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All great highschool RB.

The , 83 and 84 3A city champs could have played with a lot of teams. Great write up Florres. Unfortunately, 2A,3A means nothing. Well it does for all of us who knows the city football. I saw the San Fernando team that had Heisman winner Charlie white who also won the hurdles and had a Unreal team that ran the bone. Vic was a great motivator and coach. I would agree with you overall, from about , Carson-Banning were just unreal with the amount of talent they had. Great teams, great rivalry. The three great teams of this era do deserve some props, too. Kind of a combo of the run and shoot and what is known now as the spread.

Wilson got alot of attention. Vic Cuccia and Jack Neumeier were way ahead of their time. When Jack Elway moved to Southern California, he looked around to place John in a school that passed a bunch and GH was that one school! Please stop it! Just curious, did you ever see that Wilson team play?

I did. And I saw banning and Carson also. Wilson was the real deal. They also had seven players in the shrine game that year! And the big money maker at the Shrine game was get Cuccia! And if you call Franklin a weak opponent back in the day, then there is no more I can say! Rick was said to be the best all around football player in Wilson mules history and the was said by Vic Cuccia. Apparently Micho is confusing teams of today with the great teams of yesterday! How old are you Micho? Did you ever see Cuccia play?

Those two questions will tell me everything about you and your knowledge of city sports. This should be very interesting! I think Alo was more like He and Danny Andrews were sick. Alo and Danny Andrews are probably the best combo in state history. What a HS player Alo was. Mark, never knew what actually happned to Alo. He passed two years ago. JUNA L. Jimmy Sander was the QB on the Carson team.

My Dad took me to see that Banning team play against Carson. Thanks for writing the article, it was fun recalling that memory. It was sold out, and we were there 20min, before kickoff. Thirty of us jumped the wall. Maybe, 10 were caught. Great college game!!! Oh wait, this was High School?! Michael Alo is the best all-around player in City history.

Alo could do it all. I would go with DeAnthony Thomas. He put on a show before humidity caught up with him in the second half. I agree with your assessment, LAUSD does have greatest athletes in the country historically, but that has slowed down dramatically last 20 years. Once in a while, however, a great team does emerge.

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That was Ronnie Barbers senior year. Then Barber beat threw up a last second 25 footer to beat Crenshaw and big John Williams in the city championship basketball game. Great memories! I understand this is about the City teams and not the CIF. It is funny though that you mention Banning beating St. Paul scored 17 unanswered points to win Andrews was a back up running back in that game until the starter got knocked out.

He then became the starter. Paul TEAM. Paul was so successful against Carson and Banning. Paul has such pride and gritty tough players. Ancich has got to be a top five coach in the state all-time. His coaching tree is tremendous. The Angulus League was just loaded. Yeah, too bad Banning and St. I actually attended that Banning, St Paul game where Banning squeaked out the win.

I think their RB at that time was Hiawatha Franklin,. Thanks for mentioning those great Gardena High School teams of the past. Highlight and biggest win of our H. I remember St. Paul back in the day. Kind of like Fontana and Eisenhower later on. I just wish Wilson would have played better teams back in the day! They were a great team though. Mike Alo and Danny Andrews were the best combo I ever seen.

Not just because I went to Banning but because they were just that good…. They also lived in my neighborhood and still have family that lives there to this day. True Pilots! They were good, no doubt about that. Too bad Banning backed out of playing St. Paul in when those two were seniors. Would have been a great match up.

Mike where is Saint Paul today? Last I heard they were thinking about dropping down to 8 man football… Stop huffing and puffing about the past and go and fix your alimni, whats after 8 man football, flag? LOL Saint Paul is a has been…. Keep quiet pal, and I am being nice saying this. If you keep posting, I might not be so nice! Sorry to the rest of the room, but as an athlete and coach, I cannot listen to this kind of stupidity. The Sylmar HS team was This team went during the regular season.

They beat Venice, Garfield and Crenshaw in the playoffs. It was a game for the ages, City Section vs Sothern Section what could be better. Robert, I know alot about the Sylmar team. Wonder how they would be looked at if they would have never played Bishop Amat? At they would have been considered. I just think Sylmar is a tad bit better. Price was just a monster in high school and alot more physical than Crenshaw. Please get your facts right on your youtube page.

Tyrone Crenshaw was the Two Time City player of the year 92 and Not a lot of players have that honor. So when they EARN it please give credit where it is due. Not Price but Crenshaw. Do your homework. Did Crenshaw share it with Seka Edwards? Tyrone Crenshaw was a very good back, but not as good as Durell Price and not as good as Jerome Casey.

