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Yeah, he made a shitty move in the previous book, but the man has real feelings for this girl!!! He could do anything for her Okay, he was also very possessive, but I'm not complaining!!! Riley was his and he was determined to make her see it!!! I feared what another female Delta heir meant. I feared what I felt. I knew you were going to have the power to fucking destroy me, and I did everything to stop you before you started. You ain't gonna get rid of me until I destroy everything first. I loved them all, even though Dylan started to frustrate me!!! I'm afraid that he has wrong feelings about Riley!!!

Jasper was his usual goofy self and i liked that we found more about Evan!!! I really would love to see their stories too!!! They deserve to have their own books!!! Letting them know you guys care about me?

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Their behaviors were unacceptable!!! The Delta grown ups suck!!! All of them!!! And Richard disappointed me!!! Sneaky bastard!!! And the worst of them all is dearest mama, Katherine!!! I hate this woman!!! Fucking psycho!!! I have the feeling that she had something to do with Oscar's death!!! I wouldn't be surprised if she did!!! As for Dante??? I knew that he was hiding something, but hopefully, he will redeem himself!!!

And now, what will i do until August???? It doesn't matter what you do, or say, or how many ways you fuck. You're always one of us. View all 24 comments.

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Holy balls, that book was like mind-blowing. It's very rare for me to love a book so much the dynamics and the friendship the story was just like wow. I have no words for this book how great it was. I just wish the second book was already out. Seriously giving book hangover. May 16, Jessica Lino rated it it was ok.

This was just bad Ummm, where do I begin? The problem with this story, despite the glaringly unreal ness of it all is the details. First off Senators do not have office space at City Hall. City Hall is for City Councilmembers and Mayors. The whole attempted gang rape scene sounds like something Tate James cooked up, and I all but had to stop reading this book. What hormonal teenager who just lost he This was just bad Ummm, where do I begin? What hormonal teenager who just lost her parents, got thrown into a brand new world, experienced an unsettling level of betrayal and public embarrassment, was essentially left to fend for herself would not FEEL overwhelmed and unsafe to be around a group of men after being physically assaulted and forced into a classroom and experiences sexual violence at the hands of her peers?!?!

Yes, she may have not been forcibly raped, but the forcible removal of her clothes and being pinned down and beat upon would leave ANY female scarred. The shame in which this portion of the story was handled and how there was no real trigger warning is just plain bad. However I feel the need to say that this has to be a Tate James thing, in one of the Kit Davenport books she was kidnapped, stripped naked and subjected to torture that included fingernails being removed.

Samadrita Ahh I agree so much. Riley seems so cool even after the most traumatizing events that it really bothers me. And I think you mean Katelyn? Jun 24, AM. The story of Railey Jameson to Railey Debois continues as the last book ended in a cliff hanger. An Elite hi " The guys might have won the first battle, but I was going to win the war.

An Elite high school dark book where there are 4 rich boys and 1 strong female character. As Railey's life turned upside down after her parent's death, she faces new challenges and learns more about her life that she never knew and encounters with new feelings which betray her. This book follows and unveils more about Delta and betrayals of people whom they trust and shows more of Railey and Sebastian as their feelings escalate and they encounter with new ones which they never experienced. This book was far much better than the first book, it was just perfect and Sebastian finally confessed his feelings for Railey.

These books unravel more about the elite boys and their bond which I admired a lot, even though they are friends, they behave more like brothers. They have no one expect each other and now they accepted Railey as one of their owns and now they are in a hunt to find out more about Delta and unveil their secrets. They all drank coffee, and it was often Dylan who acted as the house bitch and refilled their cups. It trails the mystery from the last book where some of them are answered and new secrets are revealed but it also shows the funny sibling fights between Jasper and eddy, the romance between Railey and Sebastian and Evan's new interest in anime and more about Dylan's family.

May 26, Lien rated it did not like it Shelves: reviewed , wtf-moment , books-reading-challenge , stars. What a fucking disappointment. I loved that Riley didn't give in and stayed stubborn because I would have done the same. Let them grovel. But you know what? Her hypocrisy at the end was driving me nuts and I just couldn't respect her anymore. Sure, circumstances were a bit different but why tf did she think it would be okay for her to keep secrets? In her own words "What happened to no more secrets?

Big Sky Country, Book 2

Decision made she couldn't help but think: "I knew it was stupid. I was well aware I was the fucking moron heroine in the scary movie that deliberately ran away from the highly trained men that cared about her and were trying to protect her. I couldn't have said it better.

And as if saying that would make everything better. My biggest problem wasn't even the heroine. It was the plot. It was so bizarre reading about the events in this book. Ok moving on.

Surface Book 2

Alrighty then. Everything just got brushed off somehow. I know this is not a stereotypical story. Things like this happen in this series. The novelty has worn off and everything felt so boring. Nothing really happens and too much happens at the same time. They do all that badass shit and then switch back to "mundane" stuff like apartment hunting, bullying at school, birthday parties and mushy declarations. The book tried too hard to bring some kind of balance between the weird and normal stuff and I wished the authors had just concentrated on either one because the weird stuff was just too extreme in contrast to the normal, "everyday events".

