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Stay logged in on this computer. No account yet? I am a new customer. Play and learn. Occasion Church music [5]. Style Classical music [45]. Target group. Gustav Jenner Gustav Uwe Jenner was a German composer, conductor and musical scholar whose chief claim to fame is that he was the only formal composition pupil of Johannes Brahms.

Silvestre, , publ. Une Flute invisible soupire V. Silvestre, Green P. Verlaine, also set in an italian translation by R. Rossetti in versions for piano or for orchestra Papillons P. Richepin in versions for piano or for orchestra Dans la fontaine P. Jean-Aubry, , publ. Charasson, , publ. Baudelaire, , publ La mort des pauvres C.

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Tagore, transl. See: en. Droin, G. Rodenbach, P. Verlaine also arranged for voice and string quartet. Samain also arranged for voice and orchestra L'Offrande Lyrique , R. Tagore, translated A. Gide also arranged for voice and orchestra Image , E. Schneider Fontaines , L. Cras Pupil of Duparc during His second daughter Collette married Alexandre Tansman. Dates and publication details unknown. George Crumb George Crumb's compositions for voice and piano include Apparition Dates and publication unknown.

Tolstoy Op. Richard Danielpour Richard Danielpour's compositions for voice and piano include Spirits In The Well on poems by Toni Morrison, incl: Down in the well , At some point, the world's beauty is enough , I envy public love and There are no new songs. Dates and publication unknown; perhaps not yet published. Published by Durand and Heugel. Books of selected songs are published by Boosey and Hawkes incl: five songs from the Danish, Four Old English Lyrics, four Lieder nach Nietzsche, and Avant que tu ne t'en ailles and Oxford University Press ; the complete songs are published in seven smaller volumes by Masters Music.

See also members. David Diamond The compositions of David Diamond - for voice and piano include Hebrew Melodies Byron , 4 songs Date and publication details unknown. Jakob Druckman The compositions of Jakob Druckman for voice and piano include Counterpoise , Emily Dickinson and Guillaume Apollinaire four songs "extravagantly dissonant music that is nevertheless remarkably melodic". Dates unknown. The pre concert songs are published by Universal.

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See eislermusic. Euringer Woher ich's hab , R. Wie bin ich vorgespannt Some of the songs are published by Schott. Dominique [M. Van Lerberghe published in separate volumes: no. Debladis, publ. The publishers are unknown for the songs from Op.

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Terzinen Hofmannsthal for male voice Dates unknown. Published by Schott. Published by Eschig and Schott. Armstrong Gibbs The compositions of C. See: henry-lemoine. Percy Grainger Percy Grainger studied with Knorr and Kwast in Frankfurt from to , settled in London in , and appeared widely as a concert pianist. Yeats Ludlow and Teme A. Dates mostly unknown; his best work is from the years Gassed in Passchendale in , studied under Vaughan Williams from and developed delusional insanity in Published by Heugel , now represented by LeDuc.

A collection of twelve songs is also published by International Music Company , for both high and low voices. John Harbison John Harbison's compositions for voice and piano include Mirabai on texts by the 16th century Indian mystic, Mira , with orchestral accompaniment; also available in an edition for piano. Simple Daylight on poetry by Michael Fried. Published by Associated Music Publishers , distributed by Schirmer.

John Harbison has written several other song cycles with orchestral accompaniment, incl: Words From Patterson on poetry by William Carlos Williams, and Mottetti di Montale , a fifty minute song cycle on poems by Eugenio Montale Le occasioni, , as well as the opera The Great Gatsby.

Davies Sweet Chance , W. Fox Smith Published by Boosey. Eve-Song on poetry by Philip Littell, incl: My Name , Even , Good , Listen , Snake , Woe to Man , The Wound and The Farm ; "accessible, jazzy colorations and flowing melodic lines, providing both a relief to the listener as well as a structure in which to deploy the more daring and fragmented contemporary expression". Songs with cello, incl: What lips my lips have kissed Edna St.

They are published in three books by G. See home. They are published by Schott. Smith, Banal sojourn Op. Stevens, Georgian songs Op. Cunningham, tenor Author of Light Op. Williams, tenor Op. Firbank for high voice and harp, and Willow Cycle Shakespeare, W. Raleigh, trad for tenor and harp. From high windows Op. Larkin, Killing time W.

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  • Song cycles (Killmayer).

Auden, S. Smith, W. Raleigh, soprano solo The noon's repose Op. Elliot, W. Stevens, A. Marvel, A medley of nursery rhymes and conundrums Op. Graves, The lover's well Op. Hill, See: wikipedia. Sidney , Weep you no more , Lovely kind and kindly loving N. Breton , Cradle song W. Blake and Peace A. Hyatt Hymns from the Rig Veda Op. Buckton Eleven Songs as published by Thames also includes Slumber song , Margarete's cradle song , Soft and Gently , Dewy roses and Song of the woods , which are however not mentioned in Groves.

