squad.

But he was an ambitious agent just taking over a squad and trying to make a name for himself. This was his first management job, and he wanted to make big cases. He decides to go after Russia in Russia as a way to make a splash. This was , This was during the Russian reset.

Russia is playing nice-nice. The public image is fairly positive in that period. It was like a dress rehearsal for that. Steele has become this sort of household name in politics in the U. But here he is in the FIFA scandal. Chris Steele, when he was still at MI-6, investigated the death of Alexander Litvinenko, who was the Russian spy poisoned with polonium. It was Steele who ran that investigation and determined that Putin probably ordered it. Steele proved his worth to the FBI at the right time, and that led to his future work being decisive.

I think he and others were recognizing this increasingly brazen attitude of the criminality within FIFA. They had gone from an organization where people were getting bribes and doing dirty stuff, but doing it very carefully behind closed doors. And it was transitioning to one where the impunity was so rampant that people thought they could do anything. And I think in his mind, awarding the World Cup to Russia under very suspicious circumstances and also awarding it to Qatar, which by any definition has no right to host this tournament, it felt to him and others like a step too far.

He takes advantage of modern marketing and media to begin to turn FIFA into the organization that we know today. Is it fair to say that this corruption scandal was four decades in the making? It started in when this guy gets elected, and within a couple years, the corruption starts. And it starts with one bribe to Havelange, or one idea that he should be bribed. And it starts a whole culture, and the people all sort of learn from that same model.

The dominoes fell over time. FIFA had been able to successfully bat these challenges down over the years. But they all blinked, and Blatter dispensed his own justice by getting rid of his No. The effect of those things was more brazen behavior. It was an open secret. I think other countries have just never been able to figure out how to deal with it. People are terrified of offending the FIFA gods. A lot of the things that resulted from the bribery and the corruption, or that were done to facilitate bribery and corruption, helped grow the sport here. And yet, they were only created to make these guys rich.

How do you square that? Well, it reminds me of questions about Chuck Blazer. Is he all bad, or all good? A lot of these guys were truly surprised. And so, is he good or bad? That applies to the Gold Cup. Blazer is a fascinating figure, and it seems like there are hints of sympathy for him and some of the other corrupt players in the book. Were all of these guys hardened criminals, or did they get wrapped up in how the business worked, and how it had worked for so long?

Blazer had a longer history of it. He always had a touch of corruption about him. But I think a lot of the officials in the sport came up because they loved the sport and wanted to be involved in running it. But at the same time, the impunity came from a culture of believing it was OK to do that stuff. One point you stress in the book is that fundamentally, this was a crime against the development of the sport, particularly in poorer nations and communities. But when I understood the way the bribery took place, it became clearer to me.

The first piece of it is that million dollars that could have gone to the sport. All that money is taken away from the sport. And the second thing was traveling to South America and seeing the conditions of soccer for fans, for kids and for women. That was really eye-opening. There are stadiums in Argentina and Brazil that are absolutely decrepit.

And people would explain, the money that was supposed to come to these clubs never comes. When you see that, and then you see dudes making millions in bribes and also marketing guys making far more from paying the bribes, I started to get indignant about it.

FIFA always ties itself to children and the good of the game. It goes to making soccer officials rich. Former U. Soccer President Sunil Gulati pops up a couple times. Is there a chance U. That said, there are legitimate questions about how U. Soccer operates that weirdly parallels a lot of the corruption that we saw in South America, the Caribbean and Central America.

The relationship between U. MLS has the rights to the U. Soccer Federation wrapped up for years and years to come. Soccer Federation for men and women. Soccer is getting full value for its product. And in that sense it parallels the sort of corruption we saw. FIFA is battling itself as it tries to reform itself. This is a guy who grew up 6 miles from Sepp Blatter. His career echoes that. I think he sees a pathway to financial security for FIFA by making more money and being more transparent.

When massive amounts of money mixes with a massively popular cultural phenomenon, is it ever going to be clean? It seems kind of hopeless. But he still talks about patronage and handing out money, and federations around the world are still getting busted for taking bribes. The Ghana football federation got dissolved a week before the World Cup because a documentary came out that showed top officials taking bribes on secret camera.