What this book was missing is a goal. It feels like they just go along with whatever their parents say and if they discover something along the way, great, if not also ok. There is absolutely no urgency in what they do. They don't actively work towards a goal and do stuff. They just take it however it comes. Catherine has her own goal. Dante is hiding something. Richard is doing something. Oscar was probably murdered. They all know that. But do they really do something? Noo, it's like their motto is "if we find out we find out, but for now, let's just keep it in the back of our heads somewhere".

Why not do something immediately? Over and over again we get to read about how powerful they are, that they rule the school, that they are trained for extreme situations and can do nearly everything but in the end, they are only "heirs in training" and actually can't do shit. So basically we as the reader know nothing. Where is this series even going? I don't know how the authors are going to wrap this up in the last installment.

This book felt a lot like a filler, with information sprinkled here and there and then bam the big cliffhanger. I do want to know how they'll conclude the series but I don't want to read the whole book to find out. I'll probably just read a few reviews here on Goodreads and hope for some big spoilers.

View all 5 comments. May 16, Ashley Estep rated it it was amazing. What the F!! Tate and Jaymin deliver an amazing book full of drama and angst. Just when you think one thing something else happens. I was hooked from the first page to the last and now I'm left wondering when they will give us book 3, like I need it more than I needed book 2!!

Riley and the guys are back and there's more happening than in the first book. Threats are being made, moves are being taken, a little murder, and a few WTF did I just read moments. And Riley is trying to figure out what to do about the guys. Broken Trust picks up not far after Broken Wings ends. Riley is hurt, over what happened at Delta and refuses to let the guys back in.

The guys have no choice but to leave her on her own. High school is a real when you're an outcast and they student body declares open season. Through in a Huntley heir and things get really interesting. This book was definitely more intense than the first and that's saying something. The pull that Beck and Riley have, and the fact that she was fighting it adds and extra little something to the already filled book. I loved every word in this book! If I could give it more than five stars I would! There's a little something for everyone, murder, some hot AF scenes we just love, some darker moments.

This book really has a little bit of everything and I just couldn't put it down. Mar 28, Targreed rated it it was amazing. Well the first book was holy hangover The amounts of theories I have running around in my head right now are driving me crazy because there are so many possibilities of things that could happen in book 3. Broken trust was dark, fast paced, full of action and there were points where I had to stop to take a breather because the anxiety was real.

I am absolutely loving this series and I hope that all of the guys get their own books. His character development in this book was great. Read these books May 26, Christa rated it it was ok Shelves: kindle-unlimited , meh , ya , , contemporary. But for reasons of the plot the main character needs to be under 18 so she can still have a guardian.

Not my favorite. Trigger warning - attempted gang rape. May 17, beth m rated it liked it. Love I loved this book, I really did. I have literally been waiting for what feels like forever to read it. Some of the possessiveness and crazy of her boyfriend beck, while at times hot had left a little bit of sourness. I get this is a book with some darkness, and corporate darkness but the almost gang rape was just too fa Love I loved this book, I really did.

I get this is a book with some darkness, and corporate darkness but the almost gang rape was just too far. That was too much. Idk what was the point in some of her training if she never excelled at it or used it. For the love of everything holy please give this girl something! She was supposed to be scrappy and ect growing up in a not so great environment. Come on!!!!

Pleaseeeeeeee do something with her character. May 16, Karen Dubose rated it it was amazing. More please!! I absolutely love this series. If work didn't get in the way I would read it all in day without sleep lol. Riles has her work cut out for her. Murder is just a new part of her life she needs to get use to if she wants to survive long enough to see the end game. Sebastian well what can't I say about him.

Dylan is a hottie to. I just wish there was more back stories on the guys. Do I recommend this book. Um very much so. Happy reading. May 19, Daisy rated it liked it. May 16, Ashleigh rated it really liked it Shelves: bandwagon-trendsetter , adult-romance.

Everything you could want in a sequel and then some. Let me not lie for a second though, I was expecting there to be a lot more effort put into reconciliation after what happened at the end of the first book. Don't get me wrong, Beck and the boys had to do some groveling but with how much they did, especially Beck, I figured Riley would give them more hell.

That withstanding, this read was excellent. It does a great job of following up after the ending of the last book. It leaves you with way mor Everything you could want in a sequel and then some. It leaves you with way more questions than answers but it does hit on some hot topics from Broken Trust, like the issues and information Riley's bestie has We are privy to some of his inner most thoughts about Riley but not about Delta; which is becoming more involved in the plot structure and character conflicts.

I predict that something is happening with Delta and Beck is going to play a huge part in it I just can't decide if that means the others are going to be left out of it until the last minute, or completely. The ending, of course, is a cliffhanger that is disturbing and intriguing.. I can't wait to read the next book. May 16, Allison Bumpus rated it it was amazing. This was next level reading. This book was EPIC! I thought for a bit this was turning rh which I would not have minded one bit, but I'm also not complaining about Sebastian and Rileys relationship.

