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I arrived without having any experience in teaching children, so I knew it would be quite a challenge. But as soon as you meet these young Peruvian students you will feel at home immediately. I feel like if you also volunteer here in the afternoon and try out the two public schools you will get an even more … read more impressive experience in Trujillo.

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Sometimes things could be organized a little bit better like how many people are needed in each school , but all in all I can fully recommend this workaway to everyone. The amount of love and support I received during my three weeks there was just incredible. After spending 2 weeks here, we have a lot of different things to say! This is a school built in a very poor town, which welcomes very poor children, with a difficult past. That could explain why they are not very interested in … read more school But other than that, they are very welcoming with all the volunteers, and they are always asking for affection, hugs, and games.

This is the main reason why it's really worth it. Everything is organized by the volunteers and the school does not follow a curriculum. Some days can be very hard, when there are not enough volunteers. Of course we can not blame the owners for that, they are already doing a great deal, but we can advise you future volunteers to plan a long stay.

We think that to really enjoy the adventure, and to build strong ties with children, the minimum stay should be one month. Taxi is obligatory because the school is 15 minutes far from the house by car. We would have like to know these informations before our arrival ; even if we are not talking about a lot of money, its a matter of principle. The beach is 15 minutes far from the house by car, in the city of huanchaco, where you will be able to take surf lessons and to enjoy a lot of bars and restaurants. To conclude, we really enjoyed our stay in Trujillo, even if there are some things to improve.

This school really needs volunteers, and the children of La Esperanza really needs the school because their families can not afford for the public school. When we arrive to catch their attention, they become able to accomplish great things. If you want to join the school, don't hesitate more :.

Left by Workawayer Richard for host. I've been volunteering at the school for about 1 month. It was an amazing experience and the kids are lovely. You can choose your task where every help is needed.

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So, you are free to participate and bring in new ideas. It was hard to leave the volunteering program after 1 month. If you have some time on your travel, please take your time for this … read more project and stay as long as possible. You will live with other awesome volunteers in a house with a great atmosphere. The beach is close and reachable by bus. There are waves and good surf to finish the day after working at the project. I strongly encourage you to come here if you are thinking about it.

The money is going to a worthy cause and the school needs volunteers. Left by Workawayer Matthew for host. I was only able to spend two weeks here; however, it was a memorable time. Overall, the program has a very positive aim -- to provide education to the poorest children in Trujillo. The children are the number one reason to participate in this program, and working with them is very fulfilling yet also very challenging.

Due to their environmental … read more circumstances, most do not have the skills to make the most of their education. I found that the vast majority of time was spent trying to motivate the children and prevent fights -- not actually teach. As such, it can feel like babysitting more than teaching a lot of the time. The children themselves are full of energy and love, and easily attach themselves oftentimes physically to the volunteers. The school itself lacks a lot of resources, such as running water or electricity. There are very few materials for the volunteers to use. It is unclear where many resources come from and often volunteers spend their own money to provide extra support for the children.

There is very little organization. There is no pedagogical method in place, so volunteers are expected to essentially make up lesson plans on the go. It's unclear what the children have been working on, only some notes that previous volunteers have left. There is no outline for measuring student learning outcomes, or even suggestions as to what they should be learning. Students in the classes vary widely in terms of their skills and abilities, making planning even more difficult. Volunteers live together in shared housing where lunch and dinner is served M - F. The food is typically quite appetizing.

A shared water jug is also provided, but volunteers are asked not to fill their water bottles. Volunteers are given a briefing when they arrive, which is helpful. However, a lot is still left quite unclear and things are known to change on the fly ie. More transparency and better organization would be helpful for new volunteers. In sum, the program seems to have its heart in the right place. Left by Workawayer Iratxe for host. Algo que no podremos olvidar en nuestras vidas. Nos vamos llenas de vida y amor. Gracias por todo! Paloma e Iratxe.