I wish it would be different, but it seems kind of hopeless. How do you regulate soccer, and who can oversee this to make sure that people behave in an ethical, clean and fair way that benefits everyone else? Well, how do you regulate that? People like him are driven. He cared so much about this. Do you think the book and the upcoming Qatari World Cup will reinvigorate that conversation, or are people just resigned to the belief that this is what FIFA is? There is some of that resignation. But also, the annoying but true reality of FIFA is that when the World Cup is happening, all the soccer fans around the world forget all their anger and just want to watch the tournament.

For three and a half years, everyone bitches about what a mess FIFA is, and then during the World Cup everyone just wants to watch soccer.

Jeunes ambassadeurs / Belgium Young Ambassadors

There could be some reinvigoration in the next few months when the next stupid scandal appears. And I do think Qatar could reinvigorate more of that. That would certainly spur a lot of conversation about this. You talk at the end of the book about a shift in focus to corruption in the Asian federation. This is still cleaning up pieces from the old case, but just Tuesday, a Florida company pleaded guilty to two counts of fraud in the FIFA case.

It was a company that was known from the written indictments, but no one had known they were going to be pleading guilty, so it was a new piece of the case. That piece at the end of the book with the guy going off to the South Pacific is a guy named Richard Lai. I do know from sources that the cooperators in the case are still actively talking to prosecutors, and still spending many, many hours with them discussing many aspects of the case. That said, a lot of the people who were involved in the case in the beginning have moved on. So at some point, it could get old.

Tied up in the Rat Lines. It is possible that within a short time a court in the United States will prohibit the publication of the account before us. In the meantime, Haaretz has obtained the testimony given last month by William Gowen, a former intelligence officer in the United States Army, at a federal court in San Francisco. The testimony contains historical and political explosives. The smuggling and hiding of Croatian war criminals was part of the extensive network known as the Rat Lines.

Senior officials at the Vatican were involved in hiding and smuggling Nazi war criminals and their collaborators so they would not be arrested and tried. Hundreds of war criminals were provided with church and Red Cross papers that enabled them to hide in safe houses and then flee from Europe, mainly to the Middle East and South America.

Josef Mengele and Franz Stengel, the commander of the Treblinka death camp. The Vatican network was also used by leaders of the Ustashe — the nationalist Croatian Catholic movement that was active in Croatia and collaborated with the Nazi occupation. Krunoslav Draganovic seemed to be in cooperation with the Ustasha network. After the war they fled with the treasure and laundered it with the help of Vatican institutions.

The suit was filed by Jewish, Ukrainian, Serb and Roma survivors, as well as relatives of victims and various organizations that together represent , World War II victims. The plaintiffs demanded accounting and restitution. One of the lawyers representing the plaintiffs is Jonathan Levy. Unlike the Nazi Party, the Ustashe still exist and have a party headquarters in Zagreb. The Ustashe was founded in as a Croatian nationalist movement with a deep connection to Catholicism. From the day it was founded the movement made its aim the establishment of an independent Croatian state and declared to fight the monarchy in Yugoslavia.

Pavelic was appointed poglovnik, the leader of the country. He hastened to meet with Hitler and allied himself with the Fuehrer. When Hitler invaded the Soviet Union, Pavelic sent Ustashe units to fight alongside the Nazis and then joined the declaration of war against the United States. Ustashe leaders declared they would slaughter a third of the Serb population in Croatia, deport a third and convert the remaining third from Orthodoxy to Roman Catholicism.

Anyone who refused to convert was murdered. Immediately upon the establishment of its puppet government, the Ustashe set up militias and gangs that slaughtered Serbs, Jews, Romas and their political foes. Catholic priests, some of them Franciscans, also participated in the acts of slaughter. The cruelty of the Ustashe was so great that even the commander of the German army in Yugoslavia complained. According to various estimates, about , people were murdered at the camp, among them tens of thousands of Jews it is interesting to note that some of the heads of the Ustashe were married to Jewish women.

