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There will also be unscheduled free time every day.

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We may have a special trip to a beach along the spectacular coastline, schedule permitting. The paths are well-worn and are easy to moderate. You will be encouraged to hike at your level, and it is entirely optional. There will be some long, slow climbs through farming areas, as well as an optional dramatic gorge hike up Las Xanas.

Weather and time permitting, we may also do a coastal walk and visit a beach or two. Click Here to View a Video of the seasonal beauty of Asturias. There are indoor and outdoor spaces for practicing yoga. Eileen will guide you through meditation, asana, and pranayama. Attention is always given to form and therapeutic principals. A variety of yoga asanas will be taught including standing poses, backbends, forward bends, restoratives, inversions, pranayama, and meditation.

Entrenamiento de Yoga en Español

Modifications are offered to help individuals understand and work with their own unique limitations. The retreat center is situated in a spectacular and untouched corner of northwest Spain. The recently converted farmhouse rests on the hillside of a green valley in the hamlet of Faedo; a paradise for those who love the great outdoors.

The Inn can accommodate 16 people in 8 rooms, all with en-suite bathrooms, and either a balcony or terrace.

There is also nearby housing available for a family or 2 separate apartments. An intricate system of marked footpaths leads you from one small village to the next; up and over mountain passes; and through river valleys. Our guides are able to take our guests through our magnificent landscape via well-trodden pathways visiting remote villages where life unchanged, continues much as it always has.

Our hosts, husband and wife team Juan Carlos Fuentes and Judy Colaneri both have a passion for cooking. There is a non-refundable deposit to secure your spot in the retreat Limited to 18 people. The following items are recommendation. Please remember that these are only guidelines. Your personal preferences will dictate what you will want to bring. There are washing machines available at the hotel, so feel free to travel light. Hiking boots — One of the most important items will be a good pair of hiking boots that come up to your ankles.

Be sure you have hiked in them prior to this trip so they are broken in and comfortable.

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  • We recommend that you arrive the day before and stay the night in Oviedo, to ensure that you arrive at our meeting place without any difficulty i. Eileen Muir began her yoga training in at the age of 13, and her studies led her to India, China and Japan. She has been devoted to studying and teaching yoga, having studied Iyengar yoga with the most senior Iyengar teachers, including Mary Dunn, Manouso Manos, Patricia Walden, since In addition to being a Yoga Alliance certified teacher, Eileen is also an AOBTA-certified instructor of Five Element Shiatsu and teaches a hour yoga teacher training, a hour advanced yoga teacher training, and a hour 5 element Shiatsu certification program.

    Her teaching is infused with the passion and understanding that comes from her commitment to yoga as a spiritual path to relieve suffering. As a direct result of her committed daily practice, each class is an exploration into stillness, moving from gross to subtle while gently penetrating the layers of our Being. For English version, and more photos, keep scrolling!

    Soy una persona muy apasionada y cuando algo me interesa me dedico en cuerpo y alma a eso. Me saca de mi mente y de las historias que mi mente me cuenta sobre mi. Entonces empezar a sanar tuvo mucho que ver con conectar con otra manera de hacer, de acercarme a las cosas. De correrme un poco de hacer, lograr, resolver, avanzar.

    Una mujer muy independiente, muy fuerte, muy luchadora. Entonces para mi la idea de ser mujer estuvo relacionada con demostrar que no era menos. Para mi hoy ser una mujer fuerte es aquella que se permite no poder, fallar. Una mujer compasiva consigo misma, llena de amor. Me costaba no prepararme para algo pero fue muy beneficioso, aprender a correrme y dejar que la vida opere, confiar en la vida.

    Respaldada, acunada. Poder desear y procurar para mi misma lo mismo que para ella fue muy sanador. Es un momento donde pude realmente conocerme, conocer mi poder, mis limites. Fue un momento muy especial con mi pareja, de mucho amor. Imagina la sociedad que podemos crear criando hijos con madres sin miedo! Esta sociedad nos quiere viviendo en el miedo. Miedo a morir, a no tener, a fracasar, a sufrir.

    Con Sara no tuve registro del postparto. Hoy entiendo la importancia de poder descansar, de respetar los diferentes momentos, las diferentes etapas, no apurarlas. Quiero descansar y recuperarme para poder estar lista para mi nueva vida, para mi nuevo yo. Hasta las princesas! Hoy ella me hace cuestionarme todo en lo que creo y voy a estarle eternamente agradecida por eso.

    Me encanta tener una hija mujer, es muy sanador. Es importante para mi, no imponerles nada. Permitirles recorrer su propio camino de descubrimiento. No me gusta prohibirles nada ni decirles lo que tienen que hacer. Valoro enormemente, por propia experiencia, el esfuerzo que hacen por venir al shala. Carla Vollmer es una mujer que me inspira como mujer, como madre, como amiga, maestra. Y es una mujer real, sin pretensiones, sin poses, honesta, amorosa y extremadamente generosa. Es inspirador y esperanzador. My teacher back then asked me to teach. I had learned with him during a year how to assist in some sort of TTC.

