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There were parts that were interesting but it's not one I'd read again. A remarkable and inspiring Journal The miraculous experiences of a modern-day prophet of God make for great reading. What a blessing to have this journal available to us! I will cherish it always. It teaches us how the Holy Ghost guides righteous men to accomplish God's work upon the earth.

Great book! I enjoyed reading and learning from Woodruff in this tome immensely. He was a wonderful person that I can only dream of ever being like. Dec 19, Melyssa rated it it was amazing. A testimony building book! May 08, Rene' Riddle rated it it was amazing. Ends kind of abruptly. But still a great bit of insight into President Woodruff's life. Apr 08, Cory rated it it was amazing Shelves: lds. I was very tempted to give this book a four stars, I'm not sure why, but I just didn't feel as thought it deserved five stars.

But, the reason I gave it five stars was due to the fact that with about 20 pages left to read I started to think of how I was going to rate this book on goodreads. I do this with every book I read, when I'm almost done, I don't even care about the end, just my review on goodreads. But, luckily, I read enough to catch some of my favorite lines in this book.

These two lin I was very tempted to give this book a four stars, I'm not sure why, but I just didn't feel as thought it deserved five stars. These two lines are what made it a five star for me, in this first one he is talking about things in his patriarchal blessing that had come to pass, "The Patriarch also said that I should be wrapped in the visions of heaven, and the angels of God should teach me many things, this was literally fulfiiled" I'm not sure exactly how this was literally fulfilled or what he means to the full extent, but its just one of those things that makes you wonder deeply!

The next quote was the very last sentence in the book, so the book definitely ended on a good note, it goes like this "And so in regard to the administrations of angels in all ages of the world; it is to deliver a message and perform a work which cannot otherwise be accomplished". Special thanks to Sis. Ferrell for letting me borrow this book!

Zion's Camp

View all 3 comments. Feb 06, Melinda rated it it was amazing. I read this as a young teen; my parents had an original copy from the s. For its age alone I was interested in knowing what it was, and when I discovered it was full of stories I read it from cover to cover. At that time the doctrinal passages were too dry to spend much time on; it was the interactions with people and with God that attracted me.

I wish now that I owned a hard copy to hand to my children.

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It's definitely worth rereading. I gained from it a better perspective on what the pione I read this as a young teen; my parents had an original copy from the s. I gained from it a better perspective on what the pioneers and early missionaries went through; what life was like in the s, and what it felt like and looked like to be led by the Spirit of God. That was perhaps its greatest influence on me; since then I have recognized the hand of God in my life and have listened.

President Woodruff also gives some examples of times when he did not listen, and I have felt those, too. It is infinitely better to listen to the the Spirit! Jun 14, Jim Marsh rated it it was amazing. Wilford Woodruff is known for having kept meticulous journals for most of his life. We are so blessed that he did! Here are some highlights, organized into easily readable stories. They are wonderful gems of church history, including details of missionary service in the pacific islands and in England.

There are excerpts of discourses and accounts of miracles, including sections dedicated to the blessings of following revelation and the perils of not doing so - including examples! This is a treasure Wilford Woodruff is known for having kept meticulous journals for most of his life. May 27, Colette rated it liked it Shelves: , bios-memoirs , christian , historical , lds-nonfiction , nonfiction , spirituality.

Wilford Woodruff said he wrote this to the younger generation as a faith-promoting book. I think missionaries would really be inspired by some of his mission experiences. Much of the book seems more like a travel log of his first mission, but there are many beautiful experiences interspersed throughout.

I would give these anecdotes 5 stars. The second half picks up with more spiritual experiences. Four stars for the second half. I will probably read it again. Of course, I also read this with a d Wilford Woodruff said he wrote this to the younger generation as a faith-promoting book. Of course, I also read this with a desire to get to know my ancestors better, which I did. Earlier this month, Mormon Matters released its th episode. In this two-part podcast, host Dan Wotherspoon speaks about the show's evolution, but mostly he re-introduces some of the major themes and angles of approach to Mormonism and personal faith journeys--ideas, analogies, and framings that have come up fairly regularly in the show's history, either directly or in passing as its panel discussions centered on specific topics.

We hope long-time listeners as well as those less familiar with the podcast and its basic sensibilities will find it fun to re-immerse in topics such as the importance of answering the call to explore one's faith more deeply, to begin the quests of what Joseph Campbell has labeled the "hero's journey," to examine the different types of truth in play within human lives and how asking religion or spirituality questions solely from another field and its methodologies will never yield fully satisfying answers.

To revisit Father David Steindl-Rast's analogy of how religions begin and take their shape by comparing their starts to the eruption of a volcano and what transpires over time following the bursts. In another section, Dan concentrates on various ways to approach scripture that might enliven them for us once more, should our current ways of reading and encountering the material in them have begun to wax cold--and he then suggests how these same approaches might also revive the way we look at and the gifts we receive through our prayer lives, temple attendance, and so forth.

He then takes on questions and issues so many of us face as we as individuals interact with institutions. How do we honor both our wants and needs as well as those of the Church? What can we learn from realizing the reality of these different types of goals and how this de-fangs in some way the negativity that can be generated as they end up, as so often they do, at cross-purposes? How can we protect ourselves from being swallowed up by the institution and losing our connection with God and the primacy of our own journey and growth? We hope you'll enjoy this trip down memory lane, and its refreshers about important themes and sensibilities that often play out within Mormon Matters discussions!