Wow…way to take me down memory lane! Every time I come home and visit with my dudes or see someone from high school, Carson and LA City football dominates the conversations. You were exalted because everyone knew how much competition you had to go up against in order to win one. Outrageously competitive and so many good athletes. I can sum up LA City football like this. Be careful how you choose too! Half of the neighborhood went to Carson and the other half to Banning, which I never understood since Banning is in the next city Wilmington.

'We've the fundamentals in place to produce better footballers' - John Delaney

We grew up playing together and then had to play against each other only in high school…when cats were hungry as wolves to get on and earn a scholarship. Friends I had since I was years old. If every kid in Carson went to Carson, it would have been illegal to play HS football vs.

True that. If we all went to Carson, lights out. He was the original Deon Sanders. Played both ways, punted. A big corner and run 4. What a great all around player. His bro Tarriel was good, too. He truly cared about his players, his staff, and Carson HS. I learned so much from him.

Thanks so much for doing this list! And our defense…wow! Not to mention, we should have eclipsed the 17 DI scholarship mark set by our team. Soooo much talent! I might have to start naming names in a minute LOL!!! Fred, yeah, I know the team was just loaded almost everywhere. What talent in that game! Melvin Yarbrough seemed brash before the season in predicting that the Pirates would flat out go undefeated, probably because the Pirates came so close to winning the championship in , losing to Dorsey due to a field goal at the end being blocked.

The Gauchos had that game won, until a pass interference penalty on the final play gave San Pedro one final chance. What a great season it was. Thanks again Ronnie! Hope I can one day! Pedro never been blessed with the type of athletes other schools have, but they sure do play with a lot of heart. Hopefully their new coach will bring them back to championship level….

They never wavered under Walsh. Great program. Thanks Ronnie and crew! Unfortunately, for us we faced a sound Bishop Amat team in the early season and recorded our only loss. We really gelled later on into the season and really perfected the two offenses. Again, much props to Cal Hi sports staff on putting this together. I could imagine how many hours, days, or months it took on putting this together.

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In the end, we all know the great players and teams not mention here will always be remembered in some form or fashion. But, this is definitely a good start. Carson always had great special teams and all city kickers. Crespi Randle Harris almosy 3, yards rushing and Daryl fields a all decade lb along with Cal standout and redskin player DJ holt. The Bell High purple Eagles were one of the best city section teams of all time ,losing only to city champs Carson in the championship game. Keith Minton was injured early in the championship game. Thanks for the info on Bell, Larry. Had they won the title they would have gotten more consideration.

I see no mention of Bell High playing San Fernando in the semis in they say that SF team was so great-I was on the field for the Bell team and Bell had a 6 Pt lead with less than a minute to go-Bell had SF beat and on 4th and 35 SF did some end around and Bell in prevent screwed up and let them score-but-the runner had stepped out of bounds never to be called-Bell got the ball back with 50 seconds and little chance at that juncture-.

Sometimes the difference between greatness is mere inches. Bell is not the only L. A City Section team that feels it was robbed of greatness by referees or weird calls, no-calls. I was a junior on the BB team that lost to Fremont at Pauly. My Senior year, I played Football as well, we were and beat Gardena when they were ranked number 1 in the city.

Unlike some of the other schools we were a hodge podge of Black, White, Hispanic and polynesians thrown together and having a geat time beating people who never heard of us! When we told them we were from Bell they instinctively thought we meant Bell Gardens. Bell has great tradition. I agree, Bell had real depth and some stars along the way. In my 10th grade debut I started at Defense of End, one particular game Dwight Ford was across the line of scrimmage, Bell was awesome. From Bell had a team that could beat any team — ever…yes, dwight ford and unbelievable talent all around..

D Anthony Thomas ,Javid best. You have no mention of Russel white … Derek Brown …. Jerome Casey or Curtis Scott. Carson needs to get back to hiring past alumni that know the program. There are plenty of qualified coaches out there! Most of the pool of talent in Carson, is being lost to the neighboring private high schools. The city of Carson rivals the city of Pacoima for producing raw talent, per capita.

So Wilson gets left on the list and just gets a mention at the bottom? Tough to crack it Steve. No 3A champs on this list!

Between the Lines: How Ernie Barnes Went from the Football Field to the Art Gallery

Paul, Carson or Banning. Sorry, 3A. I would like to shout out the LA Jordan Bulldogs. Only 2 teams scored on them the whole season. I believe it was 10 or 11 shutouts.

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Franklin scored 3 points in the playoffs on Jordan. My odlest brother was the nose tackle on that team. Raymond Collins. Coach Henry Washington. Look it up!!!!!! I was starting OLB in the 11th grade for Garfield. The Dorsey team was legit. Outscoring opponents in its first 8 games.

