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Please change! The Istro-Romanians are a branch of the Wallach people. Nikola Tesla was in fact of wallach orthodox ancestry. There's no doubt he was of serbian ethnicity but it's a fact that both of his parents had wallachian blood. Tesla was a croatian of serbian ethnicity. Tesla said that he was very proud of his serbian ethnicity and that he was also very proud of his croatian homeland, period. With all the debate on Tesla's ancestry, this claim needs some support.

Where does this opinion come from? Is "Tesla" a Jewish last name? Tesla's parents were both Orthodox Christians and he was Serbian or Croatian. Since the article also claims that he is anti-semitic I believe more explanation is needed. Why is he being painted as a self loathing member of a religion when most evidence says otherwise? Serbian is written both in Cyrillic and Latin.

The previous reason. Serbian wasn't always and indeed, isn't always written in the Cyrillic script, in fact those that do so are often making a political statement regarding their preferred alliance with Russia rather than other neighbouring powers more than anything.

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Serbian is more often written in Cyrillic and that is not because of modern politics, but because Cyrillic is made in Balkans So, please, resolve this. It's just sad to see anti-Serbian propaganda here, he wasn't Yugoslav, he was a Serb, his father was a Serbian Orthodox priest, you can't get more Serbian And the Croatian military frontier is a joke Tesla per citation cited loyalty to his Serbian roots and his Croatian homeland. Therefore I think it's appropriate that we list his ethnicity as Serbian. Rklawton talk , 4 October UTC.

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Rekonstruh talk , 17 December UTC. Please change nationality from Croatian to Serbian,as Tesla was a Serb,which is undisputable fact and is already established in the rest of the article and its sources. Thank you! I am from Croatia, and I think that Nikola Tesla is Croat - everybody in Croatia thinks that, and we always celebrate his birthday and we even have a museum about him.

But here it says that he is Serb!

Nikola Tesla, an Inventive Namesake

How is that possible?! Someone please answer. Please change "Nationality: Croatian" to "Nationality: Serbian". How all Croats are Catholic? Are you retarded or stupid? The village where Nikola Tesla was born was part of the Ottoman Empire during his birth. The area and the city of Gospic were part of Bosnia prior to the coming of the Ottomans. The city of Gospic as well as all of Lika and Dalmatia were ethnically cleansed of Bosnians and settled when Austrio-Hungary occupied Bosnia and split bosnia into 3 areas, Lika and Dalmatia forced all bosnians to leave to Ottoman Turkey, Von Bismarck's bosnia today's bosnia , and the sancak of Yeni Pazar and what is called Montenegro today excluding Cetinje and Ulcinj.

Austro-hungary occupied Bosnia Bosnia-herzegovina german name Herzegovina added by Otto Von Bismarck of Germany at the congress of berlin in from to Lika and Dalmatia were considered the military Kraina called bosnian kraina and the serbs were the soldiers of the Ottomans the only christian soldiers in the empire. Unlike serbs of von bismarck's bosnia and the sancak of yeni pazar and what is called montenegro, serbs of lika and dalmatia were not kmets or slaves. There is no such thing as "Croatian military frontier". His father was orthodox priest Milutin common Serbian name , so he is a Serb, just like he said lots of times.

There are no orthodox Croatians, because their only distinction from the Serbs is catholicism. Catholicism was base on which that so called nation was created. Major role in this process had Austria-Hungary. Of course, no less important was Vatican. These days they are founding so called Croatian orthodox church in order to present this process as reverse. It is unbelievable that we have to discuss such matters on this topic, but forging have to be disclosed and corrected. Please change Nikola Tesla's nationality back to Croatian, as it is confirmed in his personal diary from his own quotations, the diary has been kept in a Serbian museum up until recently.

Esquelle and the Tesla Protocol: Book I by Joe Dacy II

Hogarfighter talk , 11 February UTC. Shame on you wikipedia for being a parrot of Serbian propaganda! Tesla, much like Kosovo, is not Serbian! There is far too much emphasis on his imagined 'Serbness', it seems like this page is being bombarded, something Serbian "people" are quite familiar with. Of course they all say that; they, too, have been spoon fed this Serbian propaganda that he was, like all other accomplished "Serbs", purely Serbian and didn't have ounce of anything else in his blood.

And if he did he wouldn't be accomplished. He was so Serbian that he pissed the colors of the Serbian flag! This nationalist mythology is quite common throughout Serbia, Wikipedia is not a place to parrot such drivel. Imakealotoftypos talk , 23 June UTC. The stupidity and lack of scholarship on this point is disgusting, I agree. As the fire took hold, Latimer was stifled by the smoke and died without pain, but poor Ridley was not so lucky. Cranmer, who was made to watch, would go to his own death the following year.

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