Throughout Croatia about , people were murdered. After the war, Pavelic and other Ustashe heads fled to Austria and, with the help of the British intelligence and their friends in the Vatican, found refuge in Italy. They hid in Vatican monasteries and were provided with false documents that gave them a new identity. Secret documents that were disclosed at the court in San Francisco show that at the end of the war, British intelligence took Pavelic under its wing and allowed him and a convoy of 10 trucks that carried the stolen treasure to travel to the British occupation zone in Austria.

The British did this with the intention of using him as a counterweight to the Communist takeover in Yugoslavia. The Ustashe brought the treasure convoy to Rome, where they put it into the hands of the Croatian ambassador to the Vatican, Rev. Krunoslav Draganovic. Draganovic also saw to hiding Pavelic and his aides in Vatican institutions and safe houses in Rome.

This was an order from the American Embassy, stressed Gowen in his testimony. It is also stated in the document, which is classified as top secret, that Pavelic, via his contacts with Draganovic, was receiving Vatican protection. From Italy, Pavelic was smuggled on the Rat Lines to Argentina, where he served as a security adviser to president Juan Peron Peron granted entry visas to 34, Croats, many of them associated with the Ustashe and Nazi supporters. In there was an attempt to assassinate him, in which he was wounded. Pavelic had to leave Argentina and found refuge with the Spanish dictator Franco.

Two years later, in , he died as a result of complications caused by the wound. The Ustashe has continued to exist over the years and until the s its operatives were involved in acts of terror against diplomats and other Yugoslav targets abroad. The suit filed at the court in San Francisco is based on earlier investigations and reports from American government agencies, the Simon Wiesenthal Center and committees of historians who researched the matter of the Jewish property in Swiss banks. The case was preceded by successful legal battles by attorney Levy and his colleagues against the CIA and the American Army to obtain secret documents.

The defendants, on their part, led by the Vatican Bank and the Franciscan order and others, deny the charges against them and made every effort to have the charges dismissed. So far, the court has rejected these efforts outright and determined that the deliberations would continue. After the end of the war Gowen served as a special agent, meaning an investigations officer in the Rome detachment of American counter-intelligence. Parallel to the counterintelligence unit, other American army intelligence units, and mainly the Office of Strategic Services OSS, from which the CIA developed and British intelligence were engaged in contradictory actions.

They made contact with Nazis and with the Ustashe people and enlisted them in their service as agents, collaborators and informers, with the intention of forming a front against the Soviet spread into Eastern Europe and the Balkans. A key person in the Pontifical Croatian college was Rev. Draganovic, the Croatian ambassador to the Vatican. Draganovic and the college issued false papers to Croatian war criminals, among them Pavelic and Artukovic.

The aim of the complaint was to interfere with the investigation. In his testimony, Gowen also stated that Draganovic helped the Ustashe launder the stolen treasure with the help of the Vatican Bank: This money was used to fund its religious activities, but also to fund the escape of Ustashe leaders on the Rat Line. Army and CIA release documents relating to alleged Vatican collaboration with Nazi-allied fascists in the wartime Balkans. Jonathan Levy and Tom Easton are representing elderly Serb, Jewish and Ukrainian survivors of atrocities committed by the Nazi puppet regime in Croatia, the Ustashe, in a class action lawsuit against the Vatican Bank and the monastic Franciscan Order.

Wartime intelligence documents have suggested Ustashe leaders took loot, including gold, silver and jewelry seized from their victims, to the Vatican at the end of the war. The Vatican has consistently denied the allegations, while declining to open its unpublished wartime archives despite appeals from Jewish and other groups. Some files had been released as early as the s, when Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie stood trial in France.

Levy said Draganavic was alleged to have worked at various times for the intelligence services of Croatia, the Vatican, the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, Britain and the U. It has long been alleged the U. A Justice Department investigation concluded that the U. Barbie was eventually deported to France in , jailed for life several years later for crimes against humanity, and died in prison in Between , and , people died at the hands of the Ustashe regime, which also participated in the systematic Nazi looting of occupied Ukraine.

Information that could have led to Nazi war criminal was kept under wraps. They knew how long he had been in the country and had a rough idea of the alias the Nazi fugitive was using there, Klement. Even though German intelligence had misspelled it as Clemens, it was a crucial clue. The Mossad effort to track Eichmann had been suspended at the time because it had failed to discover his pseudonym. Washington and Bonn failed to act on the information or hand it to the Israelis because they believed it did not serve their interests in the cold war struggle.