We played Carson in the Semi-Finals and were handing them a beat down!!!!! The lights mysteriously go out and we wait over an hour and a half to resume play. Officials call back FOUR touchdowns…….. Dorsey loses Can we say cheaters…………After an hour and a half, you got time to to change your scheme….. Just on character these two teams should be mentioned. I totally understand what happened in and , Dorsey feels they were robbed by South Bay refs. Perhaps Voll had a little more weight and power than other schools believed. Much respect to the DDP. I was there for all of the aforementioned Dorsey games in this forum.

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  • As a fellow journalist, great job. Sometimes, guidelines have to be established. Keep up the super work! Injuries ended his career and without those injuries he may have been another USC Heisman winner-for real. Going into SG was a cake walk compared to when the Bell JV Bee team takes the bus into Watts to play Jordan HS on their home field-Bell students and followers are advised not to attend the game due to probable trouble-the field is all brown and dirt dusty and seems to sit between a metal factory and junk yard on both sides-the stands are empty-Bell wins-the bus ride out is a bone shaker when Jordan students rock the hell out of the bus rolling out and the driver yells HOLD ON!

    Yep i was on the field 17, when Sarpy threw that end-around pass for the td right at the end…charley white and co. Were bad ass…. There were some very questionable calls in that Dorsey vs Carson semi final game. Way overconfident versus Granada Hills. How could a top 5 ranked school in the nation putting out NFL drat picks did not make a top 10 list in its own city….

    Easy Teejay, Dorsey lost to a average team. How about and Birmingham Teams should at least received honorable mention? With what Croson did with a bunch of valleys kids is pretty amazing. That 82 Dorsey team could go down as one of the best. So much talent! They demolished 4A Carson in their scrimmage.

    Then, the season starts and you bench him? Did he just mention scrimmages? We beat all the San Diego schools even the S. City player of that week. Just sayin. Micho the Wilson hater, cmon hater its time u give credit where credit is due.. In the year Wilson was placed into the 4A division because of their dominance of the 3A, the only problem was that all the great players had graduated, yet Wilson still made it to the 4A semi final game vs El Camino and lost a close game.

    That team had upset and beaten the 1 seed Kennedy as well as a host of other 4A ranked teams San Pedro and Crenshaw and they did it with players that nobody has ever heard of, imagine if they had played these 4A teams when they were stacked with the Cuccia era players…cmon Micho ur 4A teams would still b trying to figure out how to stop the Spread offense Cuccia introduced to High School football… At that time High Shool Football had never seen that type of Offense so u need to face the facts and get off the 4A schools of that eras Nuts and give L.

    Wilson their props, they deserve to be mentioned in the All Time best conversation!!

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    A bit of retrospect is in order re the Wilson juggernaut. One school that gave Coach Cuccia fits in the early seventies was the Franklin Panthers, coached by the late, great Jim Bogle. This was at a time prior to the gradation system when the Northern League existed as an equal entity to the rest of the city leagues. This was at a time when Rick Houlobeck was running wild over every team that Wilson faced. But, the game at E. The L. As a footnote to that season, Wilson made it to a semi-final game with Granada Hills; a game that they lost primarily because of a late 4th down penalty for too many men on the field.

    That penalty gave GH a first down, thus allowing Dana Potter to move his team down the field for a late game-winning touchdown. With the quickness of a average running back and all of the weight lifting records at banninZg Tyrone Sperling with the man. FOR LB. Did I miss something? Gardena City champions, shutout the entire league. Just saying! How can the 69 Gardena team which shut out the league, including Carson and Banning, not be in the top ten teams in the city.

    They won all the playoffs games easily? Gardena won 3 city titles in ten years and from to lost one game in league play lost to the great Carson team. The winner of that epic game would win it all, was the consensus. They beat a very good Sylmar team in the quarters on a fg I was there.

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    Ivan was one of the best backs in the state. Deserved all the accolades he got. He was a true football player who could help the team in many ways. Now I wonder, however, if they should have instead run the I formation with future Heisman winner Charles White as the tailback? Georgia lost her job at the restaurant but began to cook and bake for others to support her family and her cause.

    Ernie always wanted to be an artist but knew that his family and coach expected him to play football. His first year of college, he visited an art museum and asked for the display of paintings by black artists. When Ernie took his paintings, inspired by football, to a meeting of the owners of the American Football League, he became the official artist for the team.

    Finally, de Aeosta convinced a man to teach her to fly an airship and was thrilled that so many little girls noticed that a woman was piloting. So, in , she hid behind some bushes at the starting line and joined the runners, who did not recognize her gender until near the end of the race. Patricia Scharer is a professor emerita of reading and literacy in early and middle childhood education in the Department of Teaching and Learning.

    She is known for improving literacy learning for thousands of students through her role as a teacher educator at Ohio State. Scharer recently edited a new book for inservice and preservice teachers: Responsive Literacy: A Comprehensive Framework, published by Scholastic. Google Tag Manager. Patricia L. Suggested Stories. Exchange creates bonds between two universities, their students.

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