Left by Workawayer Max for host. Me encantaba pasar tiempo con los otros voluntaries y por supuesto con los ninos tambien. No era facil ensenar ninos de ocho o nueve anos pero por eso me gustaba la experiencia, porque todos de nosotros teniamos que preparar actividades y pensar en que podia ayudar a los ninos para aprender. En serio esta es una … read more experiencia genial porque puedes hacer conneciones con la comunidad y con las familias cerca de la escuela. Es una oportunidad perfecta para practicar tu espanol con los ninos, la gente Peruana y con los otros voluntaries. Aunque los ninos y la escuela eran estupendos,, mi tiempo con los otros voluntario en la ciudad de Trujillo era mi parte favorita de esta experiencia.

Yo surfee todos los dias despues de la escuela y tambien muchos de nosotros tomabamos clases de salsa! Trujillo es una ciudad maravillosa y estoy muy alegre de haber ido. Americo y Rosemary estan haciendo cosas enormes en la comunidad y deberias aprovechar la oportunidad de ir a Trujillo y ensenar. Left by Workawayer Kelsi for host.

I had an amazing experience here! Each morning Monday through Friday we would start school at 8am and finish at pm. The volunteers would work together to create lesson plans for different age groups of kids from years old. I spent 2. I would definitely recommend knowing some if not fluent Spanish before coming as you will be much more beneficial to the program if you can communicate well. Left by Workawayer James for host. I had the most amazing time possible volunteering here, rosemary and her team are all absolute saints and the children were amazing.

It was very eye opening to see how these people live, and I was very glad to be able to help them, and in return received a lot of love from the children. Although some people say esparanza can be dangerous for … read more foreigners, there's no need to worry if you're staying here as everyone recognises them and will be very friendly. The food cooked every day was excellent, and it was great fun living in a house with lots of other volunteers.

If I'm back in Peru i will definitely be returning to this project. All the best to everyone for the future! Left by Workawayer Brody for host. I was here one month and I wish it could have been one year. This is the best project I have ever been a part of. The program provides an education for kids who for the most part would not have access to education if not for efforts of the directors Rosemary and Americo, as well as the many volunteers who have participated. As a volunteer you … read more will play an extremely important role in the program as the school is almost entirely run by the volunteers.

I quickly fell in love with the children. You will share a house with the other volunteers, who were all incredible people from all over the world when I was there. Delicious meals cooked my Marieugenia and Teresita are provided during the week. There is lots of free time to explore the vibrant city of Trujillo as well as enjoy the beach which is very near by.

Our time spent working here was truly unforgettable. Everyone was welcoming and kind, with each person working to provide volunteers with the most informative and amazing adventure. The children are deeply intelligent and eager to learn, with volunteers being granted the liberty of organizing and guiding the course curriculum during their stay. It is a city full of amazing people, and what Americo, Rosemary, and the other teachers are doing stands out as truly extraordinary.

They have provided a safe and fun learning environment, in an area where many would go without. I look forward to one day coming back! Super volontariat! Left by Workawayer Anthony for host. Thank you so much for this great month I spent with the Team.

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Rose-Marie and Americo you are just doing an incredible work. The world needs more people like you! It has been such a full filing experience. The NGO you set up is so needed in the neighborhood of la Esperanza. Kids there do not start with fair chances and they need a lot of help to … read more improve their chances of a better future. I have learned so much, how to teach kids, how to work in teams of volunteers and local teacher.

There is so much stuff to do and you are open to every new ideas that could improve the NGO. Thanks a lot for letting me set up a planting tree and compost project, I hope it will continue in the future. I highly recommend this experience to everyone for at least a month cause there is so much to learn and it takes time to establish a trustful relationship with the kids.

If you are willing to learn about how teaching, you like being independent you have the possibility teaching your own class and creative you are preparing your own materials this is meant for you! Lots of love and you will be forever in my heart. I hope to come back soon to visit you!!! I had a wonderful experience in Trujillo! I went there in , at i am still thinking a lot about the school, the children and Rosemary and Americo!