Historians say Britain and other western powers probably did the same, but they have not published the evidence. The CIA has.

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Under heavy congressional pressure, the agency has been persuaded to declassify 27, unedited pages about American dealings with former Nazis in postwar Europe. One of the most startling of those documents is a CIA memo dated March 19 , from the station chief in Munich to headquarters, noting that German intelligence codenamed Upswing had that month passed on a list of high-ranking former Nazis and their whereabouts.

Eichmann was third on the list. There is no record of a follow-up in the CIA to this tip-off. It was left to the West Germans … and this is further evidence of the low priority the Germans gave to hunting down war criminals. It was not just a question of bureaucratic inertia. There were good reasons not to go hunting for Eichmann. While Eichmann had gone on the run, Globke stayed behind and prospered. It was not just a West German concern. But it was not just Globke. When Eichmann was captured the CIA combed files it had captured from the Nazis to find information that might be useful to the Israeli prosecution.

After the war Bolschwing had been recruited by the Gehlen Organisation, the prototype German intelligence agency set up by the Americans under Reinhard Gehlen, who had run military intelligence on the eastern front under the Nazis. Those networks were also riddled with ex-Nazis who had horrendous records.

Most of the networks were dismantled in the early s when it was realised what an embarrassment they might prove.

Latinos & Latin Americans: NOOK Books

The new documents make clear the great irony behind the US recruitment of ex-Nazis: for all the moral compromises involved, it was a complete failure in intelligence terms. The Nazis were terrible spies. Those were the least of their flaws as would-be anti-communist agents. They had not risen in the Nazi ranks because of their respect for facts. They were ideologues with a keen sense of self-preservation.

We have seen it with Iraqi exiles. We have to be smart and we have to know who we are really dealing with. Adolf Eichmann The SS colonel who organised the final solution was so enthusiastic about his work that he carried on even after Heinrich Himmler had called a halt. He was captured by US troops but escaped to Argentina. Israeli agents tracked him down in and he was hanged in Hans Globke A Nazi functionary working with Eichmann in the Jewish Affairs department who helped draft the laws stripping Jews of rights.

After the war he rose to become one of the most powerful figures in the government. Reinhard Gehlen A major general in the Wehrmacht who was head of intelligence-gathering on the eastern front. He sold his supposed inside knowledge of the Soviet Union to the Americans who made him head of West German intelligence, an organisation he led until Tous les documents ne sont pas encore accessibles. De ne pas trahir. Quelques-uns y sont encore.

Cette France qui les a fait fuir. Et qui les a perdus. Ces derniers, souvent, commencent par trimer comme dockers sur le port avant de trouver mieux. Selon leur? Puis dans des maquis du Massif central. Et les Argentins. En vain. Ou du Dr Y. Comme W. Je suis partout? Meurt en Background Report on Krunoslav Draganovic. Mudd appeared earlier to be suspicious that Ustase agents had infiltrated legitimate networks to help refugees, rather than that these networks themselves had been set up in order to smuggle out hunted Ustase officials.

His conclusions in Paragraph 15 remain unchallenged to this day. This is an improved copy of the document originally published here, found among the CIA papers on Krunoslav Draganovic. This man has for some time now been associated with Ustashi elements in Italy and, while in many instances it is hard to distinguish the activity of the Church from the activity of one man whose personal convictions might lie along a certain line, it is fairly evident in the case of Fr.

Here he fell under the personal magnetism of Dr. He was eminently unsuccessful. Having been accused by a certain Dr. Many of the more prominent Ustashi war criminals and Quislings are living in ROME illegally, many of them under false names. Their cells are still maintained, their papers still published, and their intelligence agencies still in operation. Chief among the intelligence operatives in the Monastery of San Geronimo appear to be Dr. His physical description is as follows: 25 years old, medium height, black hair, seen mostly without a hat.

