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Because prison is already a highly structured place, inmates tend to resist discipline when it come to religious matters.

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It is the essence of a successful prison ministry. Many prisons have opened their doors to Yokefellowship just for that reason. They know the value self-discipline has on life on the inside and outside.

Meditation: The Absorption of Scripture

Without structure, controls and limitations, life becomes distorted and unbalanced. Only discipline permits the spiritual nurturing that transforms people. Meditation, prayer, study and worship become superficial or nonexistent activities when there is no time allotted for them. Inmates need to know that discipline is essential for all aspects of life, including their spirituality. Henry Covert, Ministry to the Incarcerated recommended reading. There is no better lesson plan than the one God wrote in his book.

Work kept him busy all night and throughout the entire weekend. Many of his new friends also worked with him and he began to spend a great deal of his free time with them. Because of this, he spent less time with his family. He had to sleep during the day in order to be able to work each night. His wife noticed a great change in his demeanor. They had several discussions about his work and how it was affecting him and his relationship with Allah Almighty. He agreed, and would begin the process of searching for new work, but inevitably, chose to stay in his current job.

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He soon found himself feeling very distanced from his wife and children. Even though the money was abundant when he first began, it was now barely paying the bills. He felt his marriage crumbling beneath the years of neglect. He found himself succumbing to depression over his circumstances, unmotivated to initiate the things he knew he would have to do in order for his life to change.

Pursuing Our Destiny, Part 16–The Discipline of Worship

It is interesting to note that 'Abdullah's life seemed much more peaceful and balanced when he engaged in his regular religious duties, and began to suffer significantly when he abandoned them. Could this simply be a coincidence? The absence of this regulation is one of the greatest crises a man suffers from in his life. This happens when man is left without guidance from Allah, The Most High, or without proper upbringing based on the Divine Guidance. Under these circumstances, man's life becomes miserable on this earth and he will be amongst the losers in the Hereafter".

A religion of discipline. It is only from the infinite wisdom and mercy of Allah that we have been given a system of belief that instructs and assists in guiding our actions and behavior. By participating in the daily obligations of our faith outlined in the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad we are more likely to enjoy Allah's bounty in this life, and reap the rewards in the Hereafter. Allah Almighty ordered all believers to be disciplined in their worship, and not to disobey Him. In the Quran, Allah Says what means " So remain on a right course as you have been commanded, [you] and those who have turned back with you [to Allah], and do not transgress.

Indeed, He is Seeing of what you do.

The intensity of our faith changes throughout our lives. There are times when we are of strong faith, and times when we struggle. Many brothers and sisters who proudly claim Islam as their religion unintentionally find themselves "slipping" in their religious duties. Seemingly overnight their lives go from pleasurable and carefree to darkness and confusion. You may begin to acknowledge that you have landed in such a state because of the choices you made, but you are lost as to how to go about changing things.

Being steadfast in our duties to Allah Almighty is what keeps you from languishing during your darker moments. Remember that your ultimate return is to Him Almighty, so you must develop discipline and a consistency in your daily routine to keep your faith from sinking. Developing discipline.

Pursuing Our Destiny, Part 16–The Discipline of Worship – Freedom Fighters

Recognizing your shortcomings is the first step towards becoming more disciplined. Allah Almighty Says what means : "…Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves Each one is responsible for oneself and will be questioned accordingly on the Day of Judgment, with no one to intercede on your behalf. You must make the choice to live your life according to Allah's Will on your own.