Stevenson, incl: Sing me a song of a lad that is gone no. Yeats and To Russia no. Rossetti, Dead in the cold, a song-singing thrush , Who has seen the wind? Yeats, Two Songs Op. Blake, two songs incl: The Sick Rose no. Weeden, 5 songs incl: 'Way down South no. Rossetti, Sheep and Lambs Op. This set may be Homer's masterpiece. Before Homer also wrote Trost der Nacht Op. They are published by Salabert. Lengnick And is it true? John Betjeman publ. Houseman publ. Bardic Five Songs Robert Burns publ. Westerleigh Four Songs Charles Causley publ.

Westerleigh A Book of Love Songs publ. Lengnick The Orange Carol Book publ. Schott The Easter Carol Book publ. Schott Dates mostly unknown. They are published by Bardic , Lengnick , Schott and Westerliegh. The post songs include: Air du matin, Air du soir J. Mestrallet, Chanson de Lognac P. Chassang, Ronde M. Chassang, Les yeux et la voix P. Benedict, Dans le jardin multicolore A. Samain, Edith au col de cygne cant. Klingsor, Jeunes chansons sur des vieux airs A. Boyer, Vengeons nos morts M.

Chassang, Triptyque A. Puget, Dans le parc A. Samain, Esquisses marocainnes A. Droin, Versailles A. Samain, , a song cycle Les heures P. Lahore, Le mariage de Marion T. They are published by Leduc. Most dates unknown. Published by Boosey. Ives published a volume of songs at his own expense in A selection of songs is published by Merion Music. Yrjo Kilpinen's huge output of songs include Op. The Jalkanen Lieder of aready fall into Kilpinen's mature period. Most of the songs are riddled with morbid, resigned pathos, which surely explains in part why they have had so few performances in the later half of the 20th century.

Among them one nevertheless finds songs of substance, such as Ah, missa lienet nyt with its long chromatic suspensions, or the haughty Yli hohtavan hangen. Elegia yolle Op. Lakeus Op. Koskenniemi Lieder Op. The world of Lagerkvist, a Christian existentialist, is at one and the same time steadfast and disconsolate. Kilpinen's musical language in songs such as Var ar den djupa gladje and Regnet slar och slar succeeds in capturing both these aspects of his poetry. Alvan och kardinalen Op. Spielmannslieder Op.

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Paimenalaulu no. They do not reach to the level of his previous works in terms of musical accomplishment, being more staid and lacking in innovation. In addition, there are the Hermann Lons songs from , and the as yet unpublished Katri Vala songs from Kilpinen is published by Fazer Book , and the german songs were originally published by Bote und Bock and by Breitkopf. Publication details unknown. See: wikipedia and klassika. The whole cycle is published in four volumes, and lasts about an hour. The Australian Music Centre claim that they were republished by Allans , but Allans don't seem to know about this.

Jacques Leguerney Jacques Leguerney, who died in , had a fondness for French Renaissance poets such as Ronsard, and the songs are tinged with elements of both Impressionism and earlier-sounding, sort of modal harmonies. He claimed he had been born years too late. She excelled in lighter material and wrote many children's songs.

So Lust and Kummer (Both joy and grieve) Sheet Music by Gustav Jenner

Her post compositions for voice and piano include: The Daisy-Chain L. Alma-Tadema, R. Boutelleau, F. Lehmann, Bird Songs A. Coggs and Other Songs for Children E. Lucas, Nonsense Songs from L. Lomax, The Well of Sorrow H. Cunnington, , Magdalen at Michael's Gate H. Kingsley, , The Poet and the Nightingale J. Rossetti, The Secrets of the Heart H. Ingelow, Behind the Nightlight J. Maude, N.

FitzGerald, after O. Published by Amphion-Ricordi and Durand. Sings Harry Denis Glover, , six songs: These songs See: wikipedia and www. Elizabeth Lutyens The compositions of Elizabeth Lutyens for voice and piano include Five songs for soprano Four songs for tenor and piano incl: Stanzas Emily Bronte , Thief in the night , Nonentity D. Lawrence and Feste's song Shakespeare Six songs for tenor, soprano and piano incl: The deserter A. Lawrence, ? Published by Chester from to , then Lengnick until , then Mills Music until , then Schott until , then self-published by The Olivan Press.

Gustav Mahler The post compositions of Gustav Mahler for voice and piano include one or two of the Knaben Wunderhorn songs ? Many of Marx's songs also exist in arrangements for orchestra or various chamber ensembles. Published by Durand. There are also sets Op. Perhaps originally published by Hansen, they are now republished by Masters Music. Bethges, Chin. Five Songs for Voice and Piano Op. Eight Songs for Voice and Piano Op. Richard E. Mercier Greenwood Press, The complete songs are published in two volumes by Schott and The songs written before and the opera excerpts are also published by Max Brockhaus , the Op.

Heugel Vocalise publ. Salabert Le portrait Colette , publ. Salabert Ce doux petit visage P. Eluard , publ. Salabert Bleuet Guillaume Apollinaire , publ. Max Eschig Le pont , Guillaume Apollinaire publ. Max Eschig Mais mourir , Paul Eluard publ. Heugel Hymne , Racine publ.