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Better still — switch on some soothing instrumental music! At the end of 20 minutes, what do you have? A glowing skin and a relaxed you! Some running, jogging and a few fast-paced rounds of surya namaskars will give your body the necessary blood circulation. The sweating will be good for you! Be sure to wash yourself with some cool water soon after so that your skin is left clean.


While immersed in the downward dog pose, have you observed your breath? The beauty of yoga practice is that there is attention on the body as it stretches and on the breath. Every time you exhale, you get rid of toxins from your body. Yoga and the process of conscious breathing, accelerates the cleansing of the entire body and leaves the skin refreshed and energized providing a glow on your face.

Are there some days when no matter what lotions you apply your skin is still dry? Sometimes you and your friend could use the same product yet the effect is not the same on both of you? You might need to acknowledge the role of your unique body constitution. According to Ayurveda, every individual is a combination of two or three elements: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. If you have dry skin, chances are that Vata is dominant in you. A pitta body type tends to have normal skin while oily skin is usually attributed to those with kapha.

Knowing what body type you are will help you understand what kind of food you should eat and avoid. We are made up of the food that we eat.

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So, obviously eating fresh, clean, juicy foods enlivens our skin as well. A balanced diet, with sufficient protein and vitamins, and more of fruits, leafy vegetables, eaten at the right time in the right quantity is advisable. Follow a natural diet for glowing skin. A gentle facial massage with oils could work wonders. Depending on your skin type, you could choose from psiridala or Narayana taila. Oils from mustard, coconut, almond or Kumkadi are excellent nourishing agents which helps to get glowing skin.

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Do you think breathing right could rid you of spots and pimples? Yes, its true! When we are relaxed, outer manifestations of stress like pimples and rashes reduce. The Sudarshan Kriya breathing technique releases accumulated stresses from both the body and the mind making us relaxed, restoring harmony and balance in our constitution. A candle cannot but radiate light.

12 easy tips for glowing skin

Meditation greatly influences how bright your inner candle is. The more you meditate , the more you radiate. We often see artists depicting meditators with an aura. This is not just a figment of imagination.

The Secrets of the Glow: How the FEV Came to Be - The Story of Fallout 1 Part 9

This is quite true. Meditators shine from within and without … often with riddance to make-up. Often drained?

Speaking nineteen to the dozen can be fun yet can bombard our body and mind with an overdose of frivolity. Silence conserves a lot of energy.

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The effects of silence combined with deep meditations will amaze you. Not to forget, leave you with glowing skin! If you are unhappy, angry, frustrated or sad, your face simply cannot look great. So make sure that you get yourself some peace of mind and happiness that is unshakeable. For this, meditation is the only way. It is not a luxury anymore. It is a simple necessity!

We have to embrace the journey of life…with all its inevitable wrinkles and greys. Looking beautiful normally also means looking young and having a fresh approach to things. Yet if you feel young, you look young. Meditation slows this ageing process naturally and retains the youthfulness and freshness in us. So go ahead, dream away and remain 18 at heart.

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