As a volunteer you get the opportunity to prepare for the classes and make your own ideas, while you are teaching. I did only speak basic spanish, but the kids and the other volunteers were such a … read more big help and the teaching went good though I didn't spoke very well spanish. I can recommend everybody to volunteer in this school! Best regards Maya. Christian fue un excelente voluntario, siempre fue responsable y muy amable con todos. Left by Workawayer Christian for host. Rosemary and Americo are absolutely wonderful people.

My experience with their school was unforgettable! The children are so loving and open to anyone who comes in willing to help them. When I arrived, they came to greet me at the bus station and never once made me feel like anything but their own child. There is a lot of freedom in terms of how … read more to help the children in a way that suits your strengths. Some day, I plan to visit them again in beautiful Peru. Fue una de las mejores experiencias que hemos tenido en nuestras vias! Rosmery lanpresidenta de la ONG nos trato super bien, como si fueramos sus hijas.


Disfrutad por nosotras! We really enjoyed working with the children here. Rosemary is extremely caring and motherly. She makes you feel very welcome. We had a great time living with the other volunteers too! Anna muchas gracias! Left by Workawayer Anna for host. Fue una experiencia maravillosa. Gracias Marlenny por decidir venir ayudarnos. Fuiste amable con todos muchas gracias por venir a Trujillo , Eres muy responsable y formaste un buen equipo.

Left by Workawayer Avi for host. Volunteering at this amazing place with those adorable children was increiblee! Rosmery and Americo have so much love for these children and their families, and this project comes from a pure good of their heart! I really enjoyed volunteering there, i got to know the children and their families which unforunately, in most cases have horrible … read more stories..

I had some free time to go surfing at the town nextby, there are really good waves there, and it's only minutes away. And i got to know volunteers from all over the world! They provide a place to sleep and 3 meals a day. I am vegan and their cook made meals espacially for me! It was really nice. So if you have some spare time in peru, i really recommend on this place :. Michael es un chico super responsable y amable con todos. Left by Workawayer Michael for host.

I spent 2 weeks here and I really wish I could have spent more time here as you form a bond with everyone involved. The children truly make your heart full and you get close to them really fast. Rosmery along with everyone involved truly cares about the kids and has been doing as much as she can for quite some time now. When we walked around … read more almost everyone knew her by name and you could tell she had touched many families with all the good she has and will continue to do. I was really touched by all the effort that goes in and how much they take care of you as a volunteer from picking you up at the airport to providing a house with internet and 3 meals a day.

I enjoyed all the conversation along with all the wonderful people I met. The children are so sweet and enjoy learning from you and really make you feel welcomed immediately. I do wish I could have stayed longer and hope to return in the future. If you have the time and want to make a difference I highly recommend coming here as they are all appreciative and you will really feel like you made an impact.

Un abrazo de todo. Te echaos de menos!! Left by Workawayer Chanel for host. I worked at the project for two weeks and I fell in love with these kids! They are so much fun, smart and they taught me some Spanish too. If you have the time to spend longer here I would highly recommend it as these kids will make their way into your heart. I worked with the little one year olds and they are already learning to write the … read more alphabet! I sang with them in English and we danced they love singing and dancing so if you know any songs for little ones in any language, share it with them. While I was there we stripped the walls of paint and repainted them all so that we could paint something bright and colourful over the top.

It will look amazing when it is finished! Rosemary and America have a real passion for educating these kids and the community. You will do home visits to see how the children live and what hardships they have to face, it is humbling and sometimes heartbreaking. If you can bring donations of clothing for children or adults with you to the project I know the families would truly appreciate it. The volunteer house is dormitory style, you will meet people from all over the world.

You will have 3 meals a day provided which are good and definitely fill you up. The shopping centre is within walking distance and the beach is only 25 minutes away by bus. It helps if you speak some Spanish to teach the kids, especially the older ones. I had very basic Spanish but I was happy to work with the little ones.

