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What is charisma? Charisa is a Thing.

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It is not something mysterious or amorphous. We know how. And our recordings available here will easily, effortlessly, unleash your latent charisma. But how? Little known fact. Charisma experts — such as psychologists — have absolutely proven that charisma come from some basic building blocks. These blocks are: social and emotional expressivity, sensitivity, and poise. Among these qualities are:.

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Why believe us? We are two of the most recognized charisma specialists in the world. We have taught hundreds of people and have thousands of followers in our virtual community around the world. Now, having proven it in practice, we wish to take hypnotic charisma to the next level and bring it to millions of lucky people. Hypnotic charisma is not a clinical process but it is a professional one. I am a Registered Nurse and my partner in this practice is a retired White House lawyer. And we are two of the most highly trained, accomplished, hypnotists in the world.

We have distilled the charisma techniques that will powerfully and quickly unleash your inner charisma. We have distilled these into seven self-hypnosis recordings.

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It has been proven to be a powerful, safe, modality to engage the mind-body connection and the superpowers that come with doing that. Listening to our self-hypnosis recordings is like listening to a guided meditation. Its benefits are powerful and tangible. Like helping you get that raise you deserve! Modern hypnosis uses the powers of your imagination to transform your presentation of your natural self in a charismatic way. The right stuff. Hypnosis can help anyone, and that includes you. Believed-in imagination — hypnosis — is so powerful! Documentation upon request.

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Clip Charm City — Mr. Community leader Mr. C is the beating heart of Rose Street in Baltimore, as his neighbors will passionately attest. Fans of live-streaming stars in China spend their money to help the performers hit number one, despite living in poverty.

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Get Started. Brian Eslick, Professional Hypnotist. The Hypnotic Programmer. Brian Eslick. What do you want to improve? The Hypnosis Experience.

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Learn More. The Ultimate Weight Loss System. Learn All About Hypnosis.

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Increase your energy and eliminate sleeping pills! A program for those who want to improve their energy level and sleep well.