But seeing as I literally just finished, I have to say What in the hell?!!!! That ending!!!! Omg I think I actually might die if I have to wait long for broken legacy. May 17, taveena kade rated it liked it. May 17, Annabel rated it it was amazing. Loved the book May 17, Bianca Souza rated it really liked it. That being said, I think the Riley was too quick to accept their apologies.

View 1 comment. May 18, georgie rated it it was ok Shelves: na-contemporary. May 16, Sara Oxton rated it it was amazing. This is the second novel in the Dark Legacy series, and they are best read in order as they follow on from each other and you would miss out not reading the series. The first was great, we got to know everyone the story was set, there was action, drama and romance but this one, wow this one just blew it up to the next level.

Riley will pull you not only into her world, but into her life, at one point you will be want Broken Trust by Jaymin Eve and Tate James a five-star read that will break you. Riley will pull you not only into her world, but into her life, at one point you will be wanting to punch everyone my poor husband came home as I was reading this point, I sobbed then punched him , you will feel her emotions as your own, also getting hot under the collar when trapped in a small room. Jaymin and Tate please keep writing together as you complement the other and its sublime.

May 17, Bry Ann rated it really liked it. Series I love this series! Book 1 was my favorite book of the year. May 17, BLuvsBooks rated it it was amazing. Loved Book 2 in this Dark Legacy Series. It begins where Book One -Broken Wings- ended. I loved how strong Riley was and how the guys had to earn her trust back. Some questions answered from Book One and rebuilding of their loyalty to each other. It arrived with a manufacturing defect the entire right side of the clipboard was slightly bent.

Got it replaced but it was with a refurbished device even though I confirmed twice that it would be with a new device. Kindly, Victoria Surface Customer Care. Only after a month of purchase, a random crack has appeared near the rear camera side of the screen. I looked into this issue, and apparently others have experience the same fragility and design flaw of the product. I bought the 1T 15" one. Guess what, after I detach my "tablet" part, the battery usually last no longer than 1.

Yes, 1. And this is still within warranty time. The title says it all. I was excited at the endless possibilities. Detachable tablet. Full computer. Pen input. I waited for the second generation to make sure the kinks were out. I sold my MacBook Pro. Yeah, the title says it all. This thing has so much potential but it just falls short.

The screen flickers often even after changing my power settings. The WiFi often doesn't connect when right next to the wireless access point or randomly disconnects. The dock is woefully lacking and grossly overpriced. The video card doesn't put out the power I'd hoped for. Is it a decent laptop?

Is it worth the money? I will be switching back to a MacBook Pro as soon as I can find a buyer for this Surface Book 2 and considering how excited I was, that makes me very sad. I had been saving my money for this dream machine over half a year. I had been using a MacBook pro for 4 years and not once I had felt switching, till they launched the 15 inch version. And finally I was able to buy it. What a device, what a minimal beauty, I was astonished since the time I opened the package and turned it on. I am a designer and this machine is made for people like us.

I also bought the much necessary pen and the dial and eventually the precision mouse. What a beautiful portable workstation. I was literally paperless after trying to do that for almost a half a decade now. But then one fine day I opened the laptop and found that the screen had a crack. The most troubling part was last night I just closed the lid and slept. There was no fall, no physical damage or anything else, absolutely nothing. I was baffled. How can this happen and I don't know who or what to blame.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 13 Review | Digital Trends

My MacBook has survived worst falls and it still is intact. I am disappointed and broken hearted. Please create a ticket with our team here aka. I really don't want to give this review. The Surface Book 2, on paper, is an incredible achievement. However, Microsoft is currently preying upon the public in their testing and insurance practices.

To summarize, the first 15 inch Surface Book 2 I purchased had dead pixels on the screen, which I noticed and returned. Out of the BOX. That was exchanged for another one. The next one's wifi card did not work. No wifi at all. I had the Microsoft team run diagnostics on the next one before I even touched it: Battery issues and memory issues.

Microsoft is pumping these out before they are ready to be sold and without proper testing. Or just don't bring this home. If it works, it's incredible. It does not work. Hello Sam, Thank you for your honesty and sharing your experience with us. Love this beast. My only concern is that the battery does not have the life it should on a charge. That, and having a power supply that could actually supply the right amount of power under a full workload would be a smarter choice than the one they made. Still a Surface fan-boy, however. I am fully aware that Microsoft disclosed that the Surface book 2 drains more battery then it can replenish when plugged in.

This is still no excuse for why that was allowed to begin with.

With surreal speed and battery life, the 13-inch Surface Book 2 is hard to beat

That surface port has, if memory serves me right, the ability to withstand Watts. When you need to run programs that are graphically intensive such as design and cam software you dont want a laptop that, when you unplug it, is at low battery. Also no thunderbolt 3 seriously? I hope they release a performance base with updated inputs and chargers.

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