I hope I have the chance to return here, it was an incredible experience. Gracias for Todos Rosemary y Americo! Left by Workawayer Gyula for host. Un ONG muy buena. Claro hay cosas para mejorar, pero te escuchan si tienes ideas para mejorar. Me gustaria volver: Gracias por todos!! Esperamos que mas adelante podamos contar con profesionales como tu, para poder continuar con sus terapias.

Fuiste muy responsable, dedicado a tu trabajo y siempre dispuesto … read more ayudar!. Muchas gracias!!! Left by Workawayer Daniel for host. Late response! I spent 3 weeks here in the school and community. There is a need for medical professionals in the community, I can only speak for physiotherapists, therefore if you happen to be qualified, your services would be very helpful!

There are members of the community with generic to complex mobility issues. As I was only there for a … read more short time, I mainly tried to provide people with exercises to continue with at home as most cannot afford therapy along with advice on mobility devices. Just remember to work within your own limits as you can only offer what you are able to! This is a very thoughtful project where ALL the money they receive goes straight back into the kids and community. There are 2 places in which you will work, either the school or day center. The kids need consistent teaching, therefore the longer you stay the better!

Muchas gracias para todos Rosemary! Un muy buena experiencia. Beun Suerte con todo! Gracias Thomas por venir ayudarnos y fue muy bueno conocerte. Esperamos que puedas volver a Trujillo! Un gran abrazo de todos!!! Left by Workawayer Thomas for host. Excellent NGO. I stayed here for four weeks and loved the project very much.

Rosemary and Americo treat their volunteers like family and the rest of the staff members were very welcoming. You fall in love with the children immediately and the city begins to feel like home very quickly!

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  • I enjoyed it so much here I will try to return next year as … read more well! Gracias Kalanit Sharon!!! Esperamos que mas adelante puedas regresar. Un abrazo de todo el equipo!!! Left by Workawayer Kalanit for host. The experience here was an important moment in my trip. I'm saying moment because two weeks it's not enough. The kids are amazing, beautiful and smart. Of course that kids are kids and it's takes them a bit time to trust you , but when they do it's something that I can't replace in any other thing.

    Love you will get from the firs moment that you … read more will go inside the school. In my class We where three volunteers and we where a good team together so I feel that we succeed to teach them new things and to help the teacher in all of the things she needed. Beside that I got everything that I needed from the project, comfortable bad, laundry machine, great food! Three times a day on Saturday and Sunday you need to cook for yourself but you get a lot of ingredients. The project is a good place to stop in your trip and to do something good for other people. Thank you Rozmary and Visente for given me the opportunity to take part in this important project.

    Oliver gracias por tu ayuda!! Abrazos de toda la familia! Left by Workawayer Oliver for host. A wonderful experience! This project has a positive and charitable ethos and as such the experience of volunteering is very rewarding. The children are much fun to work with, as was spending time with fellow volunteers.

    If you have the time and are proactive, I recommend working here! Also to all the wonderful staff and superb volunteers! Gracias Camille por venir a Trujillo!!! Que todo te vaya bien!!! Left by Workawayer Camille for host. Muchas gracias a Rosemary, Americo, Vicente y todos los voluntarios que he encontrado! Fue una muy muy muy buena experienca y estuve triste de partir! Los ninos son muy monos y entranables.

    Es un magnifico projecto y espero que el va a conseguir mucho tiempo! Gracias Anna, gracias a ti por el gran trabajo realizado. Left by Workawayer David for host. Left by Workawayer Francesca for host. Thank you very much to Rosemarie, Amerigo, to all the kids and all the voluntarys i met there. That is the place where is possible cross over about many thinks and open the hart. I wush all the best to the kids and all the people that work on the progect. Asi que solo nos queda decirte gracias gracias y esperamos volverte a ver. Un fuerte abrazo de todos!!!

    We volunteered here for two weeks, and it was simultaneously the most challenging and rewarding thing we've done in our time traveling through South America. These kids really need the school, and Americo and Rosemary have built a wonderful community to support young people, some of whom wouldn't have anyone else looking out for them otherwise. We … read more are intermediate Spanish speakers, and we had our struggles, but even beginning Spanish speakers will do just fine.

