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He wants our lives to be abundant. He invites us to come unto Him. We build strength of soul to weather the storms of our lives by learning of Him. We learn by study and by prayer. We learn by watching righteous examples. We learn as we serve others in order to serve Him see Matthew We learn as we seek to emulate Him in any way we can.

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Listening means heeding and hearkening, not just hearing. We listen to Him in private scripture study.

We listen in sacrament meeting and in the temple. We listen to Him in the voice of living prophets and apostles. We strengthen our roots with incremental, one-step-at-a-time growth. As we listen, we follow the path He walked. He is the path that leads to the abundant life, and He is the light that illuminates it see John There is no secret or surprise about what we can and should do to develop our roots: we keep the commandments of God. Our ability to do His will grows as we do His will.

It becomes easier because we grow in conviction and faith. When we faithfully persist in applying the fundamentals of the gospel in our lives, the Lord blesses us with increased inner strength.

Worthy, thoughtful worship makes an important contribution to the depth of our spiritual roots. Reverently attending sacrament meeting and partaking of the sacrament with real intent make the Sabbath day more than just another Sunday. When we prepare ourselves before our meetings, the Sabbath becomes a richer experience for us. As we contemplate our need for forgiveness and the blessing of always having His Spirit to be with us, we begin to see the chapel as a sanctuary and the sacrament as a time of sanctification.

For that reason, there are some things we should always take with us when we go to church. Foremost among these are a broken heart and a contrite spirit. Similarly, we should always leave some things at home.

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Thoughts of sports, work, entertainment, and shopping ought to be left locked in a closet inside our homes to be opened on any day other than the Sabbath day. Genuine worship promotes real conversion. Life has a way of bringing distress to all of us even when we are doing our best.


But we surely do decide each day how we will prepare for them. When we become inattentive to the small, daily, repetitive but essential actions of belief, we weaken our roots. Over time we slowly draw away from God. Safety is found only in the center of the strait and narrow path. There is no better pattern of life anywhere, no surer way to find peace and the pathway forward, than by following the Lord Jesus Christ. That kind of rootedness transcends time and outlasts every enemy, even the most subtle, invisible, and insidious ones.

Isaiah captured in just a few words the essence of what it means to be rooted in the Lord Jesus Christ and to bring to fruitage in our souls something of the attributes of the Savior. The Savior Jesus Christ is the exemplar of every virtue.

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He was the one perfect man ever to live. He atoned for our sins. Through His Atonement we can become women and men of Christ. Three years later, his father married a widow, Lavetta Cluff Lunt, with nine children, and the two families were then reared as one. It has been sent all around the world as one or another served missions or in the U.

The family was very close as they worked together to keep such a large family functioning. They gardened, did housework and helped on the ranch. He remembers seeing his father ride away on horseback each Monday to care for the cattle, and not return for a week or more. We spent quite a few summers in Colonia Pacheco, pulling weeds, feeding pigs, and the older children milking the cows. At age 21, he was called on a mission to Argentina. He now looks back on that experience with great satisfaction.

A former companion is serving in a leadership position in the Church in Argentina, as are others he knew while on his mission. After being released as a missionary, he attended BYU. In his senior year, on his 26th birthday, he began dating Sharon Willis, from El Paso Texas, who was then a roommate of his cousin, Patricia Hatch. They traveled to El Paso, Texas, for him to meet her parents. Then they talked about where they would live. UtahT and asked if maybe he could find something to do there.

But all he could talk about was when he got back to the colonies and started ranching.

Deeply Rooted in Faith & Family

His heart and soul were in Mexico, and that was the end of any thoughts of living in the United States. That learning served her well after their marriage. I have loved raising our family here. Most of their family vacations were centered around youth temple excursions to the Arizona Temple in Mesa, as he served in various leadership capacities. Very touching, enlightening, and full of depth! I love it when I come away having learned something that deepens my understanding of Jesus. I encourage you to get your copy today.

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May it bless you as it did me, and may it draw you closer to Jesus, as we remember His sacrifice and celebrate His resurrection. I know it did for me. Share this: Twitter Facebook.