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Forgot Password? Click Here. Sign Up with ReadCentral. Top 10 Books. Reading Personality Quiz. Top Poetry Books. Top 10 Fiction Books. Mainly reviews of Kester's works. Papers of Vaughan Kester. Letters of Vaughan Kester. Letters to V. Letters from Vaughan Kester to His Mother. Letters from Vaughan Kester to Paul Kester. Letters from Vaughan Kester to Paul Wilstach. Letters from Vaughan Kester to Various Persons.

Writings of Vaughan Kester. Fragments of writings by V. Miscellaneous Papers. Papers relating to the settlement of his estate. Royalty statements. Publicity material. Press clippings loose of reviews of his books. Papers of Harriet Watkins Kester. Letters of Harriet Watkins Kester. Letters from Harriet W. Kester to Paul Kester.

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  2. Die ökonomische Entwicklung Italiens 1870 – 1913 und der Einfluss des Staates (German Edition)!
  3. The Prodigal Judge?
  4. Letters from Harriet V. Kester to Vaughan Kester. Kester to Mrs. Vaughan Kester Jessie Jennings K. Kester to Her Mother. Kester to Various Persons. To her sister, Abbie Watkins. To various persons.

    Index of the Project Gutenberg Works of Vaughan Kester by Vaughan Kester

    Memorandum book kept by HWK. Papers re George Mason Letters of Jessie Jennings Kester et al. Letters to Jessie Jennings Kester Mrs. Vaughan Kester. Letters from Jessie J. Kester to Harriet W. Jessie Jennings Kester to Abbie H. Abbie H. Letters from her mainly to family. Eliza U. Letters from him to family. Franklin Cooley Kester father of P. Letters to his wife, Harriet W. Various family members. Scrapbook of press clippings. Scrapbook of press.

    Scrapbook of galley proofs of an English translation of a novel entitled "The Land of Cockayne" which Vaughan Kester was editing for Harpers. Editorial corrections are in hand of Vaughan Kester. Paul Kester - Index of Correspondents. John Abercrombie. M, Elsie. Rumsey, Howard Rumsey]. Rumsey, R. Hubman, R. Maddern, Mary M. Maddern, John W. Halman, R. Maddern, J. Hart, R. Hart H. Hubman, John W.

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    DAY, S. DAY, Willard F. DREW, Mary. Nat Goodwin , Amer. George Eustis. FALK, J. FISH, H. FOX, John , Amer. FRY, Horace B. Albert Grant. Carter N. GUNN, R. Edith Kermit Roosevelt]. Warren G.

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    Louis Hertle. Laurance Ilsley Hewes. David Javne. HILL, Ruth. HITZ, Ralph. HOLT, Bessie. Thomas W. Beale R. HOWE, Mr. Walter Bruce Howe. Dean Howells. Architect son of Wm. Dean Howells]. Hewitt Hanson Howland. HULL, Josephine. HUNT, Constance. HURD, Mrs. Joseph and Mabel.

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