    It's a great way to learn! You also get to work with other volunteers who are passionate about the work they're doing. We would return in a heartbeat. Mil veces gracias a ti Tanja!!! Esperamos verte pronto y recuerda que en Trujillo tienes a una familia siempre! Left by Workawayer Tanja for host. Gracias, gracias, gracias Gracias a ustedes dos, tienen todo mi respeto y mi amor por este trabajo.

    Thank you! En incredible experience, one of the best in my life. You have all my love and respect for doing this work. I am really happy that i could be a part of your beautyful project. These kids need a lot of atention, love and education to go forward and here they find it : i had also a great group of voluntaries and thanks to Maruja, who cooked 2 times a day for us from monday to saturday. Breakfast is also included. I hope there will come more people to help at this amazing project. Will always remember this time with a smile! Left by Workawayer Ruby for host.

    A very real experience. Staying in the suburban area of Trujillo so you can really get a feel of how life is really lived there. The kids are gorgeous and that school is humble. Really needs a lot of help from volunteers so if you are able to help out you would be doing a really good thing. You are required to prepare your classes. It is a good … read more challenge and a really worthwhile experience.

    Its best if you can speak spanish as the kids dont understand english and it can be very hard if you cant talk with them. Having said that, I only knew a little when I went and it was really good practise for me. Americo and Rosemary and very lovely and Flora the cook was like a peruvian mama for me. Really enjoyed my experience here. Left by Workawayer Adrian for host. He trabajado en este proyecto por 2 semanas y yo no me arrepiento de nada. Rosemarie y Americo utiitzan mucho esfuerzo de ofrecer los oportunitades por los ninos.

    Los ninos no son facil de educar, por que ellos son desde las familias muy pobre y su educacion es escaso. A pesar de eso, el trabajo fue una experianca muy importante y me senti … read more bien de ayudar los ninos. Rosemarie y Americo creen un ambiente muy tranquillo y amable por los voluntarios.

    Pero, este proyecto necesita de estar organizado mejor. Se necesita mas voluntarios y mas promocion. Gracias por todos! Left by Workawayer Henri for host. To describe my experience, it was one of the best ones on my my trip and even in my life time. Working with the kids and the crew of volunteers was something I will never forget. It's a job, that can be very heart warming and fun but at the same time very frustrating and heart breaking. The thing is that the project needs volunteers that are very motivated and willing to do the work because the volunteers have to manage the material for the classes by themselves.

    Anyhow, a great deal of the work is not only about algebra or geography, its also about teaching values and showing love. To the negative feedbacks I can only say that its true that there is not much organization and that there is a lack of communication, but you DO help the kids a great deal and learn a lot yourself. The jefes Rosemarie and Americo have a lot of work outside of the project but still dedicate a lot of their time to this place so it is on the volunteers to manage the classes most of the time.

    Through all the frustration of the work and anger of this unfair world it is definately worth being a part of this project and experiencing the world of this place and La Esperanza. Thanks again for this opportunity! I would love to come back one day. Left by Workawayer Hamish for host. An incredible experience.

    A project that is a vital part of the community and the only chance of an education that the children will have. The children are lovely and Americo and Rosemary are incredible people, as is Flora, who's food is great. A very important project, that deserves supporting. Gracias Zachary Burkhart! Mil gracias!! Left by Workawayer Zachary for host. My boyfriend and I volunteered for a little over three weeks our first ever workaway and had an amazing time! The kids were amazing and the entire experience was more than we could have even hoped for.

    Rosmery and Americo could not have been more accommodating and they genuinely care about their kids and their volunteers as well. Neither of us … read more had any teaching experience entering into the school but we learned quickly and the kids loved having volunteers around.

