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La Machine à explorer le temps: bilingue anglais/français (+ lecture audio intégrée)

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TERRIBLE | signification, définition dans le dictionnaire Anglais de Cambridge

Their heritance is the butchery inflicted on their forefathers. He has distilled loss into stillness.

À New York, le français en vogue au sein d'écoles bilingues

His images of Srebrenica are spare and silent. They are sometimes reminiscent of the work of the great American artist Edward Hopper, whose still, sharply illuminated canvases captured some essence of human melancholy and solitude. Like Hopper, Selbert deploys realism so powerful that it takes the viewer beyond the surface into interior lives.

This is realism intensely imagined, full of a revelatory fatalism. Or they have been reduced to sexual objects in bars. A couple of young women stare straight at the camera, one with cigarette in hand the cigarettes is ubiquitous in Srebrenica. Their gazes are hurt and complicit. Their eyes are freighted with knowledge, the knowledge of what happened to some 8, men of this town, the knowledge of what it is to live with refracted violence.

On a wall, Selbert photographs a telling graffiti: a tank with a giant phallus pointed at the curvaceous backside of a young woman. All the bullets the Serbs emptied into their male victims constituted an equal violence upon their female survivors, who were left with the hurt of the unsayable.

The young men caught in groups, drink in hand, idle, gloating at women, often hooded, bewitched by their hand-held devices, were in general raised without fathers.

They may be seen as part of a grim Freudian experiment. They seem lost. With rare exceptions — a man in a playground with children — they are stripped of motivating activity or hope. Sex, too, has been stripped of something -- love.


The economy of Srebrenica has not recovered, and all the international aid that has poured into the town has of course fostered damaging habits of dependence. These young men are part of a culture that has lost belief in its own capacities. The West has tried to assuage its conscience with money, but the fate of Srebrenica is in general a matter of indifference in Paris, London and Berlin. Art is a paring-away of the non-essential and an invitation to view reality in a different way.