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If you did, you would have a heatstroke or you would immediately go an air conditioned area. And atop of that, eating publicly used to be legal. Last year, a Kuwaiti woman was arrested for chewing gum publicly. Most of the people who violate that law are Westerners and Indians, only a minority of Arabs have violated it. Kuwait never had this sort of law before the Westerners came.

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Their sources are questionable. Whereas Westerners genuinely believe they are above the law and look down on us. But you need to stop giving putting us Arabs on a pedestal. If we are less likely to violate law, it is because we are aware of it and we have a culture we abide to. And come on. Nobody has time for that. Last…are u speaking of shame? Christians, hindu, Buddhist, Jews all of them fast, but i dare u to name me one country of those that forbid u from eating! I am not sure how you think its 10 times harder to fast in Kuwait than other countries.

In northern countries the sun sets at 10PM so they fast 3 hours longer than Kuwait for example. North Africa and other areas along the equator the temperature is as hot, hotter or nearly as hot as Kuwait. You spend the whole day indoors with AC on. It is a lot colder in the northern countries so people feel less thirsty and hungry. We get thirsty quicker outside in Kuwait than in the Northern hemisphere countries. It is 10 times harder to fast in Kuwait than it is to fast in North African countries.

Even Qatar, Bahrain and Oman are currently colder than Kuwait at daytime. But when it was taking place in winter the law was still there so the law has nothing to do with how hot Kuwait is.

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I think muslims live outside of Denmark for those how live there lol. This comment was just for the hotter than kuwait part lol. Kuwait, Ethiopian area, Libya, Death Valley and Apparently Thailand are hottest areas on earth but Kuwait exceeds higher average by 2 degrees of second being Libya. I will try my best to find you the link..

Kuwait is currently hotter than the majority of Muslim-majority countries in the Southern hemisphere. Fasting in Kuwait is VERY hard for less-privileged Muslims who have to stay outside at daytime to feed their families. Why not just let people go about their business. Only weak mids will be influnced by others! Far from actually, just the people running it. Although that has nothing to do with the comment and this topic.

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Just to avoid unneeded battering and fighting. It would be a matter of respect if there was no law in place. But putting a gun to your head and telling you to comply defeats the purpose of good fasting. The manners in which the month of Ramadan is practiced in Kuwait is laughable, because I have several Muslim friends who actually work very hard in other countries without any time leverage.

They have to work just like everyone else. And frankly, it means so much more to see them fast than seeing people fast in Kuwait. Kuwait is a very hot country, Ramathan is difficult and watching people eating in front of those fasting is disrespectful. I used to have a very crappy job a while ago. I was on my legs all day, had to go to work at 5am, and come back home at 8pm. I did not have any time to eat the whole day and I managed that for five months…just dinner. If I can do it, a fat man in an Air conditioned office and lavish limo can :. Stop generalizing, not every Muslim in Kuwait is privileged.

LooooL obviously ignorant and uneducated. Thats the first sentence that comes out of ur mouth when u dont know what to say. That means u will have to go back to iran? Or iraq? Akhaf sij kuwaitiya enti? LoL if non kuwaitis leave our country, we will all rot in our own crap within a week. So shut ur hole and think before u talk. How rude and racist, yes it is Even as kids allowed to eat in public, i think? Or whatever.

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As of July , Kuwait is hotter than the vast majority of Southern hemisphere countries in the world. Google the temperature of North African countries right now July and the temperature of other Arab countries this month. Fasting in Kuwait is very hard for less-privileged Muslims who are cramped in derelict buildings. Fasting in other countries is easier than it is in Kuwait because Kuwait is a very hot country.

The working hours law helps people fasting. And years ago without ac why such a law was not enforced. Plus, heat is ur argument? Like seriously. Conclusion, the only time u experience the heat is the point where u walk to ur car, if ofcourse not parked by valet….. It has nothing to do with heat, simply being civilized and understanding religion well would end this joke. People in those countries do not get a break from their work week and I sure do not think they should, no one should, especially in our Muslim countries. It is very rude and heartless to eat in front of less-privileged Muslims in Kuwait who fast and have to work outside during daytime to feed their families.