    Gracias Stefanie!! Esperamos que algun momento puedas regresar! Mil gracias por venir! Left by Workawayer Stefanie for host. I've been at the project for almost 1 month and it was a great experience. I'm very glad it exists so these kids have a chance to get education and learn about different cultures. The kids are so cute, they only deserve the best. I also had a great time with the other volunteers, we were like a big family and thanks to Rosmery and Americo to put … read more some much energy and love in the project.

    No te olvidaremos. Solo esperamos que puedas regresar pronto y ver el fruto del esfuerzo de todos. Left by Workawayer Danielle for host. This place was beyond incredible as my first Workaway experience. Americo and Rosemery, although they don't speak English, were very kind and hospitable to us. I considered Rosemery my Peruvian mama while I was there!

    Working in the school was also such a wonderful experience. I worked with year olds, which complemented my lack of fluency in … read more Spanish well. I still felt I was making a difference and I was told my Spanish improved quite a bit just over the 3 weeks I was there, which was exciting. The organization overall is still in its Infancy, and recently has grown significantly, with an increasing amount of volunteers. I'm happy that this is haopening, and it is understandable that they need to continue to adapt with this-- others have mentioned there is some disorganization which I think is true but I think it will improve because they are very open to new ideas for structure and growth.

    If you have experience in human services social work or mental health , business, nonprofit management or education, your skills would be especially helpful here. I also would suggest that if you want volunteer with them, please consider staying for 3 weeks or longer. Longer term volunteers allow for more stability in the organization and also I believe it is more beneficial for the kids to have consistency when their home lives are so unpredictable and often traumatic.

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    Another unexpected benefit of volunteering here was the international family I gained in all of the other volunteers. I made many amazing friends there! Os echo de menos. Recuerda que aqui tienes a tu familia que siempre te esperara!! Left by Workawayer Elisabeth for host. Volunteering at the ONG was a rewarding and wonderful experience. Rosemery and Americo, both such lovely and engaging, lead their project with all their hearts and love.

    All the volunteers are warmly welcomed and you feel at home by the time you arrive. The children are the purpose number one, all the money is devoted to them and the utilization … read more of the 5eu which is nothing for the food you eat everyday!!! Rosemery answers to all our questions and we've no taboos with her. Everything is made for the children to go further in their life and I'm sure, after three weeks, that the ONG helps a lot.

    The project was only created 3 years ago, so it's quite new. A lot of organization has still to be made, because of too many volunteers at the same moment the purpose of this: having more teachers, not more money! We talked a lot with Rosemery and Americo and they will take that into account. Not easy to manage 20 volunteers and children, absolutely lovely but with very difficult family situations. So, I'd highly recommend anyone however it's better to speak a little bit Spanish to go to Trujillo and staying as much as they can time flies fastly.

    You will come back with a heart that became twice bigger. I'll never forget the time I spent there. Left by Workawayer Arianna for host.

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    • I had a really great time here. The children, Rosmary, Americo and the other volunteers are amazing people! I cannot understand why there have recently been so many negative comments. Many criticized that the project is very unorganized and not transparent which may be sometimes true but I don't think you can expect that from a small and young … read more Peruvian organization. Furthermore, during my time we had many meetings with Rosmary and I believe she is a trustworthy person spending the money on things that are really needed as for example a water tank.

      There are also teachers in every class and Rosmary is happy to help you preparing the class so don't have to prepare the class on your own. I also don't think you can complain about an often only lukewarm shower when you see how the average Peruvian and especially the children live. I very much hope many more volunteers will come because the help is needed! Thanks Rosmary and America for being so open-minded and friendly to everyone! Gracias Tom por venir a Trujillo y ayudarnos. Un abrazo de todos!! Left by Workawayer Tom for host. This is a great organization that provides free education for kids living at the poorest area of Trujillo called Esperanza.

      Volunteers are the basis of the organization therefore they need new workawayers all the time. With that being said, it should be advised that there is only one teacher Bea for the younger preschool class. And the older … read more preschool, primary school classes and afternoon English classes are all ran entirely by volunteers.