On 16 August , the Newsroom website for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints released an official statement that set off a significant discussion that, by all indications including additional commentary on the Newsroom site that came later, will be ongoing for quite a while. The statement begins with the following words from President Russell M. We have work before us to bring ourselves in harmony with His will. Accompanying the statement, the Newsroom piece links to an updated style guide for how to reference the church asking journalists and its own employees and members to follow this, as well that encourages the use of the church's full name whenever possible and choosing something other than "Mormon" or "Mormonism" to refer to individual church members or the religious tradition as a whole.

It also asks all to eschew the use of the acronym "LDS. In this episode, Mormon Matters host Dan Wotherspoon is joined by two experienced and articulate church watchers—Mark Crego and Taylor Petrey—to discuss these matters, including their own reactions as well as those of others with whom they've been speaking with in person or at church or whose thoughts they have encountered online.

The conversation also takes us into early Christian history to try to discern the way the earliest followers of Jesus referred to themselves, how important it was to them to have a name, and if so, by their name choice if they were inclined to emphasize being a follower of Jesus, or was it more reflective of their coming to live in a new way that focused on practices centered on loving and forgiving others, sharing resources, assisting those in need, and so forth?

It then takes the elements of that dive and relates them to the present moment of the new statement and emphasis. Beyond that, the panelists wonder about how the leaders and members might implement what is being asked, guess about possible reactions by journalists and members and leaders of other Christian churches Will they go along with it? Will they be offended by the preferred designations? Even if you've already begun to formulate your own thoughts about this new push to emphasize the church's full name and de-emphasize monikers that have been around for a long time, you'll be surprised by much that's here in this episode, as it goes into topic areas that are not yet being fully explored in depth.

Let the conversations continue! This episode features reflections on a wonderful experience the two panelists and I shared this past week in Albuquerque, NM. The instruction and experiences students have are not only for their own benefit, however. This episode celebrates a new book by Charles Randall Paul, Converting the Saints: A Study of Religious Rivalry in America Greg Kofford Books , but even more so the ways of he thinks about how we should engage all conflicts over ideas for which there are no clear ways of measuring value or correctness.

His direct study in this book examines three different sets of Protestant missionaries in the early twentieth century who came to Utah to convert them to "true Christianity," as well as the different approaches and strategies they employed. These historical examples are placed in very rich context--not only historical and religious but also theoretical. Basically, any situation in which conflicts over deeply important issues that are ultimately unresolvable arise. In this discussion with Mormon Matters host Dan Wotherspoon, Randy as Dan calls him because of their nearly thirty year friendship offers terrific insights about interpersonal and group dynamics that truly make real, practical sense, shares a bit about the case studies this book shares about, and then offers a glimpse into his ideas for, what Richard Bushman says is "a compelling course of action for transforming harsh conflict to peaceful contestation.

These engagements, however, are dangerous as we just may realize areas in our sureties that deserve for us to take another look at, or even that we might become fully convinced by the others and possibly begin to align ourselves with their communities and causes. In short, Randy is calling for far more open-hearted, fully-owned, vulnerable and receptive engagement by "missionaries"--whether religious in nature, or political, economic, philosophical, or something else. He encourages all of us to be willing to come to the arena, agree to follow certain conventions, internalize key attitudes toward the nature of the contestation we are getting involved in, and to then go for it even as we understand that what might unfold there or "in" us is unpredictable.

Randy is energetic and engaging, and his insights fresh and very much needed at this time within the United States and rest of the world, as well as within Mormonism as it stands at this crossroads with how to engage intra-religiously and interpersonally with Saints who see things differently than many in leadership or at least in terms of what they feel able to say publicly and the majority of those in the pews.

This episode is a must listen! Be prepared, though, as you might possibly become changed in some fundamental views and the way you approach engagement with others! How he came to be someone who might be called to that position includes a fun and twisting story.

Beginning as somewhat of a precocious youth an "idiot" in Matt's telling about this period, along with examples! But with goodly parents who knew how to guide without crushing his fun-loving nature, he eventually made it to a mission, which he loved, marriage to the wonderful Kristie Jones whom everyone loves! But soon enough, life brought forth stresses and disappointments, and certain nagging church questions he had as a missionary and genuinely thoughtful began to take center stage a bit more.

He details some of these in this interview, but also shares an extremely powerful spiritual experience that left him unable to ever deny or forget that there is a powerful God who knows him intimately. You'll never guess what led to it! It's wonderful. As the conversation continues, we learn about where he "was" in his faith journey when the call came for him to serve as the bishop of the Bothell Ward in Bothell, Washington, and how he approached his service there.

Hint: He was an amazing bishop who urged ward members to focus on the right things: love, kindness, trust, faith, God's desire to be in relationship with us, etc. Toward the end of the conversation, Matt shares about another wonderful spiritual experience he had just recently. First Love Second Chances. After the Wind. Drop Zone. Book of Mormon Finger Puppets. Armor of God.

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