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London: Society of Antiquaries.

Volume II: The Finds. London: Thames and Hudson. Volume 1, Fascicule 2: Bath and the Rest of Wessex.

Britain Begins - History Extra

Giroire, C. New York: American Federation of Arts. Henig, M. Stroud: Tempus. Hiesinger, U. Huskinson, J. Kleiner, D. Yale: Yale University Press.

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Padgett, J. There is always disruption following a revolution, coup or invasion, especially when it involves loss of life on a tragically epic scale. It is interesting, however, how quickly those that survive adapt, and attempt to continue as before. For the bulk of the population living in Britain through the Roman invasion of AD 43, the basic rhythms of life would have continued as normal. Fields were ploughed, crops grown, children and livestock reared.

The Myth of Roman Britain? – Part One

Only the ruling elite understood that the arrival of a foreign war-band spelled trouble. For many, the question of whether they and their friends and families were fed, housed and generally well looked after was more important than what particular small group of people were ultimately in control.

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The adoption of Roman culture, customs and fashions was a necessary prerequisite for success within the new imperial order, and those influenced early by Rome were more likely to benefit. UnRoman attitudes: exposing the myth of Britannia. We traditionally see Roman Britain from the Rome-centred view; but how did the Britons really react? Now, a new book by Miles Russell and Stuart Laycock explores a different perspective, asking: what did the Romans truly ever do for us?

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