      It would be great if you speak Spanish. Don't be discouraged if you don't because having volunteers are always better for the kids than otherwise. Also your Spanish will improve very quickly. Rosemary and Carmen are two elementary school teachers who found the organization. However you won't be seeing them a lot because during the day they work in a public school nearby.

      They will only come in the afternoon for supervision or teach. The volunteer house is situated a 15min connectivo ride away from the schools. It is also below Rosemary and her husband, Americo's home. The couple are amazing people and immediately make you feel at home and so is Flora who makes all the amazing food for us. In the afternoon or weekends we usually go to the beach huanchaco famous for surfing! This was my first ever workaway experience and I was supposed to stay for two weeks but extended to a month.

      I made so many great friends and made so many cherishable memories I wouldn't trade anything in the world for. Don't hesitate to apply! I recommend it! Un super abrazo de todos. Left by Workawayer Klara for host. Volunteering here was a great experience. The couple that is running the NGO - Americo and Rosemary will make you feel like at home and help you with anything you will possibly need. It feels like you have a Peruvian family from the first moment you will get there, Muchas gracias Americo y Rosemary!!

      They are amazingly nice and determined to … read more help kids in Esperanza. Besides that, atmohspehere in volunteer house is always very friendly and international, you can meet people all around the world.


      The volunteering itself was a little bit challenging for me in the beginning as my spanish wasn't good, but I have to say that thanks to the fact that kids in school don't speak a lot of English, you can improve your Spanish pretty fast. Kids come from different families and environments. It's a rewarding experience! Kids will definitely let you know with smiles, hugs and kisses how much they appreciate you! Gracias a ustedes!! Un fuerte abrazoooo. Pasamos dos semanas increibles en este proyecto que merece todo el apoyo necesario!

      Era nuestra primera experiencia de voluntaria y no hubiera podido ser mejor! Nos encanto contribuir a este proyecto. Gracias por todo y esperamos volver … read more pronto! Hola Sarina!!! Gracias a ti porque decidirte ayudarnos ,aun pasa el tiempo que no te olvidamos! Left by Workawayer Sarina for host. Volunteering here last year sorry for the long delay in leaving feedback!

      Rosemary and Americo went out of their way to make me feel welcome, and volunteering at the school is so rewarding. The kids are inspiring, and i only wish i could have stayed longer! Un fuerte abrazo de tu familia!!! Left by Workawayer Niklas for host. This project was such an awesome experience! I stayed for three weeks and actually would have stayed longer if it had not been for my flight back home. The atmosphere in the volunteer house was always really easy-going and I quickly developed the feeling of being part of a family. Rosemary and her husband Americo are always doing their best to … read more make your stay as comfortable as possible and when I became sick, Rosemary cared for me like a mother.

      I can highly recommend this project to anyone who likes working with children and helping to teach some english basics! Thanks to everyone who made this time so nice :. Y gracias a ti por darnos la oportunidad de conocerte y conocer a un enorme ser humano. Un abrazooo de todos! Gracias Rodolfo! Estamos muy agradecido por venir ayudarnos, Esperamos volverte a ver pronto.

      Un abrazo de toda la familia!!! Left by Workawayer Rodolfo for host. This is an important project aimed for those children in need of a structure and education. The task is huge and there is never enough people to help. Volunteers are working in total autonomy and can teach whatever they want. It is challenging in one way, but for the pupils it is quite hard to follow a regular program. Whatever, it is better than … read more nothing. The structure needs more organisation, more donations and a lot of involvement from the volunteers.

      From a practical point of view, the food is good, the accomodation is fine and Rosemary and Americo are still around for the community. Thank you for your work and maintaining this project alive. Recuerda que siempre puedes volver cuando quieras. It was a really good experience, the kids are awesome and we will always remember this two weeks. El proyecto de este ONG es increible, quiero volver y quedarme mas tiempo alla!! Gracias a Rosemary para su hospitalidad! Gracias Lorena! Fue un placer tenerte con nosotros!! Left by Workawayer Lorena for host. Maravillosa experiencia en este proyecto, fue un placer formar parte de el y conocer a Americo y Rosmery.

