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Under the moniker Sourdure, Ernest Bergez works within a hybrid sound field, combining raw electronics modular synths, feedback , acoustic instruments violin, voice,…. She is…. Mika Oki is a French-Japanese visual and sound artist, living and working in Brussels. With a background in sculpture and electro-acoustic music,….

With a quiet, gauzy intensity that finds emotional…. By deconstructing compositions, the Isama Zing project refers to…. Reba Fay b. Informed by her experience with…. Beste Aydin achieved notable acclaim as a classically trained pianist, yet her latest project sees her transform into a different creature altogether….

Mitch is a key player in the burgeoning instrumental grime movement.

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Whether through his own grime mutations, or from the ever…. The tracks of Lyon-based producer My Sword blur the lines between original composition, bootleg and blend. Most of his compositions involve both….


The chdh collective studies the relationship between image and sound by creating audio and visual algorithmic synthesizers. They mainly use these audiovisual instruments during live performances. Using equations describin. Erika Szurcsik is a multifaceted graphic artist deeply rooted in music and poetic imagery: her songs are expressionist human landscapes, her visuals…. At an early age, Jimi took viola…. This is…. In ,…. MoTA is a museum without physical space. Its programmes are realised in different locations and contexts, both in physical and virtual space….

Alex Augier is an electronic musician based in Paris. His work explores digital aesthetics in a transverse prism, including sound, visual and….

Roy Rogers and Dale Evans: It Was Always the Music

Based in the beautiful surroundings of Athens,…. Waclaw Zimpel is a classically educated Polish clarinetist. Gabey Tjon a Tham NL transforms spaces into a sensory environment through kinetic machines, light and sound. She observes simple behaviours and…. Franck Vigroux is both a musician and a director. As a composer-performer he has the rare capacity to produce a very wide…. This kind of categorisation….

Fraction Eric Raynaud is a French musician, composer and producer of experimental electronic music whose work explores the boundaries of spatial sound….

Whitney Houston’s Estate Plans a Hologram Tour and a New Album

Her performances are as much disruptive as they are refined and can easily stand next to the most heavily produced club sounds…. Evgeniy Vashchenko aka V4W. The Hungarian experimental staple returns for another edition of concerts, talks and workshops this October. UH Fest is one of the 16…. Olivia has been a key player on the Polish electronic music scene for 12 years, both solo and performing as Chrono Bross….

His debut EP, entitled Ecologies, launched the new Knives label. From cyber…. Her art — research focus has been…. Russian-born Anastasia Vtorova a. Machine Woman is a sound artist and image maker who often collaborates with other artists. Her works are…. Julien was born in Paris. He taught himself to play the guitar before joining the E. Mike Rijnierse is a Dutch artist, performer and educator working in the fields of light, sound and architecture.

He is intrigued…. Chlorys is a DJ, visual artist and soon-to-be-cyborg based in Bucharest. Thomas Ankersmit is a musician and composer based in Berlin. His work has been released on the Touch and PAN labels. Since his main instrument, both live and in the studio, has been the Serge Modular synthesizer. Acoustic phenomena such as sound reflections, infrasonic vibration, otoacoustic emissions, and highly directional projections of sound play a central role in his work. His music is also characterized by a deliberate misuse of the equipment, using feedback and disruptions to the signal, and the extremes of frequency and dynamics, to create visceral but finely detailed swarms of sound.

Ultimately, the result is an immersive, intensely physical sonic experience. Oriole is one of the pioneers of the Dirty Deal Audio collective; a beatmaker and producer with a unique style. He has…. His style has progressed through a number of releases on….

The Music Ninja premieres "Always On Fire" official video

Stefan Fraunberger is a composer and sound performer with a distinct interest in transformation. Engaging in an electro-acoustic dialogue with unconventional instruments…. Stephen Grew has been playing totally improvised piano and electronic keyboard music for over 30 years.

His music works with the life…. Active in a number of projects, he works with a wide range of…. He studied musicology and jazz theory in Vienna and Paris, and wrote…. In , the illustrator George Herriman created the Krazy Kat comic strip. Peoplemeter is an expanded cinema performance created by video artist Incredible Bob and WoO, an experimental guitarist and sound artist. Robots, living…. While the Antinote label has gained notice for its roster of leftfield house, acid, and lo-fi electronics, Syracuse has served as a…. The solitary project of Thomas Bonvalet initially focused on the nylon string guitar, taking short, dynamic and abrupt forms and limiting itself….

UH Fest is one of the rare events dedicated to adventurous modern music in Hungary. Since it has staged more than…. Susanna Gartmayer studied painting and printmaking and is self trained in bass clarinet and composition. She is part of many ensembles of elusive…. Marta Heberle is an artist and theorist fascinated by transhumanism and the idea of transgressing and transcending the human.

Doing very different…. Masayoshi Fujita is a Japanese vibraphonist and composer based in Berlin. Masayoshi first learned how to play the drums, followed by extensive…. Gil Delindro is a multidisciplinary artist focused on the conflicting relationship between the ego, nature and technology. Through an extensive cross-border practice…. Hundreds of bands emerged all over the…. PRISM is a musical and visual creation, a mix of live electro and cine-concert which is spatialised and edited in real time….

Maurizio Martinucci aka TeZ is an Italian interdisciplinary artist and independent researcher based in Amsterdam.

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  • He focuses primarily on generative compositions with…. Their critically-acclaimed music has been released on Idiosyncratics, Desire Records and Clan Destine. It was in when Hyperaktivist started to work on setting the groundwork for her DJ career. Andi Stecher is an Austrian born and Berlin based drummer, percussionist and electronic musician. His current focus lies on solo compositions and…. As a co-resident of Berlin club night Janus, M.

    Having trained in classical piano as of an early age, he…. Klara Lewis is a Swedish composer born in Her critically acclaimed debut album Ett was released by Viennese record label Editions…. TOLE aims to create compositions rather than tracks, force rather than melody, and shifting details rather than clear patterns. The music project…. Laura Luna Castillo is a multimedia artist from Mexico that currently resides in Prague. She began her artistic practice through photography, later….

    His music has been released by a number of different imprints,…. For several years, Voiski has struck a singular path in techno music, oscillating between experimental projects and the production of tracks marked…. Over the years, Rokolectiv has invited over artists and professionals in the field, contributing to the development of the local scene and generating collaboration projects between musicians, visual artists, contemporary dancers, and promoters. April The festival is organised by Cosmin Tapu and Mihaela Vasile. Remember: A real life interaction is always the best.

    But the spirit of it works online too especially for all those out-of-town fans. You could buy all the targeted social ads in the world and still not get the same return as a glowing review from a good friend. Plus, people tell other people about the music they like—your music should give them something to talk about. The more you can get your music involved in social circles in real life, the faster it will spread by word-of-mouth.

    So pay attention to your community and try to make the connections. Get involved and be part of something bigger than just your own project. You may have triumphantly completed your masterpiece album. Offline connections give people a window into your mindset. It makes it easier for them see your music in context. This means shows, events, festivals, radio spot or even local parties.

    Make every moment count, think about how you present your music in a real life setting and consider ways to make your music standout through you as a person first. The genius of your best tracks can still get flattened in algorithmically generated playlists or lost in the noise of online content. All the layers and impact of your music are on display. But you need to stop thinking of it as a feature of a social media app and start seeing it for what it really is: just getting to know people. You need the right people around you to help you achieve your next goal in music.

    And that goes for everyone, not just industry pros. The golden rule of live music is you never know who is in the audience. Email is one of the most important channels for reaching your listeners. But acquiring a collection of email addresses for your mailing list is hard.