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Actions are louder than words. While reaffirming that you love them really matters a lot, doing something often will be a great thing to do. This could be as simple as buying a rose. They will understand that you are thinking about them and you value them enough to go out of the way to do something that expresses care and love.

The secret to a happy marriage is exercising love. Love is a responsibility and an exercise. We always need to practice it by expressing the love to one another and taking the effort to let the other one know that they are special and valued.

This will keep the relationship warm. While going through tough times in a marriage which is bound to happen, never give into the temptation of having an affair. It might seem harmless but will affect the family including children adversely. Respect your partner and understand that you are in a relationship that involves honesty and commitment.

Jayden said on Aug 13, You must have grace for one another in your failures and mistakes. You can never learn, grow, or take risks together if you are not creating space to forgive one another and allow each other to mess up. Nicholas said on Aug 13, Forgiveness - you must be willing to forgive one another and move on from issues. Billy Graham's wife once said, "A good marriage is made of two great forgivers. Love them by giving them another chance to get things right when they mess up. Don't be petty.

Treat your spouse with the same love and persistance as when you were courting each other. Sometimes, marriage causes us to fall into routines and take small things for granted. Date your spouse!

A Recipe For a Successful Marriage

VannessaSharma said on Sep 22, Being transparant with your spouse is very essential for your marriage. Take off secrets between you both as you are one flesh and secrets do not exist there. Talk about likes and dislikes and explore each other. Have time to give surprises and shocks. TieshaKahan said on Sep 22, Do something towards your spouse that makes her happy rather than telling her that you love her alone.

Yes it is important to convey love but acting towards it is all the more important.

The Recipe For A Happy Marriage – Five Ingredients

They realise that you are full of them and this boosts your intimacy again. SharenThroneberry said on Sep 22, Like working out your physique, workout your love as this is a responsibility without which it grows weak just like your body. We always need to be active in love as well. This might seem like a joke but it holds such value and truth in it.

What I have learned in life and in practice.

Keep the relationship fun and always interesting. JoettaPerlman said on Sep 22, Avoid having affairs. Nothing says happy marriage than a man or a woman sticking with the significant other and controlling an affair. Tough times do occur but this is the time to be more controlled than ever.

Recipe for a Happy Marriage

It will affect life adversely and hence never get into this. Respect the relationship and keep it healthy. Passcode said on Nov 24, Well, this proved to be a harder task for me than others. I have many favorite recipes. As I was digging through my best of the best, the ones I use all the time, I just could not decide. She is allergic to nuts so thankfully that helped narrowed down a few but I was still so torn. Well, that was just as hard sorting though scraps of paper, partial recipes and the ones that seemed the best all contained nuts.

I was at a loss.

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I did find some really great recipes in the process. I finally decided to do something different. I started compiling my favorites in to mini menus that I will make a book of my favorites to start her new family off with. This process is taking a bit longer than expected so I am not quite done yet. I still needed something for the shower. I thought I would write her a recipe for a happy marriage. Marriage is wonderful but just like being a mom it has its challenging moments. When getting married everyone always thinks it will last forever but statistics show much different.

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  • Most things that are good take effort to maintain. Commitment, love, understanding and forgiveness are needed in all healthy relationships. Here is my simple recipe for a happy marriage. Life is not all sunshine and rainbows but if you do it right you have more sunny days than cloudy ones. Recipe For A Happy Marriage. Combine two hearts in one home.

    Melt hearts with love and loyalty.