Eating in front of people at daytime during Ramathan is like flaunting your food in front of people fasting. It is very dangerous to go out in that weather and many foreign workers are required to work outdoors, so the working hours laws prevent fainting and death from dehydration and excessive heat exposure. Islam is meant to produce fruitful productive members of society. It is not rude for someone to eat in public when they need it.

And in your own words, Ramadan has fallen during a very hot period of time for the past few years and for more years to come, so if anything, the so called law needs to be relaxed as I find it inhuman to deny someone nutrition because you fall into temptation so easily and your commitment is weak. The majority of laborers and maids in Kuwait are Muslims who actually fast during Ramathan.

Some individual freelance workers voluntarily work to feed their families. According to the Salon Company that comes to my home, none of their Kuwaiti female customers are fasting during Ramadan. But they hopefully will face this law if they go outside the home and eat and drink in public.

And this law is not enforced often, last year only a few people had to face an actual penalty for eating in public. Eating and drinking should be allowed in public during Ramadan. It is up to the individual to be respectful and that comes through awareness. Everyone should have this basic right and it should not be forced upon by any form of authority.

This law is not enforced often, last year only a few people faced an actual penalty for eating in public. Remember what? The link you posted leads to an article about a Kuwaiti man who ate in public at daytime during Ramathan.

Feeling more relaxed and less stressed does wonders for our productivity and helping us get clear about what we want to achieve. Ramadan is also about reconnecting with your family and friends so use the time to reconnect with family and friends and people you've been wanting to connect with for a while but haven't. I did this recently. I set up a meeting with an old colleague in Dubai who I hadn't seen in 18 months and it was awesome.

We shared, chatted and brainstormed and more than likely will do some collaborations soon too. Opportunity to look at working 'on' the business. How many of you work 'in' your business as opposed to work 'on' your business? Its interesting to get clear on this as it can help you map where you are going and how your business is going to get you there. My husband suffers a bit from this issue. He's a strategy and detail man but sometimes he can gets so caught up in the detail that I need to tell him to come to the surface again because we need to work on the strategy.

He recognises his blindness quickly and realigns himself with our strategy objectives. Its all very easily done and can sneak up on you subconsciously. I think a lot of us do it so Ramadan is an awesome time to reconnect with your 'Why' of the business. Your 'values' of the business.

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  • Where you are now and where you are going. We can plan as best we can but we all know that a lot of the time its guess work but knowing your why, your values or your potential direction is more about being clear and having clarity so use the holy month of Ramadan to take a step back from your business and look at the bigger picture. You never know what you could be missing.

    Detail can be organised later by your team or by yourself but in complete awareness that you are in 'the detail'. Fasting is possible and so others things are possible. The BIG objective of Ramadan is fasting. Its the 5th pillar of Islam and one of the toughest to do.

    This particular holy month of Ramadan, Muslims in the middle East are looking at Fasting for over 15 hours and this is tough particularly when its 45 degrees outside and thirst really is the big factor with those heat levels. I watched video on Facebook yesterday where Muslims in Finland are fasting over 20 hours a day!

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    Do you own a deep freezer, or are you able to fit everything into your normal freezer? I wish I did. But it keeps me from doing a crazy amount of cooking. A blessing in disguise. I love it!! I was also was wondering if u can post a recipe for traditional dahi balay? Hi Urooj!

    Yes, I already made dahi balay and that will be coming up in 30days30plates! I love eating it too. I have a bunch of desi snacks coming up in Ramadan. Stay tuned for them! Love it. Thanks for the ideas and inspiration.

    Are You Ready For Ramadan?: Make it Your Best One Yet!

    Its really wise to store food items in a way that also save our money and time in busy ramadan. As ramadan is also a month of reading quran and understanding it. May allah bless u. Your email address will not be published. Welcome to my blog! Read More…. Privacy Statement. Xo, Rehana.