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He was also a poet and author but his most important work was his travel book The Full and Just Account of the Present State of the Ottoman Empire London, , containing his travels to İstanbul, Egypt and Palestine. While in Istanbul he stayed at the residence of Lord Paget in Pera.

XVI - 'Farinelli', Lettera di P. Metastasio al sig. cavalier Broschi, [Vol XIV, Cap. CLXII, p 339]

During his stay he also travelled to Egypt and Palestine in , and was escorted by an elderly chaplain from the British Embassy, this escort and voyage being arranged by Lord Paget. Early in the summer of he left Istanbul with Lord Paget and his entourage and returned to England in April As a traveller, Aaron Hill wrote his observations in detail with his characteristic and interesting interpretations of Ottoman social and cultural life, customs and traditions.

In other chapters of the book which give accounts on the institutions and traditions, Hill refers to The Present State of the Ottoman Empire London, by Sir Paul Rycaut — , an English diplomat Consul in Izmir — who visited the Ottoman cities Belgrade and Istanbul in Johanna Borek Vienna — University of Vienna. Founded by Empress Maria Theresia r. In he was sent to the Sublime Porte, first as assistant interpreter, then as legation councilor — Yet his difficult and rather bad-tempered personality became an obstacle to his diplomatic activities and his broader interests in Oriental culture and history, Arabic and, above all, Persian language and literature.

After his final return to Vienna in , a post as court translator Hofdolmetscher in the State Chancellery gave him time to intensify his studies, so much that he is considered one of the founders of Ottoman and, in the wider sense, of Oriental Studies. Hammer-Purgstall also translated Turkish, Arabic and Persian literature into French and German, and all these activities became even more intense when he retired. Among his most important works, there is the Geschichte des Osmanischen Reiches ten volumes, Pest: Hartleben, — , still consulted today. From his translation of the ghazal poems by Hafiz of Shiraz ca.

The issues to address are the typology and iconology of diplomatic missions in Ottoman-European context, considering aspects such as processions, ceremonies, gift giving, image s of the envoys and ambassadors, social and cultural gatherings, and not least, royal and official audiences; as well as sources to these aspects in art and cultural history. More information about the Ottoman Roundtables can be found here.

Caroscio and M. La Toscana dei Medici e il Mezzogiorno spagnolo nella descrizione di un viaggiatore orientale , a cura di M.

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Omaggio a Siro Ferrone , a cura di S. Mazzoni, Firenze, Le Lettere, Among other publications on Beckett, twentieth-century fiction, visual art and theatre, she has contributed a chapter to the Oxford Handbook of Modern Irish Theatre , and has given talks in Ireland, Britain, Colombia, Croatia, Mexico and Portugal. She has lectured on modern literature and art at universities in Dublin and Mexico, and currently lectures on drama and creative writing at the International University of Sarajevo. She has published on the European Enlightenment Denis Diderot , Reinbek [Rowohlt] , among others , on literature, theatre and politics in Italy of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries and on translation history and theory.

Born in Tulln, Lower Austria. For several years he had worked in a bank prior to studying theatre, film, and media studies as well as journalism and communication studies at Vienna University. Current research focuses on theatre in the eighteenth century and the Turkish subject in European theatre. Stuttgart, ; ed. Hermann Nitsch: Wiener Vorlesungen.

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Vienna, ; ed. Lorenzo Da Ponte. Vienna, ; Il corpo del teatro , ed. Vienna, ; Ottoman Empire and European Theatre , vol. Bastien und Bastienne. Vienna, He specializes in comparative intellectual history, the history of education in the Ottoman Empire and Turkish modernization. He is also the vice editor of the Journal of Ottoman Studies. Associate professor at the University of Arts in Belgrade and an adjunct at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna; she has also taught at the universities of Graz and Ljubljana. She worked on her postdoctoral project Opera and the idea of self-representation in Southeast Europe at the University Graz and the Austrian Academy of Sciences — She has published on eighteenth- and twentieth-century music Balkan, Russian, German opera; Yugoslav culture, music historiography.

  1. Staging an opera: letters from the Cesarian poet | Early Music | Oxford Academic.
  2. Annie Wu Saves the Future (Spaceship Girls Book 1).
  3. Opera within Opera: Contexts for a Metastasian Interlude;

She is the editor of several books and author of numerous papers published internationally. She acquired an extended experience of teaching in a wide range of disciplines in Social Sciences through her affiliation with İstanbul Bilgi University between and She continued with her doctoral research as a Visiting Student Research Collaborator under the supervision of Professor Dr.

Her works are mainly focused on the Ottoman social, cultural and economic history, Ottoman military and judicial history, history of medicine and history of civilization.

As a scholar, he is best known for his book The French Interior in the Eighteenth Century London: Laurence King, , which aims to take an overview of the whole subject of place furnishings and objects in their decorative contexts. Grove is a registered trademark. Grove Music Online. Advanced search. Pre- and Early Medieval before Medieval 15th c. Late 18th c. Africa Asia. The Americas Browse All.

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