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Firefox Reality Experience augmented and virtual reality with Firefox. Cooler Master highlights that their pump is an in-house design. The mm radiator is also apparently a custom designed for low flow resistance. The fans and pumps, if available will run at maximum speed to gauge maximal performance. Noise levels are recorded approximately 50cm away from the bench rig.

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Before we proceed to mount onto the motherboard, you will need to mount the correct mounting arms onto the pump. AMD users will use the one with the clips. As we will be testing this cooler on the X99 platform, installation is actually exceptionally easy. All you need are some standoffs. After screwing in the standoffs into the socket, we just had to align the pump onto the four screws.

And voila, we have completed the installation of the cooler.

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Worth noting is that all the screws here can be twisted by hand, but you will want to use a screwdriver to properly tighten the mount. While it was better in terms of cooling performance, it was noticeably louder than the renowned Noctua NH-D The noise difference here is akin to the difference between a whisper and some soft conversation, so you would not actually notice much noise if you put the MasterLiquid MLR RGB into a case.

As this is a ARGB cooler, you will want maximum customizability. There are 6 modes to switch between, and you can even adjust the speed via the controller.


If you want more, you can download the Lighting Control software. You can configure how they move, or just have them shine, with a different color assigned to each LED. The choice is really up to you how to play with it.

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We love it. It comes with all the positive traits of an AIO, such as ease of installation without worrying about clearance, and did we mention it has ARGB lighting? The included controller is a nice touch too, giving those without ARGB headers on their motherboards the ability to have some fun with addressable RGB too. This is definitely Gold Pokdeward-worthy! Take the cinema with you with the Samsung Galaxy S10!

X-Men vs. Street Fighter - Saturn 1080p 60 fps via RGB SCART converted to HDMI

EMUI 9. Just wait for it. Pokde Picks.

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Popular Now. STOP using these five fire hazard extension cords! PUBG and other violent games may be banned in Malaysia. The Number of People at Epic Games i Next Prev. Gold Pokdeward. Pokde Scoreboard. Bottom Line. Installation Before we proceed to mount onto the motherboard, you will need to mount the correct mounting arms onto the pump.