      I volunteered for this project for 4 weeks in April. The organizers were very friendly and welcoming. Rosemary and Americo are very nice people. The project is very genuine. I met many other volunteers during my stay. Teaching the children was very fulfilling and rewarding. I gained a lot of experience and unforgettable memories. Thank … read more you! Adam :. Rosemary, Flora and Americo who are your host are so friendly! Rosemary is like a mother! We me ands my 2 friends stayed for 2 months, enough to improve our spanish! You should prepare your class if you want to catch their attention.

      I already … read more miss them! Other volunteers are really nice as well, good opportunity to meet new people and share culture and experiences from all over the world. I will come back as soon as I can! Muchas gracias a Rosemary, Flora and Americo! Buena suerte! Tito, Carlos y Nicolas. Left by Workawayer Younguk for host. It's the greatest experience ever!!

      Rosemary who is the host are very kind also, other volunteers so outgoing and fun. I've stayed for 6 weeks. And I couldn't be satisfied more than here! Thank you for everything that you gave me Rosemary. If you are hesitating to apply for here, Don't be missed this place where can make you better than … read more before!! Left by Workawayer Nathalie for host. What a life changing experience. The school is based at the bottom of a sandy ghetto where the kids attend really need lots of energy and creativity and enthusiasm.

      This is key. My Spanish is very basic and everyone was so helpful to let me learn and improve. The room was lovely and The food cooked by Flora with love and care was awesome! Slight … read more confusion sometimes with organisation but it's so uncertain with numbers and classes to how many children are going to turn up it's understandable plus it gives volunteers the chance to create their own lesson plans. I hope that some of the suggestions made to do with continuity are taken on board!

      I will miss the school loads, thanks for treating me like family. Gracias Nathalie!!! Echaremos de menos a la profesora Nathalie!! Left by Workawayer Greta for host. It was my first workaway experience and it was amazing. I love all those kids! You can learn a lot from them. Volunteering is not an easy job but it's worth it. You will gain so much here. New friends, new attitude, new family. Thank yo Rosmary and Americo for having this organization and for giving an opportunity for us to volunteer. Gracias … read more por todo! Left by Workawayer Sarah for host.

      I spent two weeks at the school, was a great experience! Left by Workawayer Delhalle for host. I've been volunteering here for about 2 months An amazing experience! I had a really great time. I've met people from around the world, i've met really good friends, i've met fantastic children and found a Big family.

      Americo and rosmery are more than hosts, you'll be welcomed as in your own family. They are big-hearted people, who … read more sincerely want to help the kids. Honnestly, they deserve a Nobel peace prize.

      Writing and Performing Female Identity in Italian Culture

      They give generously of their time and money to the project, give up their comforts and fight to offer to those kids a right to education. They could have a comfortable life and just live in a daily routine, ignoring the poor Life conditions of the kids. Instead, they fight everyday for a better world. For those reasons, i don't understand the recent bad comments I've spent 2 wonderful months in Trujillo, and i can easily affirm that the project is sincere.

      This is a Young project, which needs to be improved like every young project, but rosmery and Americo listen to your suggestions. You have to remember that this is a small NGO. Don't expect something similar as working for unicef or Amnesty international, This is completely different! This is a human scale NGO, rosmery visits every house and knows the story of the Children. Furthermore, you have all the necessary confort in the house.

      Enough food, comfortable beds, and rosmery and Americo always take care of you as parents. And in my opinion, you cannot really complain about having lukewarm showers sometimes When you see the Life conditions of the children. Preliminary Material in Secrets of Pinar's Game 2 vols. Author: Roger Boase. Add to Cart. Have an Access Token? Enter your access token to activate and access content online. Please login and go to your personal user account to enter your access token. Have Institutional Access? Forgot your password? PDF Preview.

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