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Plus a hometown murder by comedian Matt McCarthy. They're all succinct and horrifying! Plus a hometown murder by comedian Guy Branum! Does Elvis get a cookie this time? Tune in to find out! This week, Karen and Georgia talk the increasingly surreal Jane Mixer case along with the Co-ed Killer and then recount the incredible survival of Jennifer Morey. Karen and Georgia read your hometown murder stories including the the Texarkana Moonlight Murders and the Sasebo Slashing.

Pop culture gone mad. M8 Oct 11, MFM Minisode 8 Karen and Georgia read a selection of your hometown murder emails and dole out a small serving of true crime to get you through your week. Karen and Georgia share the story of the killer priest, Gerald Robinson , and prepare for their trip to Chicago with a breakdown of the Gage Park stabbings.

Then they tackle the notorious and tall Co-ed Killer, Ed Kemper. Plus a hometown murder picked right from the studio audience! Plus more True Crime trading cards! On this episode, Karen and Georgia delve into the mystery of the Somerton Man and discuss the bioterror attack by followers of the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh.

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This week Karen and Georgia recount the harrowing survival story of Jennifer Holliday and the tragic case behind the creation of Megan's Law. Always in fashion and never full price, it's My Favorite Murder! To celebrate, Karen and Georgia read two New Zealand hometown murders, the dirty secret behind Kip's Tacos , and more. Karen and Georgia read your hometown murders from all over the world including Austria, Ireland, El Paso Texas, and more.

Sam Sheppard and the murder of his wife, Marilyn Reese Sheppard. Karen and Georgia retell an 'I Survived'-esque story, read a pot-smoker's near brush with a killer, and more. Plus a hometown murder from comedian Kurt Braunohler. This week Karen and Georgia read your hometown murders including a neighbor with cannibalistic intentions, the Wesson Massacre , and a near miss while peeing in the woods.

This week, we read hometown murders and near misses from Portland and the surrounding Oregon wilderness. Karen and Georgia read your local tales this week based out of Indianapolis, Milwaukee, and Chicago. This week, Karen and Georgia discuss the mysterious killing of Ronni Chasen and the tragic death of Mitrice Richardson. This week your stories involve a retirement community, a ball-peen hammer, and more. Do you know where your asses are? Karen and Georgia read your hometown stories including a letter from from sic a young listener, a surprise lion encounter, a touching ghost story, and the 'laziest' kidnapping attempt ever.

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M42 Oct 23, MFM Minisode 42 Karen and Georgia read your hometown stories from Minneapolis and Madison including a serial killer relation, a badminton murder, and more. Plus a special surprise from Dallas.

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M46 Nov 20, MFM Minisode 46 In this Minisode, Karen and Georgia read your hometown stories including a cannibalistic aunt, a mysterious mini disco ball, twin peaks in real life, and more. Louis and Kansas City, including a killer uncle, a lucky ELO belt buckle, a ghost that likes horses, and more. M50 Dec 18, MFM Miniside 50 Karen and Georgia read your hometown stories including the dangers of sleeping naked, another badass grandma, a Civil War horror tale, and more!

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M56 Feb 5, MFM Minisode 56 Karen and Georgia read your hometown stories including a few sinkhole, a childhood sister rivalry, the most intense first day of work ever, and more.

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M58 Feb 19, MFM Minisode 58 Karen and Georgia cover your hometown stories including a few Jodi Arias updates, a first responder tussle, a suspicious chemical spill, and more. M60 Mar 5, MFM Minisode 60 This week's hometowns include sand dune sinkholes, suspicious thrift store finds, and a horrifying call-in story about babysitting. M61 Mar 12, MFM Minisode 61 This week's hometowns include the funny man haunting and a 'lighthearted' near kidnapping. M64 Apr 2, MFM Minisode 64 This week's hometowns include a pair of mysterious shoes in a basement and a fruitcake in the mail.

M67 Apr 23, MFM Minisode 67 This week's hometowns include a knife fight at a wedding and a house filled with traysure. Karen and Georgia cover the arrest of the Golden State Killer. Plus investigative journalist Billy Jensen calls in. Cruel and the murder of Girly Chew Hossencofft. Brought to you by SearchingMovie. Karen and Georgia answer your questions. Plus surprise guest Paul Holes. The Purrcast. M Dec 24 MFM Minisode This week's "Christmas-themed" hometowns include a killer in the home and riding in cars with strangers.

M Feb 4 MFM Minisode This week's hometowns include a dispatcher rescue and a prison 'found in walls' story. Plus we have a special announcement! M Mar 25 MFM Minisode This week's hometowns include a church parking lot murder and a sleep-driving story. Categories :. Cancel Save. My Second Best Murder. The girls touch on Making A Murderer theories before delving into child killer Cropsey and the murder of Michele Wallace. Five Favorite Murders. In this episode we discuss LA Freeway Killers of the 70s, the Martha Moxley murder case and read more listener hometown murder stories.

Seven Murders in Heaven. This week the girls discuss their favorite unsolved murders, including The Black Dahlia and Elisa Lam. Eight Is Enough Murders. This weeks topic is weird ways to die including cursed movies and the Coronado Mansion Death. Color Me Nine. The theme for this episode is "hiding in plain sight. MFM Minisode 1. It's the first ever Murder Minisode! Here's an idea of what each age range subscription has to offer:.

The year old kits teach simple concepts related to counting, building, and cause and effect physics skills, giving little ones an extra solid foundation to enter preschool. In one of the most mentioned projects in the reviews, kids will get to build an adorable little car with the Thames and Kosmos Automobile Engineer Kit. They'll follow along in the story book with Karlie and Ty, two kids making simple models of 10 vehicles that they see on a trip with their dad. Chunky, colorful plastic pieces make it easy for small hands to put models together, aimed to aid in development of fine motor skills and visual-spatial skills.

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The year old kits aims to excite young learners using hands-on experiments to explore electricity, earth science, and simple math. One possible project is the Robotis Play Pets Kit. Kids will whip up a motorized, reconfigurable robot pet you even can tell them they have to learn to take care of this before they can get a real pet.

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Using an interactive 3D app on iOS, Android, or PC, they'll assemble up to seven different figures that can move like a real animal with the included remote control. They can also make up their own creations, too. In another box, they'll get to create their own dinosaur fossils, which is too cool. The year kits are really impressive: Aimed toward future scientists and engineers, these kits offer significantly more challenge with projects and experiences in principles of physics, chemistry, and engineering.

Several local beers are available, and there are extended weekend hours. Plus, there are a lot of things I want to get back and try on this delightful menu. Toy Box Bistro pulls it off.

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Home About New to Huntsville? Go for the food, stay for the TOYS. Toy Box Bistro Menu When you sit down to peruse the appetizers, you realize this place has an offbeat vibe, even beyond the displays. Content Continues Below. He has strong opinions on many things, including good food, IndyCar racing, and the importance of high-quality socks. You can keep up with him day to day at BoWilliams.