Has very bad teeth in upper and lower jaw. Appears to be very wise. This Agent managed to run a counter-operative into this Monastary to find out if possible if the internal setup of the place was as had been alleged, namely that it was honeycombed with cells of Ustashi operatives. This was established and several things more but operations were stopped abruptly when it became too dangerous for the counter-intelligence agent in the Monastary.

The following facts were ascertained:. In order to enter this Monastary one must submit to a personal search for weapons and identification documents, must answer questions as to where he is from, who he is, whom he knows, what is purpose is in the visit, and how he heard about the fact that there were Croats in the Monastary. All doors from one room to another are locked and those that are not have an armed guard in front of them and a pass-word is necessary to go from one room to another. The whole area is guarded by armed Ustashi youths in civilian clothes and the Ustashi salute is exchanged continually.

It was further established that the following prominent ex-Ustashi Ministers are either living in the monastery, or living in the Vatican and attending meetings several times a week at San Girolamo:. He also heard a conversation between two of the Ustashi in the monastary which established the fact that a brother of Dr.

The money for the purchase of the hotel was given this man by his brother, Dr. It issues forth from the Vatican and discharges its passengers inside the Monastary of San Geronimo. Subject to diplomatic immunity it is impossible to stop the car and discover who are its passengers.

The Vatican, undoubtedly banking on the strong anti-Communist feelings of these men, is endeavoring to infiltrate them into South America in any way possible to counteract the spread of Red doctrine. It has been reliably reported, for example that Dr. How the European fascist sensibility found new roots and new life in the South Atlantic region. Since the s, the political culture of Argentina has been afflicted by periodic spasms of covert violence, secrecy and denial. Even events far more remote have had to wait decades for elucidation.

A commission to investigate the activities of Nazism in Argentina, appointed by President Carlos Menem and assisted by an international team of scholars, started work last July. A preliminary report is expected in mid-November, when the scholars meet in Buenos Aires, and a final report a year later. At issue here is not merely a matter of diplomatic taste.

Throughout the war, Argentina was regarded by U. After , reports kept cropping up in the U. Over the years, these allegations seemed at least superficially credible in light of the emergence in of Colonel Juan Peron as the leader of a defiant, nationalist Argentina.

Though in practice the Peron regime resembled hardly at all the defeated European fascist dictatorships, Peron made no secret of his sympathy for the defeated Axis powers. Anti-Peronists have often used the term Nazi or Pero-Nazi a bit too freely in attempting to discredit their opponents—not just Peron but also the administration of President Ramon S. Castillo , who preceded him. For one thing, Goni demonstrates that the Castillo administration, and particularly the Argentine Foreign Ministry, was honeycombed with Nazi sympathizers as early as —so much so that it is difficult to see why any of the most anxious partisans of neutrality, such as found in the secret lodges of the Argentine army, felt the need to overthrow the government at all!

Par les ascenseurs, on les emmenait aux camions. Mission accomplie! Il faut dire que le parcours de Rose Valland est indissociable de celui des Monuments Men. Le film tait toutefois une large partie de sa vie. Piranha Attack! As 70 Christmas Day bathers are savaged, the truth about the fish with a bite more powerful than a T-rex. Among revellers cooling off in degree heat were 20 children, who were injured in the frenzied attack. The seven-year-old girl was just one of thousands in the water of the mighty River Parana on the afternoon of Christmas Day last week.

For residents of the central Argentine city of Rosario, the festive season most certainly does not involve eating mince pies and drinking eggnog before sleeping it off in front of a fire. Instead, with the mercury hitting a sticky degrees, most are keener to cool off than to gorge themselves.


With bars, restaurants and fun fairs, the beach is a major attraction and last Wednesday was no exception. Tens of thousands had gathered to enjoy the holiday. Many took the opportunity to swim or paddle in the river. That afternoon, as the little girl splashed up to her waist in the waters, everything seemed quite normal.

Then, she suddenly felt a tugging at the little finger of her left hand. Instinctively, she pulled away, but the tugging grew more powerful. And then came a searing pain that caused her to cry out. She looked down at her finger, but all she could see was a trail of blood leaking into the dark water.

As she ran for the shore, her screams startled the sunbathers. There could be no doubt what had happened. Word quickly spread up and down the Rambla Catalunya. Lifeguards ordered people to stay out of the water but, tragically, the heat was so intense and the atmosphere so jubilant that people continued to swim.

