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Who were the Ottomans and what is their relation to modern Turkey? What is Turkey's economic potential--? Where does Turkey fit into the world? What sort of political system does Turkey have?

Turkey : What Everyone Needs to Know

What role does Islam play in Turkish public life? What sort of future does Turkey face? Rain-fed agriculture in Turkey is being realized almost to the maximum level. As a result, increasing agricultural productivity has become primarily dependent upon irrigation by using modern techniques. Rivers are one of the main sources of freshwater.

Moreover, 40 percent of the world population depends for its freshwater on transboundary rivers flowing through minimum 2 or more countries. For example, the Danube and Nile flow through 12 and 9 countries respectively. The Euphrates and the Tigris are two of the most famous rivers in the world. The combined water potential of the two rivers is almost equal to that of the Nile River.


Both rise in the high mountains of north-eastern Anatolia and flow down through Turkey, Syria, and Iraq and eventually join to form the Shatt-al-Arab km before they flow into the Persian Gulf. GAP has become a well-known example of transition from simple water development to efficient water management. It stands as an outstanding accomplishment in the field of water development and great engineering achievements in irrigation and hydro-power. With respect to the utilization of the waters of the Euphrates and the Tigris rivers, Turkey has consistently abided by these principles and continued to release maximum possible amount of water from both rivers even during the driest summers thanks to the completed dams and the reservoirs in South-eastern Anatolia.


Follow the ministry:. Today, the Turkish alphabet resembles the modern Roman alphabet, with a few additional vowels and consonants.

Turkey: What Everyone Needs to Know / Andrew Finkel

It depends. Many Latin American, Eastern European and African countries are exempted from visa requirements, but for many westerners, such as those from Australia, North America and the United Kingdom, it is necessary for entry. Applications can now be made online in a matter of minutes and range in price, depending on your country of origin. Turkey has a highly variant climate, with hot summers and freezing cold winters.

Always carry cash

Specific temperatures range across the country, making Turkey a year-round destination. Summer is probably best if you want to head to the coast and go sailing but can be too hot for some people looking to explore the sites.

Turkey: What Everyone Needs to Know / Andrew Finkel | European Parliamentary Research Service Blog

A winter trip is an amazing opportunity to see the peaks of Cappadocia dusted in snow or enjoy the unique winter cuisine in Istanbul. Otherwise, April, May, September and October are milder months to travel.

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Short answer: no. While costs vary dramatically between big cities and small villages, Turkish prices are generally far lower than those of Europe or America. Souvenirs are the same and if found in markets, should be bargained for. The value of the Lira has been known to fluctuate and is currently experiencing high levels of inflation, making it cheaper than usual for tourists. Check live currency converters for exact rates against your local currency. Generally speaking, modest regular clothing will suffice; but if anything, dress a little more formally than at home.

Turkey is truly a diverse country with something to offer travellers young and old. Like ancient ruins? My answer: absolutely yes! As with traversing any other country in the world, there are risks.

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Things can go wrong and you can be caught in the wrong place at a bad time. Travelling is inherently unpredictable. But is Turkey any more dangerous than other tourist destinations?