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The sheriff is humiliated but survives the story, while Robin, Little John, and Much return to the forest with the forgiveness of the king. In this story the monk—not the sheriff or the king—is the true villain. This version of the legend visits extreme violence on the villain, delivered by Little John and Much. Later versions of Robin Hood stories would move away from these deaths that appear as collateral damage, but medieval audiences did not seem overly troubled by them. Medieval crime and punishment often centered around brutality and violence. Kings, lords, and their representatives used it often to punish rebellious peasants.

Bodies hanging from the gallows or displayed as a warning at crossroads were familiar sights during this time. These early Robin Hood ballads begin to show a turning of the tables, in which the lower classes are able to punish the upper classes through trickery and violence.

In the 15th century more ballads about Robin Hood spread across England. One of the longest, A Gest of Robyn Hode , originates during this time.

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In these tales Robin belonged to the lower classes and was considered a yeoman. The medieval English ballads use this term to describe a status higher than a peasant but lower than a knight. In the Gest Robin is depicted as a Yeoman of the King who, despite his privileged position, misses the forest and so chooses to abandon the court. Robin Hood takes on a role as an administrator of justice for the underclass in the Gest. When Little John consults his leader for guidance on whom to beat, rob, and kill, Robin Hood provides him with a code divided along the lines of rich and poor.

No peasants, yeomen, and virtuous squires were to be harmed. In the Gest the type of villains has widened to include more figures at odds with the lower classes. The Robin Hood legend also takes a bloodier turn than in previous versions as vengeance is delivered to villains. In the Gest Robin shoots the sheriff with an arrow and then slits his throat with a sword. In a 15th-century manuscript of Robin Hood and Guy of Gisborne , Robin is not content with just killing his opponent, Guy. He also mutilates the corpse with a knife, a deed he carries out with considerable relish.

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Scholars sometimes explain these recurring themes of duping and punishing corrupt people in power as reflecting a struggle between dispossessed Saxons of the countryside and the powerful Norman rulers in the cities. In the centuries when the Robin Hood legend was taking shape, the English government was beset by a number of crises that upended the social order.

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A civil war in the 12th century, later known as the Anarchy, led to a catastrophic breakdown in law and order. In the 16th century Robin Hood lost some of his dangerous edge as he and his men were absorbed into celebrations of May Day. Every spring, the English would herald in the spring with a festival that often featured athletic contests as well as electing the kings and queens of May.

As part of the fun, participants would dress up in costume as Robin Hood and his men to attend the revels and the games. It is during this period that Robin Hood also became fashionable among the royalty and even associated with nobility. There, accompanied by his noblemen, he entertained the queen and ladies-in-waiting with his exuberant dancing and high jinks.

Several more characters begin to appear in the Robin Hood stories at this point. One is Maid Marian, and the other is Friar Tuck. The two enter into the legend at around the same time. Like Robin Hood, these two were also popular figures at the May games, and they begin appearing in literary works as well. His popularity grew in the coming years, and he appeared more frequently in later works, such as Robin Hood and the Friar from the s. This work features an episode where the monk bests Robin Hood and tosses him in a stream. In the Elizabethan era Robin Hood became a popular presence in plays staged for the upper classes.

Several playwrights, such as William Shakespeare , featured him in their works. Most notable was Anthony Munday, who wrote two plays centered around Robin Hood. Munday reinvents the outlaw as an aristocrat: Robert, Earl of Huntington, whose uncle disinherits him. Robert flees to the forest where he becomes Robin Hood. There he meets Maid Marian, and the two fall in love. No longer was Robin Hood a yeoman; he had been gentrified for new audiences.

Throughout the adventure, the Doctor was convinced that Robin was actually a creation of the robots to give the people hope, but eventually learned that he was in fact real. While Robin learned that he would be remembered as a legend and not a man, he was content with this fate.

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He also reminded the Doctor that they both came from similar backgrounds and had a similar fate: men born into wealth and privilege who were so moved by the plight of the weak and oppressed that they took up the life of an adventurer to help those who can't help themselves. He also showed that, like the Doctor, he didn't consider himself a hero, but believed that by pretending to be one, he could inspire others in his stead.

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Upon leaving, the Doctor reunited Robin with his lover, Marian. Robin travelled to the 21st century to recruit Iris Wildthyme so that she could help him save Maid Marian.

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Robin Hood taught the Doctor how to shoot a bow and arrow, and the Fifth Doctor used this knowledge to fight U'thai 's warriors. When facing a virtual recreation of Robin Hood , K9 hinted it had met the real Robin Hood in his first incarnation. In an alternate timeline where Polly Wright was manipulated into interfering with temporal nexus points, Polly accidentally saved Robin's life when she kneed him in the groin, causing him to duck and miss a sword cut aimed at his head.

A virtual reality simulation of Robin Hood. Astrolabus claimed to have been Robin Hood. Tegan Jovanka had seen Robin Hood films on television. As one of the people she had met during her travels with the Doctor, Robin Hood was included in a series of notes written by Clara when she was planning to confess to Danny Pink via phone call about her adventures with the Doctor. TV : Dark Water. In , a museum containing the Major Oak programmed a virtual reality Sherwood Forest and a virtual reality Robin Hood.