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The first book began with the flood of Ogygos and the second book ended with the capture of Troy 4. Today most scholars agree that Varro depends on Castor of Rhodes 6. Wether Varro depends on Castor of Rhodes or on another source, it should be noted the great clarity, but also the fundamental originality of his tripartite periodization because the common periodization splits the time between gods and human time. This break takes place either at the time of the Trojan War or at the time of the return of the Heraclides.


Does Varro delineate three periods according to the criterion of accuracy of information? In fact, the tripartite division of time by Varro can be only understood in the light of his method that Censorinus exposes afterwards:. Varro therefore uses astrology to refine its chronological computation 8. Since events are indicated by celestial omens, a reasonable way to find their exact date is calculated from the nearest omen.

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The procedure may seem more accurate than calculations from unreliable annals and royal lists 9. Testimony preserved by Augustine proves that the date of Ogygos retained in the tripartition of the time was based on the manifestation of a celestial event:. Tarutius, Varro and other astronomers have applied the methods of astrology for historical purposes. It is therefore likely that the choice of Inachus is also based on astronomical considerations. Inachus is synchronized by Ptolemy of Mendes with the flood of Deucalion, the second Greek flood the date of which could be calculated from an eclipse.

Varro is particularly influenced by the idea of a renewal of the world. This explains the extraordinary interest in attempts to measure the cosmic cycle shown by the return of all the planets in the same positions Is Astrology a safer way to provide absolute dating of historical events? Anthony Grafton and Noel Swerdlow, studying Varro and great philologists of the Renaissance as Joseph Justus Scaliger and Paulus Crusius, show that these two great scholars of the Renaissance, although fans of astrological calculations, have never considered the horoscope as a historical source or even celestial events as portents of earthly events Varro, however, considers the relationship between astrology and chronology from another point of view.

Astrology is a way for him to associate portenta to historical events. The influence of the portenta on Varro is so geat that some modern writers have seen the cause that led Varro to write De Gente Populi Romani. Another passage reported by Censorinus shows that Varro, like his contemporaries, believed that every century, corresponding to the maximum human life, ended with wonders Although the ages determined by Varro do not correspond to the assumption made by Peter Hermann, it is quite possible to interpret the De Gente Populi Romani in the light of the current explanation during the Sidus Iulum The appearance of the comet does not merely mean the inauguration of a new age but the deification of Caesar.

Different fragments of his work show how Varro defends deification of leaders due to the invaluable services they have rendered to their people. How can he refer to these deifications without thinking of Caesar? Barely two years after the decree of deification of Caesar, the Roman power is torn between Octavian, who attempts to establish the worship of Caesar and Mark Antony, who is opposed to it.

The numismatic demonstrates the existence of coins minted in 43 BC showing the sun, the moon and five planets. The idea is in the air since the Julian star appears in the ninth Ecloga which is written after the De Gente Populi Romani. It would be rash to consider the Julian star as important as the events mentioned in the tripartite division of time. Natural events, whose most significant omens are eclipses and floods, print in a sustainable manner the chronological framework of the human history.

Il ne faut pas oublier le chronographe de 5. Ils jetaient leur sperme sur les arbres et les pierres. Pour R. Hanina, Gen. Pour un premier groupe de Sages, cela signifie que ces hommes ne ressusciteront pas R. Houna au nom de R. Aha et R. Hiya bar Abba. Pour lui, Gen. GenR 30, 8 commente Gen. Preface by Gilles Dorival How can a natural disaster like the deluge be integrated into human history? Christophe Leblanc More Posts. Gian Andrea Caduff proposed a chronological and thematic accounts of the flood of Ogygos.

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Les noms des collaborateurs disent assez la valeur des contributions. Celles de M. Ebering voy. Romania , XX, Citons les notices de M. Delisle sur plusieurs recueils d'exemples latins p. Notons encore les articles sur Sidrach p. Renan et G. Paris, et sur J. Maillard, auteur du comte d'Anjou p. Toute la fin du volume pp. Voyez sur tous ces points G. Ce qui rend le passage un peu obscur, c'est qu'au v.

Il en a pris copie. Romania, XIX, Michel, ce ms. Je ne crois pas que ni M. Michel ni M. Michel examina le ms. Je tiens ce renseignement de M. Le ms. C'est un volume en parchemin in-fol. Il est tout certain, Sire, qu'entre toutes les choses Hertz voyez ci-dessous. Edited with a critical introduction and glossary by H. Oskar Sommer. London, Kegan Paul, , 3 vol. Francesco d'Ovidio. Terza edizione interamente rifusa per uso delle scuole. Napoli, Morano, , in, p.

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Leipzig, , in, 26 p. Grundriss der romanischen Philologie, herausgegeben von G. II Band, i. Abtheilung, 2. Abtheilung, Lieferung, , p. Albert Summing p. Morel-Fatio p. Michaelis de Vasconcellos et M. Nennius vindicatus. Von Heinrich Zimmer. Le wallon. Essai folklorique par Hans Otto.


Baltimore, , in, 22 p. En terminant M. Boccaccio, ego sreda i sverstniki.