    I used to work as a free-lance graphic designer and I was pretty satisfied with it. I liked what I was doing but I was very anxious and distressed. Even more, being a free-lance I used to work alone, isolated; relating to others was becoming increasingly challenging. But you look around and everybody is like this and you start thinking this is the norm, this is they way you are supposed to work and you just get on going with it.

    So, I started to practice in the evenings as a way to find a full stop to my work day. I had to change so many patterns in my life. I believe, out of my own experience, yoga gets in through a deep wound, an unbearable pain that truly motivates you to change. I believe that was my first encounter with my body talking to me, saying this is enough.

    I had quit smoking recently, something I did for half of my life by then and something I thought I would never quit because it defined me. It was the first time in my life I felt that and it was huge! Sharing this practice that literally saved my life is one of the things that make me truly happy.

    Being able to witness and hold the space for this transformation to happen in others is truly special, I feel very lucky. First of all, my practice is a tool of self inquiry. I takes me out of my mind and the stories it tells me about myself. I had a beginning with a lot of injuries. I think I had a lot to detox and a lot to heal as well and that took the shape of injuries in my case.

    The way I used to approach things in my life have been always very active, fierce, kind of masculine one may say. So starting to heal had a lot to do with connecting with a different way of doing, of approaching things, events, people. Kind of stop doing, achieving, resolving, moving forward. My biggest practice was learning to connect with more nutritious, restorative, compassionate qualities of acceptance.

    That was connected to the way I was living my femininity and also the image I had of my own mother or what it meant to be a woman. Since I was a child I remember being annoyed with being a girl, I felt treated as weaker or being left out. All the fun belonged to the boys so I tried to hang around my male cousins and friends, climbing trees, always bruised; I was a tomboy!

    However I went to a catholic primary school and at home we were only women. My mom, my sister and I. And exactly because of this my mom tried to fill in that role; or as she says, there was no other option. Someone who loved her job in big companies and I think she had to compete against several men to get where she got. A very strong and independent woman, a fighter. She had quite a rough and poor beginning and had to fight for everything in her life.

    Everything in her life was the outcome of huge effort. Her image had a profound impact on me, as her idea of Life as Struggle. Like a denial of my own femininity, I perceived it as a weakness. And what is a strong woman according to you? Mi practice helps me observe the limitations of my own body but also all its possibilities.

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    But I believe I could only reach that place through diving completely into my body and that implied a long process of identifying my feminine power. For me today being a strong woman is one who allows herself to fail, to not be able to do. That woman who presents herself in front of the world in its rawness, with no pretensions, no pressure, not from the outside nor from within. A woman who is true to herself, to her true Self and not to an idea that she has about what she herself should be or would like to be.

    A compassionate woman towards herself, full of love. I feel that in the most difficult moments with my daughter, when she needs me the most, when sometimes she is in the middle of a tantrum and I feel that I manage to contain her even though it challenges me, I feel that my heart expands right there, I feel physically more space opening. That, for me today, is synonymous of strength. My first pregnancy connected me to my emotional world. I felt like something opened and never closed again.

    I remember that I did not understand, that I felt so overwhelmed by all this emotionality; it was too much.

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    I reckon it could not have been otherwise. And it never closed again, it never returned to its previous state. My second pregnancy finds me more mature in many things: my partner, my family, my practice and especially with myself. It finds me living in another country too, almost in another life, another world, you could say. I thought I already knew what pregnancy was about but no. Each pregnancy is a unique process, it is a different person with different energy that is inside you and that alchemy produces something unique, every time.

    In this pregnancy I felt that I was able to cross a big threshold of data, reach a well of wisdom kept deep down. A threshold that enabled an incredible degree of connection and peace. There was something I read at the very beginning of the pregnancy that said "that you can do something yourself alone does not mean you have to" and it touched me a fiber with respect to asking for help, not having to, to be able to say no.

    My first pregnancy was beautiful, without complications, light, many lessons but more related to learning to let go. In this one I did not resist so I let it happen quite soon, luckily.

    MIAMI- Rina Yoga's Spanish Yoga Weekend Training for Teachers and Students | Rina Yoga

    Knowing that only by letting go you can open up to new things. In my first pregnancy I explored myself and not the "theme". It was the first time I decided not to read or study about what was happening. I explored Trust, Faith, concepts I did not relate to so easily. It was difficult for me not to prepare for something but it was beneficial, to step aside and let life works, to trust in life. I learned so much from that resistance. Resistance to feel more, to overflow emotionally, to be weak, to let it affect me Sometimes I feel it is very easy to "understand" certain processes intellectually or from the outside, which we think we already know but if you do not experience it, embody it, you do not go through it, there is a level of understanding that you can not grasp.

    And we all have different levels, different needs, it is not good or bad that you need more or less intensity to get it. My second pregnancy started with frustration.