What happened next was like a scene from a horror film. That afternoon, some 70 people — around 20 of them children — were savaged by shoals of the razor-toothed fish. Those who were attacked had chunks of their naked and exposed flesh ripped away. They emerged from the waters with agonising wounds dripping blood onto the white sand. Deep cuts were reported on scores of fingers, ankles and toes. One injury resulted in an amputation. Pictures taken in the local hospital show one man with the whole underside of one toe missing. The attack was the most serious in the city since , when 40 swimmers were hurt and, while mercifully no one was killed, the story made headlines around the world.

There is something about this sinister fish that preys on our imaginations. Along with great white sharks, wolves, pythons and crocodiles, the piranha is the stuff of nightmares. Most of us can create a horrific mental image of falling into a river — and being stripped to the bone in two minutes by a boiling shoal of flesh-eating fish. Although not as great a horror movie staple as the great white shark — immortalised in the Jaws films — our fascination with the piranha has made for box office success. Since , there have been at least six films starring the piranha.

No wonder Londoners were alarmed when a piranha was discovered in the Thames in Experts stressed that the fish had in all likelihood been thrown away by a collector of rare fish, and further reassured anxious Londoners that the water of the Thames is far too cold to sustain these creatures. Yet despite their awesome power, scientists insist piranhas are not the malicious predators the films would have you believe.

They tend to attack humans only if trapped or hungry. So who is to blame for our fear of this fish? It is none other than Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th president of the U. In , he published a travel book Through The Brazilian Wilderness, in which he described how piranhas could eat entire animals, such as cattle, alive.

However, what Roosevelt was not told was that the piranha attack he had witnessed on a cow was staged. For the benefit of the former president, the Brazilians had trapped hundreds of piranhas in a netted-off stretch of the river and had then starved them for days. This created the ideal conditions. When Roosevelt arrived, a sick old cow was led into the water, with its udder slit to release blood to further encourage an attack.

Trapped, starving, and excited by blood, the piranhas did their job all too well. Rumours of deadly South American fish had been known since the time of the Spanish Conquistadors, who reported they were often attacked when they forded rivers. What sets them apart from other fish are their terrifying sharp teeth, tightly packed into highly muscular jaws.


Relative to its size — they grow up to ten inches long — a piranha has a more powerful bite than that of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Recently, scientists measured the bite force of the black piranha at newtons, which is nearly three times greater than that exerted by an American alligator. That is more than enough to rip off a finger.

What is disturbing is that these attacks are becoming more frequent. In November , 15 swimmers were bitten by piranhas in the River Paraguay in western Brazil. One, year-old Elson de Campos Pinto, recalled how he suddenly felt an agonising pain in his foot. In Bolivia the following month, a drunk year-old fisherman jumped out of his canoe, and was seized by a shoal of piranhas. Although he managed to get out of the water, he bled to death.

Last year, a five-year-old Brazilian girl is said to have been attacked and killed in the water by a shoal of the fish. Some of the human bathers simply got in the way. Certainly, cannibalism among piranhas is common, and larger, more aggressive fish will take a bite out of smaller rivals. The Christmas Day attack alone would have been enough to terrify most of us. But there have been more since. All had to be treated in hospital.

And then, on Friday, back at the Rambla Catalunya in Rosario, another attack took place. The experts may like to reassure us that piranha attacks on humans are rare, but are they right? Perhaps the truth about the dreaded piranha may be closer to the horror movies after all. On peut cependant avancer quelques pistes…. Le mythe des piranhas en fait partie! Comment expliquer cette persistance? Can piranhas really strip a cow to the bone in under a minute? Standing on the bank of the Amazon River, he watched piranhas attack a cow with shocking ferocity.

It was a classic scene: water boiling with frenzied piranhas and blood, and after about a minute or two, a skeleton floating to the suddenly calm surface. Voir HRW, Desaparecidos, supra note 7. Carole Pateman, Participation and Democratic Theory,. Discourse as Practice, London, Zed Books, Plan I. Cela ne va tout simplement pas se produire , observe-t-il.

Maintenant, cette mythologie corrompue est mise en lambeaux, la crise de croyance est profonde. Le roi est nu, comme on dit. Revolt of the nihilists. But the House members who voted no have exacerbated the global psychological free fall, and now we have a crisis of political authority on top of the crisis of financial authority. Viva la liberta! My God! Endettement ou surendettement, telle est la question. Les seuls perdants sont les consommateurs. Merci du cadeau colonel et vive la libre Russie. Les faiseurs de pognons sont pleins de ressources, comme on voit. Il fallait y penser.

Il fallait le faire. Que faire? Une course cycliste Paris-Camembert a lieu tous les ans. Le colonel Poutine va les poursuivre jusque dans les chiottes. Immergeons-les trois fois par tribord, immergeons-les trois fois par tribord, de bonne heure ce matin. Ne tirez pas sur le traducteur de cet article de M. Les stupides sont tous morts. Plus con, tu meurs.

Calenda - Paraguay, thirty years after Stroessner

Le premier flic de France aime les sanctions. Nos amis chinois le savent Examinons le cas de M. Et avec qui? Voyons maintenant le cas de MM. Jospin et Morin. Aux chiottes! US go home. Vade retro Satanas. Et ce pour la raison simple que tel est leur souhait. Europe si, NATO no! Imaginez-vous des concours de vomi en Russie? Sainte nitouche].

Quelle contradiction. Les Balkans eurasiens. Mme Rice fait aussi pipi dans sa culotte car elle ne se sent plus pisser. En outre, selon M. Vive la Russie, vive les Russes. Quel bonheur! VI, pp.

Colombie, Venezuela: les crises politiques en Amérique Latine

Un admirateur de Poutine, comme moi, sans doute. Non mais! Sergei Lavrov AP. Les R rr uses sont plus occidentaux que vous. Les roquets essayent de mordre les mollets du colosse. Simplement, il ne veut pas que des NATO candidates lui mordent les chevilles [je le comprends cet homme. The ideology is meant to be generous , but it is a generosity devoted to the control of energy resources, raw materials, trade, and finance.

This makes the U. This frightens people. That is what is changing the geopolitical map. Pfaff, leur chie dans les bottes. Pour gagner plus, il faut enculer plus. Vive les Siloviki. Vive les Forces. Aux chiottes les enculeurs. Montrez moi un homme libre. On ne peut pas en dire autant des autres nations. Le Figaro , Ce sont les USA qui menacent la paix dans le monde. Alexandra : Erratum. Bravo Nana, les impostures ne durent pas longtemps avec Internet. Lisez le Figaro.

Il ne manque plus que M. Silence les caniches. Chernetsov — Et la Russie qui dit niet! Et vous? Vive la Russia pride! Y a des coups de pied au cul qui se perdent. Comment cela va-t-il finir? Albert A. Sinon, la guerre continuera. Avis aux amateurs. La stupide attaque du tie-chewing president prend alors un sens. But instead of reinforcing our Southern frontiers, the Kremlin is withdrawing Russian troops from Abkhazia, Adjaria and Transnistria despite protests of the population of these regions anxious to retain the alliance with Russia.

One gets the impression that the recent fighting in Abkhazia was a long-awaited pretext for the Kremlin to speed up its departure from that strategically important region. Le Figaro , lundi 1 er septembre De quoi se plaignent-ils? Vive la Russie! Teigneux, ce Poutine]. Que vont-il faire? Plus simple tu meurs. Vae victis dirait Sancho.

Pour eux, ce serait une capitulation totale]. Depuis, il se retrouve dans une impasse [laquelle? Ils veulent le bonheur de leurs futurs clients. Ils veulent une Europe libre et donc unie. Envoyer le Terrible dans la mer Caspienne. La Russie rempart contre la barbarie occidentale. Merci Russie. Fais taire les caniches]. Il ne faut pas se moquer du monde et encore moins des Russes. Le fait de ne pas communiquer. Monde bizarre. En face, le colonel Poutine est de glace]. Comme un missile Topol-M dans un ciel serein.

Vive la Russie, rempart contre la barbarie occidentale. Tout le monde a compris.